How To Stop Being Curious And Too Inquisitive

The Need To Stop Being Curious

Do you observe people get irritated or ignore your questions as an act of being curious? then, there is need to know how to stop being curious.

Putting a stop to being curious help in every sense, how every being curious is a good way to know things, gather information and helps to be up to date and  educate.

You may want to know what people who ask too many questions as a result of curiosity are called. People who ask too much questions are called those who are inquisitive because they are always curious to know more.
How to stop being curious and too inquisitive
They are everywhere, they could be around us and somehow we may be one of them.
If you are not, then that’s also fine but stay put because you might need this guide to help someone who is.

 What is Inquisitive?

To be inquisitive is an act, wiliness, desire, drive and crave to show much interest in learning or to know something as a result of being curious.


Inquisitiveness is an act of curiosity; According to huffpost “here are the 5 benefits of being a curious person” 

It is either we learn from being too inquisitive or avoid it. I bet people who are too inquisitive will stick to learning from it rather than avoiding it. The good news is that learning or avoiding it is a thing of choice.
However, if you are too inquisitive then you are in the right place. 
Today we shall discuss how to stop being too inquisitive and why it would help you to succeed in life.
Being inquisitive is a sign of curiosity, and the more you learn as you explore your curiosity can make you more “intelligent – Quora
Oh! Do you think being inquisitive is unpleasant or the act of asking too many questions is bad and annoying?
Well; the thing is, in the required situations, it is very good to ask questions we do not know the answer to and it is also interesting and helpful if we keep asking questions because it helps us to improve as a means of updating and upgrading ourselves.
“When you’re starting out in your career you should make an effort to be inquisitive about other people and their work.” – According to Medium

But do you know that too much of everything is actually bad? The same applies in this situation.

Let us face the fact. I would like to use myself as a case study now; I was once an inquisitive person, I mean very inquisitive and I love to ask lots of questions.
The joy I derived from it was that it interests me more than doing any other thing and I enjoyed being inquisitive, as much as I keep learning from what I ask.
But from the perspective of whom we ask these questions from, don’t you think they won’t feel bored and exhausted sometimes?
Let the truth be told, most of them felt that way while others do not but to be sincere many people feel bored, exhausted and as well as getting irritated when the questions we ask seem too much.
Despite the fact that I often ask questions, do you know that I get pissed off when people who are inquisitive ask me the same or similar questions repeatedly?
Yes of course, we are all humans and we are not perfect, so there is a high tendency that we feel bored and pissed off sometimes, being inquisitive is good but it should not be done all the time.
My case was quite different though, it took me a while before I finally got over being too inquisitive.
Now let’s pull the string

 The Advantage Of Being Inquisitive

I took advantage of the questions I asked strongly by implementing them to my personal life, I practiced what I have learnt and in the process of practicing, I was able to let go of so many things in which inquisitiveness was no exception.
I do more on the internet than before; instead of asking people I ask on the net or the web. All thanks to the Internet Search engines, since the net does not get tired of answering my questions I focused more on it and asked questions that are related to my field, ambitions in life, my visions and dreams respectively.
Through that, I learnt other things that were of help to me; even I began to learn things outside of the box sometimes.
I guess you can see the usefulness of the internet from here right?
Since people get tired and bored easily, I focused more on the Internet and I got almost 90 percent of the results I was looking for.
Search engines became my closest pal and I love being with it.
It sounds crazy right?
However, the internet is flawed in an aspect and that is the fact that it cannot communicate and express itself more like humans would do.
That sounds bad right?
No worries. This is how I got it rightly solved…
Following the above step and guide might really be of help if we take advantage of it as it leads us through the path to follow.

 The Solution To Being Too Inquisitive

I asked a few people questions when I got the response I needed, I then went back straight to the net to get more information.
Combining the two, I mean both human knowledge and the internet became the solution to my worries of being inquisitive. I ask little or few questions from people. I then go back to the net to ask for more. Simple and done.

The Solution To Stop Being Curious

Simple and done. To make this trick more effective, you need to be focused, more specific and go straight to the point when asking people questions. Be consistent, practicalise and be positive minded that you will eventually find the answer you are looking for.

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