How Monday Morning Vibes Inspires

Criticism A Part Of Life Experience

It is of no doubt that Monday is always a very busy day, sometimes it frustrating and provoking and other time it is a day full of vibes most especially in the morning as we prepare to start the day.

However, at some point, the efforts we put into something may not count which could open door to critics.

We should understand that we are bound to be criticized for every action we take, it does not matter if those actions are good or bad; by nature, there are people who will surely criticize us.

“Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold.” – Akilnathan Logeswaran – Source – Goodreads

Nevertheless, we should have it at the back of our minds that even if criticism is bad as it lead to a form of discriminatory act, humiliation and some other negative actions. This are the effects of humiliation

We should always hold on to the word “the criticism that provokes also inspires”. As it serves as a guide to keep the good vibes going on Monday morning.

Criticism is part of life; therefore in a way or the other we have once been criticized. At times, criticism comes provocative to us. As we might have in one way or the other fall victim in the hands of critics.

For certain, one of the things that can inspire or motivate us is criticism. When we try to do things we are capable of doing, but just because we could not make it happened or failed in the process, we are bound to be criticized.

Have you ever been criticized for not being able to accomplish something due to some factors that may have hindered you?
“Critics is challenging, we can’t run from it, we just have to face it”.
It hurts and we felt bad for being criticized right? Criticism hurts, but we should not feel rejected because there is more positive atmosphere to criticism.

 The Struggle

Critics mainly come from the struggles we face and if we want to be successful in life, we must be courageous enough to face those critics.

Things happen, we react. We act, the world reacts – According to Medium

Challengesemerge from people and things around us. Just imagine a world without any other person except you, such a world would be limited to challenges because there will be no form of competition among people. Here is how to take advantage of Monday being the first day of the week.
Did i just say competition?

Oh, yes! Competition is the right word that brings about criticism.
Competition is what keeps the human race active; everybody wants to be better than the other. In the process, they either agrees to disagree, disagree to agree or vice versa.

Everyone wants to live a successful life and out of selfish interest and jealousy, this is when hatred is birth, because of the time when someone gets better than the other then the problem automatically starts. – This is why good and evil leads the world

Or a time when we are being mocked for our actions, because we could not make a thing happen, this could be as humiliating as people try to discriminate us from others because we could not meet up with their standards or expectations of us.

It could seem painful, disgraceful, and embarrassing but no worries because “the very criticism that provokes also inspires”

Are you in a situation of being criticized for an action? Perhaps you are not getting it right at your place of work or in the aspect of your relationship or having difficulties with your marriage.

You are unemployed and you get criticized? Read on – How you can become a better person despite being jobless I think this will help.
Are you finding it hard to work things out towards a successful life?
You want to own a kid for a long time but you could not get one?

You should not feel bad about these things, all you need do is to keep motivating yourself and never put your trust on friends as they are could mislead.

As the very criticism that provokes also inspires, the only person that can motivate you is you!
The Atmosphere Of Being Criticized
Criticism is like an aroma that keeps calling your attention and keeps pushing you towards everything you wish to achieve; It will not give you peace until you find it – all that matters is how you can sense it.

In this regard, does being criticized means the end of life?

Our actions and reactions to things are what people use in criticizing us. Criticism absolutely feels normal in the human race, as we grow we face different kinds of things, people with different cultures, attitudes, characters and ways of life therefore we get criticized for our preferences too.

Are you getting things wrong or perhaps we may have failed in some aspect.

“Failure is another step forward toward success the step backward is when you stop trying or you give up on yourself”.

Everybody is not the same especially in the thinking aspect, we have different people with different views, their own unique and cleverly contrived skills and ideas to solve or add to problems.
So, why not pick yourself back up if you have falling or failed,
Remember “When you fall, you don’t crumble, its only when you crumble you fall”.

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