8 Easy Ways To Gain Freedom From Your Parents: A Wise Decision

Making The Wise Decision 

Freedom is a thing everyone on earth wish for; however, it is good to be free but “Facing the outside world as a child without better exposure and experience from our parents about life is seemingly like suicide on its own”.

As they say “curiosity kills the cat”.
Table Of Content:
  • Curiosity
  • Frustration As A Challenge
  • The Call For Freedom
  • True Experience
  • Parents Fear
  • The Best Time To Fail
  • The Chick Illustration
  • The Drive For Freedom
  • 8 Easy Ways To Gain Freedom



Most children tend to love their parents at their tender age in life, children ranging between the age of 1-12, but as soon as they pass this age, they start to feel that they can start a life of their own.

Right from the moment we grew and have this mentality of starting a life of our own, it automatically means freedom – that is, we want to be free.
When we realise that there is something more out there, something more than what our parents could have trained us to be, from there our attentions starts to shift from the orientation our parents has given us about things outside of the wall.

 Frustration As A Challenge

We should understand that frustration is one thing to avoid in life as it could make someone commit suicide if proper care is not taken. Frustration is a challenge that starts right from our homes.
Do you know that the very first set of challenges we face in life as humans starts from our homes? Right within the home and among the people we live with, those same people who claim to love us and cherish us more.

Frustration is the very first challenge we face and it starts within the family, I mean with our parent in particular.

 The Call For Freedom

Do you know most parents hate it when a child calls for freedom?
Oh! Are you surprised?
Don’t be, because truly parents do not want us to gain our freedom at some point, especially in our tender age but they don’t have a choice as time goes on.
I will prove it to you.

 True Experience

Based on experience and personal encounters and interactions with people, most people who have passed through the teen and young adult stage never wished to experience this phase of life again, especially people who are lucky to see into their future from their childhood, I mean people who have seen a clear vision and dreams of who and what they are and could become.

Have you ever wondered why some parents cry on their children’s wedding ceremony?
When their children are being taken away from them, it always looks like hell, while some could hold on and bear the pain, many could not withstand it and that’s why we see some parents bursting into tears, since they could not hold it.

Some will say emotions and tears of joy make them cry.
Was it truly emotions and tears of joy?
Hum! Let’s read on.
While some of our fathers try not to cry, most of our mothers can never bear that moment, they aren’t emotionally strong enough to hold the moment.

When we trace it back to the moment to find out what brings out the tears from their eyes we would see that it is because they want us to always be around them and instruct us as they always used to do right from our childhood. This is due to the purest form of live they have for us.
It is by nature to that every parent sees their children as kids, no matter how old or grown they become. –we do not have to blame them in some cases.

 Parents Fear

Parents are always scared of what our future holds because they are aware that there would be a time when we would say directly or indirectly to their faces that we need our freedom.
At some point it could be a thing of joy but deep inside it isn’t.
As humans, what makes life interesting and more challenging for us is the moment in life when we gain our freedom. Total freedom is what makes a man what he is and what he would become.

But misusing this freedom is the most dangerous thing we could ever do. The moment most of us as children gain our freedom we tend to live life like we are fully aware of all life’s experiences.
In one of our previous post, we discussed on costly mistakes teenagers make and how to avoid them

 The Best Time To Fail

Do you know that the best time to fail in life is in your teen age?

Why most children tend to fail at their teenage stage in life is as a result of misusing their freedom because they think that they are smart and wise enough to make their own decisions without yielding to proper corrections.

If you are a teen and you think that you are smart enough to walk through life without the help and support of your parents or guidance then you are and have probably made the wrong if not the worse decision of your life because somehow failure awaits you.
As a saying goes “You may think that you know better but you can never have same experience as an old man”.

This means that whatever you think you know is just an impression of your mind, the society or environment you live in and the friends you keep determines the level of what you know .
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But as you keep growing you will realise that life is not what you think it was back then, at the point you realise this mistakes, it might be too late to be reversed.

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 So be smart in making decision

These mistakes are one of the things our parents are scared of; they do not want us to fail, es
especially parents who have struggled so hard to bring us up.
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The most painful thing is that most children who tend to gain their freedoms early mostly end up in their early graves. 

 The Chick Illustration

For instance; do you know how fragile a chick is when they are given birth to? Everything about them is always attached to their mother, at that stage the mother knows the danger that awaits the chicks the moment they attempt to leave it’s presence be it by mistake or intentionally.

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The mother also knows the challenges and how hard it would be if they at some point let go of their chicks.
How so?
Because they have been there before, they were once a chick and now grown to be mother hen – this also applies to us as humans.

As a child we do not know what danger could be before us or the challenges that we are about to encounter, we may only have an idea based on illusion.

