How To Find Happiness For A Lifetime: Stay Happier

Finding True Happiness

The best and the hardest thing to find for a lifetime is happiness, but if we are to be sincere with ourselves; happiness is the most important thing man can ever crave for in the race and the journey of life.

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Happiness is what drives man to crave for other thing such as money, power, wealth and fame. As this hold the world of authority between men.
But still, can we really find happiness for a lifetime? 

Finding happiness for a lifetime means, for someone to be happy endlessly and throughout their journey through life. But how possible is that? 

The fact and truth remains, everybody or anyone cannot be happy through their lifetime as challenges might come as it is a part of life and something to face through the journey of life.

Nevertheless, we have to be positive in all ways as the good thing about happiness is that it cost us nothing. Happiness is free and it cost nothing to be happy. We have ones posted a quote and a quote about happiness as a metaphysical substance which is divine and comes from above.

We can also find happiness when we crave for it and the ultimate reason for a man to be happy is when he is fulfilled in life. Happiness is just like a relationship or marriage, where we cannot derive perfection but we can manage to balance it.

In the moment of life challenges are bound to occur which could cost us pain and tears as the world is full of good and evil.

Since the world is made of opposite of almost everything then we are bound to fail which bring sadness to us as a result and which is the opposite of happiness. So it is not certain than a man can find happiness for a lifetime.
But since we can balance and manage life to derive happiness, these are the few way to be happy for a lifetime.
As a saying goes “If you want to be happy for a month fall in love” But happiness for a month isn’t worth; it even if it gives us for the moment, it cannot give us happiness for a lifetime. – quoteland

The Secret To Happiness Is By Helping Others: helping others who are in need or who lack what we do not have, is one unique way to find happiness for a life time.

Have we ever notice that when we give, we create happiness by putting a smile in other people faces, this is one way of fighting against sadness, in this act, we find joy in the other person while they also put smile on our faces.

Helping Others Is The Key To Happiness: Yes, helping others remain the key to happiness, when hope is lost we need to help the other person to stand back on their feet, so they can keep moving.

Helping does not only mean we should assist with money or other material things, sometimes all it means is motivation, a world of encouragement is enough to help some people.

Do Not Wait To Help All At Once:  take a step to help one Sometimes it is not the quantity of our effort that count but the quality. A word can change a life likewise if the help involves money, little can change so many things. Have you forgotten the saying” a drop of water makes the ocean” or every vote count, 1 or half does count in some cases.  To it is good to reach out by helping, happiness in giving.

When we find happiness in other people we have the tendency or the advantage to achieve happiness for a live time.

Love: Happiness for others as a form of love is also a way of helping, when we love someone close to us we will be willing to help the person who need our help, love is so important when we are craving for happiness especially for a life time.

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