Happy Wedding Yet Sad Marriage: Where We Got It All Wrong

The Plan

How we celebrate our wedding does not in any way determine the success of our wedding.

Surely, it is no longer a surprise to some of us why we have a happy wedding but we do not have a happy home and this kept on wondering where we got it all wrong.

In this manner, why is that people make a superb wedding ceremony but ends up getting a divorce, while some others also struggle in their marriages?

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This is why we came up to enlighten us on this topic we called Sad Marriage yet Happy wedding and where we got it all wrong.

 The Binding

Wedding is lovely because it is ordained by God as a way of binding and bringing two people together to become one. It is also awesome and wonderful when we see people gather to celebrate us during this period, the joy we derive from this could be endless and the memories could be everlasting as everything looks so promising.

Having said this, it has always been so sad that most fruitful and promising wedding ends up in a sad and frustrating marriages, this might be a reason of so many factors which we shall discuss as we read on.

We should have wondered why there are so many relationships that starts happily but ends up in a sad marriage after a happy wedding.

People find themselves in marriages that they do not bargained for, because they end up in homes that frustrate their lives and if care is not taken, it could lead to their early graves. 

Here, the question arises, whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the man or the woman? Where exactly have we got it all wrong? These are the questions that might come to our minds when we fall victim or find ourselves in this kind of situation.

The crucial reason why we find ourselves in the situation of having a happy wedding yet sad marriage, and where we got it all wrong is what we are about to discuss now.

 Better And Worse Time

As we have said earlier, marriage is an institution ordained by God to bind two people together to become one and to multiply. It is a thing which is said to be for better and for worse.

Even if it is for the better and for the worse it does not mean that it is a do or die affair. One thing we should understand is that marriage is essential, it is a beautiful thing and good memories to keep yet, marriage is not a do or die affair.

The Rush: One of the mistakes people often make is that they rush into relationships, and this is why most relationships fail or end in break up due to the fact that they could not endure for long.

Although, every relationship has its own flows which is normal, because we humans are not perfect and so does our relationships but then, we should also understand that there is nothing like perfection in a relationship.

Marriage can never be perfect but it could only be balanced. It takes good management to make things work or balance.

Marriage is a life time thing, and that is the more reason why we should never try to rush into it. It is often clichéd that “when you rush  into a marriage you will eventually rush out” this is absolutely correct because if we do,  we end up losing all at the end.

Handling The Pressure: Pressure is another factor that causes a relationship to end in sad memories or marriage. We should always understand that pressure could make us take the wrong decisions in life, most especially in marriages.

Some of this pressure could be social, family and peer pressures. There are so many friends who are fakers with bad influence; this is the more reason why we should try to stay away from fake friends.

Pressure should not be the reason why we get into a relationship in the first place and it should not also be the reason why we should end up in a sad home soon after a happy marriage.

It in any case must not also be the reason why we should regret at the end. We must not allow anyone whosoever to put pressures on us while we make relationship decisions.

Many of those people who pressurize us to get marriage will not be there for us when we start to face the consequences. At the end we face the consequence alone with regret.

Material Things: So many people became a victim in dating the wrong soulmates, after a beautiful, wonderful and a happy wedding, in the long run they eventually end up in disaster.

These sets of people in most times are into relationships not because they have true feelings for their partners but because of the material things that they aimed to acquire from their partners.

In relationships some people are after the money while others are after the physique of the other partner, such as beauty, the cuteness, shape and so on.

Most of these kinds of relationships that end up in marriage are relationships that they did not bargained for, it came at the unexpected time which they may not see it coming.

In some cases, some women get pregnant in the process of their relationships, as to avoid shame and embarrassment in haste, they decided to tie the knot with their partners and in the end, ends up in the wrong home.

The Hip: This is another reason why the rate of people having a happy wedding yet sad home keeps multiplying. Hipping is a bad thing; we should not encourage it nor allow it to affect us.

Hipping could misleads us into taking actions that we do not wish to take, as people try to manipulate a way to make us do something we do not wish to do.  With that,  they form the attitude of hipping us.

Hipping is a way in which people give us confidence and false hope that we most times regret while they have nothing to lose. People hip us most times to mislead us.

They will tell us words like “you can do it; did you  not see how your friend did it and it became a success?  Why are you so lazy, I know you have what it takes”. 

Meanwhile, they know within themselves that we are not capable of doing those things, they mislead us into doing what we ought not to do and this apply mostly to romantic relationships, where we choose the wrong partners and  at the end we are left with regrets.
Hipping is an act of deceitfulness.

Brokenness: Brokenness is another reason why people have a happy wedding but ends up in sad marriages. Many people do not understand that marriage is not a thing to rush into while wedding is also not to celebrate without a serious plan afterwards.

Many people will tell us “we will support you for your wedding” but what about our marriage, do we need the support of people? Actually this is one place most people got it all wrong.

People can help us plan or contribute toward the success of our wedding but it is not reasonable and advisable if people are the ones supervising our homes afterwards in marriage.

Some of us spend all we have to give the wedding ceremony a blast, guests enjoy themselves, have fun but at the end they leave us to go back to their respective homes. Then at this point, we are all left with our problems.

Wedding is for days at most, while marriage is for a life time, though, some people makes the mistake of spending so much on a wedding that will only last for day.

At that point, they show off with whatever resources they have while they forget that they need a better plan for the future which is the marriage itself.

After spending so much on the wedding, most people are left with little or no financial back up, then they start running helter-skelter to find a way out as they become broke; here, there is no way they could avoid having misunderstanding, as this leads to a sad ending.

It is not advisable to get married when our income does not meet up to twice or thrice of our expenditure. We must be financially buoyant to stand up right before planning for marriage.

Do not listen to the noise of the crowd, the pressure they give, people’s impressions and opinion does not count on how we wish to spend the rest of our lives. 

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