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 The Drive For Freedom

As a child there is always something that drives us to wanting to gain freedom, especially in our teen age.
This is the more reason why we need to be very careful at this stage because

 “what drives or motivates us could also kill us”.
“what entices also kills” – As sweet as something is, is the level at which it could kill”. – CravingBiz

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But still don’t we need our freedom?
Sure of course we do need our freedom as it is more important to us than anything else we can think of or ever imagine; freedom is what drives us towards a successful life.

How then do we gain our freedom?
8 Easy Ways To Gain Freedom From Your Parents: A Wise Decision
The easy ways to gaining our freedom are:
1.  Self-Examination: These bring us to the question we need to ask ourselves, how well do you know yourself? What are your capabilities and do you think that you can withstand the pressures of life if you eventually gain your freedom?
As I always quote Socrates that “An unexamined life is not worth living”. This quote alone should solve almost everything that you need to know about gaining your freedom in life or from your parents.

When we do not know who we really are, then there is no point in leaving our parent by setting out to the world of the unknown.
Imagine us not knowing ourselves, what we are capable of doing or what we can achieve; still we set out to a world that we don’t know much about.

The world we live in within our parents and the wall of our families is totally different from the world we are about setting our foot into and the world we journey in as a teenager is likewise different from the adult too, so everything is all about stages in life and how ready and capable we are able to handle them.
2. Maturity: There is a topic we wrote on “maturity in relationship”, how maturity help builds and hold relationships. Maturity is based on experience and exposure, how experienced and how exposed we are in life is what makes a person matured.
Maturity is not based on age alone but how you can see things and tackle whatsoever challenges that may arise. So, a person who is not well exposed and hasn’t gained enough experience based on knowledge acquisition should not bother to seek or request for freedom from his or her parents.
This isn’t a command but a piece of advice we may not get to buy with money. Build yourself from home, gain and gather enough experience from your parents when you have done that, it gives you an advantage to seek for freedom.

But that isn’t enough to gain your freedom, you know!
Of course not.
3. Patience: Patience should be the number one factor in the way to gain freedom from home, but what is the essence of being patient without self-examination?
Patience is the key to a successful life, it takes self-sacrifice to have the spirit of patience, it’s all about training yourself to be who you want to be, as it is the only way to handle situations and challenges that starts from our various homes.

But is being patient enough attribute to gain our freedom?
4. Prove Your Worth: After working on the first three ways stated above, the next thing we should have in mind to convince our parents is by proving our worth.
Proving our worth is not in terms of monetary aspect, NO it isn’t! Proving our worth is about proving yourself to claim to be that very person you have always wanted to be.

5. Self-worth: It is something more related to attitude, discipline and character. These are the things that our parents need to see in us and before they get convinced we need to show them proves that we are able to stand our ground in the outside world.
When we are able to show them this, most of our parents will not have a choice than to let us go, the only thing is that they would then advise and always want us to check back on them, probably for advice.

Note: This applies to you only if you can show them how worthy you are when attempting to face the reality of the outside world.
Do you think that this would not lead to argument?

6. Avoid Arguments: To be on the safer side, it is better to avoid arguments, especially the unnecessary ones – at the stage of gaining our freedom, it is normal to encounter unnecessary talks and arguments with our parents because this is a time when our mind is preoccupied with different thoughts, bad imaginations of the challenges to come and how sure we are capable to solve them.

So, play smart, stay safe and better still, be more focused on the necessary things in the home than the needs.
“Sometimes we may need something in the home but it might actually be unnecessary – unnecessary things in most times results in fruitless argument”. Especially when we are trying to prove our worth.

7. Make Them understand: Another easy way to gain freedom from our parents is by making them to understand our capabilities, by carefully following the above ways. This would in turn make our parents to understand what our aims are.
If we strictly follow all this directions it will be easier for them as parents to understand the direction we are heading. Communication is the key to gain freedom if only the above rules are followed correctly.

They might not take it easy with us; they will not let go without a fight.
8. Fight For Your Right: It pains me to tell you this, when trying to gain our freedom from our parents, it is not as easy as we think, the truth is that there will be a serious misunderstanding between everyone.

Misunderstanding between you and your mum, your dad and your mum, you and your dad and finally, your dad and mum against you.
It will be a situation where all blames will be thrown mainly to our mothers, so if we really want peace we have to be calm and do things right with a lot of patience.
This is normal as we have to understand that we can only disagree to agree, when it comes to fighting for freedom, it doesn’t come that simple.

It is a time where everybody will be against each other and against, your motives, plans towards success in life.
“It is good to fight for your right but better not fight violently” – CravingBiz
9. Be Prepared For The Challenge: Above all, we have to be well prepared for the challenges to come.

Freedom is not a joke, from the moment you gain it and taste what it feels like, it defines you”. – CravingBiz
So, if you are willing to gain your freedom, take a moment and ask yourself again, is this the right time to gain my freedom and how well am I prepared to face the challenges of life?

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