Relationship Regrets Based On Peoples Experiences

How Hard Is It To Get Hurt In Relationships?

Relationships are interesting when things seem to fall in place, but when it goes the other way round, it turns to regrets; then, the problem arises.

It is good to fall in love but it is rather better not to fall in love than falling in love with the wrong person. Most people regret why they fall in love in the first place, because in the long run, they felt hurt and some could not even let go of the negative experiences they had faced in their relationships.

“My relationship was a good one at first that my friends do get jealous of me but after 8 months in the relationship, I noticed he stopped calling, I asked him what I did wrong but he could not give an answer, I waited for months but got no call, I was like is this the end? – But with time I let it go and I moved on”. – According to one of our readers we have spoken with.

However, since life is a place to learn, it is of no doubt that most people will always face these challenges in life.

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.”  ― Jess C. Scott – Goodreads 
Meanwhile, some people are lucky enough to get a single lover, they spend some time in courtship with them and afterwards get married happily.

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“I met my husband back then in our university days, I remembered we got to know each other at the ATM stand. He was settling a quarrel with some people which I was among them, that very day I was like who is this kind of being talking to me in this manner.
He noticed me and we started talking, gradually we got to know each other better while in courtship. Our courtship before marriage lasted a year before we got married. Truly if was a memory that sticks with me” – Peace
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Meanwhile, some folks do not have this luck, while some were even so unfortunate that they could not have a relationship that would last up to 3months not to mention of a year or more.
It is so painful that some are not able to taste this side of relationship, as they struggle to find the right partners, they ended up getting fake lovers and at the end everything ends up in break up.
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With the kind of experiences and pains with so many unspeakable things that most people have gone through in relationships, many people eventually made up their minds to give up and never be in love again. They think within themselves that “at least it is not by force”.
As a saying goes thus “should we conclude to say everything is bad because we have faced negative things in live?”

We all know that there are good times in life and there we can find a serious and true love or relationship.
But since life has it way around things and as it seems hard on us, those it mean we should give up, if life reject us, does it mean we should reject ourselves by rejecting relationship that comes our way?
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But still, life is so funny and corny as it does not sometimes play the good part to our side. As we all know – good things are not easy to find.
“A good thing does not come easy”.

When we give up on ourselves then it means that we have given up on life itself and that could be a sign of ungratefulness.
Since life is full of opposites as good and evil leads the world, then automatically we are bound to face lots of challenges.
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Life is like a race and the challenges of life are what make life what it is. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept that we are in the world full of corruption, the choice is now ours to decide how we are to run the race.
Imagine in this very kind of world when we do not take actions or when we have given up on ourselves, it will always look as if we are dead whereas, we are still alive – They sometimes call this “walking dead”.

Never be a being associated to “walking dead”, these are sets of people who have given up on themselves, and they have given up on life but just breathing.
We would love to hear your own views and experiences; you can also share about your relationship status. The challenges you might be facing or have faced and how you tried to overcome them.

If possible we would be pleased if you can share your own tips to solve some of the challenges you think people might be facing or going through in their various relationships.

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