Costly Mistakes Teenages Make And Best Possible Ways To Avoid Them

Teen Age A Foundation To Success In Life

While craving for success, it is normal we make mistakes, but making costly mistakes in our teen age could totally affect our future. This is the reason why we came up with the best possible ways to avoid them.

“Success is not something that you plan overnight nor is it a made up tale, rather it grows gradually in the mind and this is why the teen age is one of the foundation to success in life” – CravingBiz

According to allpycologycarrers “The life of a teenager seems to change daily. One minute a teen seems interested in a new sport, topic in school, or type of music, only to completely shift gears the next. Constantly exposed to new ideas, social situations, and people, teenagers work to develop their personalities and interests during this time of great change”. – allpyschologycarrers

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Don’t misuse your chance.

As teenagers, we should know that our teen years is the right time for us to make a difference for ourselves and in life in order to make our parents proud of us.
If we do not have a foresight of what we would become in the future, by discovering ourselves and potentials then we may not end up being successful in the years to come.

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Let’s get started.
If we do not recognize that the teenage stage is the foundation to success in life, teen age is a time when most teenagers make mistakes and fail.
All being said, there are some certain things teenagers don’t understand in life and that is the more reason why they fail when they get to their prime age, in essence, the youth and adult age.

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Yielding To Advise.

 The Delicate And Fragile Stage

They might not get to know some things because they did not see any one to caution or advise them at some stages in their life, these stages are the delicate and fragile stages in a person’s life.
While some other teenagers are fortunate to get advice and caution from their parents or mentors, others do not, and while those who got the advice listen and make positive use of those advices, others turn deaf ears to it.
The bottom line is that, the gap and time between success and failure is unknown to anyone but can be foreseen if one has a clear foresight.

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1. Foresight To Success: Foresight is one basic reason why teenagers makes costly mistakes at their tender age.
A good number of them do not understand what life is and the dangers they may be putting themselves into as they think they are enjoying the time of their lives.
While some are lucky to get out of the disaster they may have caused themselves and even their future, some others may not be so lucky as they end up regretting their actions till death.
2. The Smart Ones: Another mistake teenagers make is that, they always think that they are often the smarter one. They also think that they have their cunning ways of playing their games to avoid being noticed or getting caught by people most especially their parents.

Teenagers by nature will always have the mindset to belief that their teenage period is the best time to catch fun therefore youthful exuberance makes some of them to misuse the opportunity by mingling with peer groups and friends which would influence them negatively.

Now we are going to pick each points one after the other, so that we will know where we have faulted.

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 People Have Being Their Before You

As a teenager one thing you should understand is that everybody you see as elders was once a teenager just like you, there is no one on earth that has not pass through the teenage stage as you do.
So whatever you think you know or the experiences you are currently acquiring, some other people have also passed through those stages.
We have all passed through all this, we were once a teenager, we have made our mistakes, whether costly or not, we have realised our errors and wrongs and now we have passed the stage to another level.

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 The Experience

This is the more reason why we are sharing with you the adverse effect your actions could bring to your life.
The good thing is that some adult you see out there do not have who to advise them, or an oral advise from your parents or guidance, as you have this opportunity of reading this post.
At our teen age many who have the good potential of becoming successful person have failed in life because they lack the mentors that ought to put them through.

Sometimes the advice we get from our parents may sound harsh on us, yes! This is normal because they do not have better ways to express themselves, as they are very worried that we should not get into the trouble that we won’t be able to bear the effects at the end.


The Three Stages In Life

There are three stages in life; especially for people who wish to succeed, these are;
  1. The teen stage- which is the foundation to success, discovering potential.
  2. The Youthful stage- which is the time to work tirelessly toward your goal, while you have the energy.
  3. The Adulthood- the time of regret or self-appraiser

These three stages are very crucial to every human in life.

The most sensitive and challenging one among the three stages in life is the foundation to success which is the “teenage stage”.
This stage is the most vital, most sensitive and more dangerous of them all.

If you misuse this opportunity, there could be no better chance to recover and there is a very low or no tendency to become a successful person in life.

The teenage age is the time of “self-discovery” the most important time of our lives which determines how our future would be.

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 The Mystery

Look out there, you will see so many people living a miserable life, staying in poverty and wretchedness.
Do you think they just became miserable today, yesterday, last week, months or last year?
No! They started from somewhere, a stage and that stage could be where you are as a teenager today. Therefore invest your energy positively on the present time.

 What Matters Most

One thing you should always put at the back of your mind is “every ending has a beginning and every beginning has an ending”.
Both the ending and the beginning matters a lot. Because someday you will have to look back and see how far you have come and where you started from.

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This will determine if you are to bless or curse yourself.

Look forward now to see if you can still make a difference. Which is actually very possible and positive with the next words I am about to say.
Keep reading.

“A tree that will be productive will look promising right from the time of germination; the same applies to the bad tree”.
Though this do not happen in every sense of life but it remains a stand and principle of life we must not neglect or overlook.
At this particular time during the teen stage, a time we should focus more on things that are important to us than the necessary.
Let me clarify what is important from what is necessary so you can have a better understanding.
Going to school to study is important but not having socks to put on is just a thing of necessity.

How is this so? I will explain further.

 The Time To Think

As they say, “there is time for everything” It all now depends on you how you wish or choose to take advantage of the time you have.
There is something we should not do as a teenager, having fun when you need to think, this could destroy ones future.
Teenage stage is a time to think reflect on what is to come upon us as we grow towards the youth stage of like. The things we should be thinking about should be; something related to understanding what our purpose in life is, our dream and our vision in life.

 The Positivity And Negativity Of Self Discovery

The good thing is that when these things are discovered it gives us a good sense of direction to where we are heading to in life.

However, the bad and most mysterious part of it all is that self-discovery could take up to 15 year. The period when we get to know ourselves better by knowing what we are capable of doing and what we are actually good at, such as our talents and gifts.

So it is most advisable to amend our ways if we had gone astray. Time waits not, do what is needful at the right time, work hard and be consistent with whatever you do, have a positive mindset and always believe everyone deserves a change to be successful in life.
At the end you will look back and bless yourself for your actions.
If you have something in mind to share, comment below so we can learn from your point of view.

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