5 Blogging Skills To Master When Starting A New Blog

Master Blogging Skills:

Starting a blog as a beginner requires some particular blogging skills to master. Becoming a master in blogging comes with a price to pay which involves some quality skillful experience as a new blogger.

5 Blogging Skills To Master Blogging for New Bloggers

Starting a blog is easy, but acquiring the right blogging skills isn’t as easy as new bloggers think it is. Lack of patience has been one of the reasons why new bloggers give up blogging, mastering blogging skills is another challenge for new bloggers.

There are new bloggers who wished to be a part of the google’s family by becoming a successful blogger but not having the right blogging skills has led many new bloggers to give up blogging.

To master blogging is a challenge new bloggers face which makes many new bloggers quit blogging on the run in a short period of time.

So we considered that since CravingBiz is a motivational blog which is also hosted on blogger itself we would help the best way to make new bloggers achieve their aim to master blogging.

There was a time when we wrote a post on how you can become a google family by benefiting from google and how you can become a successful blogger and start making your money in 3 months, with the right blogging skills for new bloggers.

The above post entails how to start blogging as a new blogger and all the necessary information on other google products and services which google provides to help ensure a smooth, clear and balanced solution by making life easier on the net.

Today, we shall discuss the five master blogging skills successful bloggers must have. Though this topic might not sound new to you but we are going to take our time to explain in detail on how to become a master blogging by using the below blogging tools and skills.

The Scope Of This Post Entails:

  • Patience As A Skill
  • Good Reading And Content Writing Skills
  • Taking Advantage of the internet
  • Know How To Attract The Audience
  • Good headlines
  • Understand SEO
  • High End Smartphone
  • Laptop Or Pc
  • Steady Internet Connection
  • Meet Other Bloggers

Blogging is one of the freelance jobs to make money online. Blogging requires a lot of time, patience, consistency, sacrifice, money, hardwork and a lot of attention, to become a successful blogger.

In everything we do to succeed both in the industrial world and in the internet world especially in blogging, patience is a key factor. When we are looking for what makes blogging a success, after mastering the blogging skills overall answer is patience.

Currently, I know that most of us reading this post are eager to know the skills to a successful blog as a beginner while we think that other information may not be necessary.

 Patience As A Skill

This is exactly how patience works in blogging.

The first skill you need to put into consideration and practices is patience. Patience is a skill you can develop in yourself if you don’t have one.

It is a gradual thing in life. Most of us cannot read a long post on blogs to get the information that we require. Instead of taking more patience to find out more about what we are looking for, we rather jump out of the site and conclude that the site does not have the information we need.

Long post is boring; true, but more informative and well detailed, you don’t have to read all, what you need to do is to take your time to check out the subheading to check out the information that is more relevant to you, that all.

To start and to become a successful blogger you should have good writing and reading skills, learn to read long posts; Endurance and tolerance is the key factor in this part.

Imagine people who are lazy to read a post like this in order to get the information that they are looking for, how would such people be able to write a post of this length or even more.

According to seopressor – “An ideal blog post should not exceed a time limit of more than 7 minutes which makes an average or 2,100 words“.

It is good to write short but quality articles than writing a long but quantity ones. However, it is best to write a long but quality article than a short but quality one.

 My Personal Experience

I was once a person who does not like reading or writing lengthy stuff, I get bored and pissed off easily but when I got acquainted with blogging, reading became a part of me.

I make long term research to get information, and the more I research the more I read and the more I read I got better. So patience has its own role to play.

Another thing that you must know is that to see your blog grow could be really tedious at times, I must confess.

No matter the rate of effort you have put into your blog, for the first 6 months, if you are not strong hearted and patient enough, you will give up in the first 1-3 months because people will not read your blog.

Most people give up before the first 6 month, but if your assignment is well done then expect a little traffic to start coming to your site after 6month. This is when the fun of blogging begins. All I will say here is, before your first 6month of blogging all you need to do is to just keep pushing.

5 Blogging Skills And Tools A Successful Blogger Should Know About

Good Reading And Content Writing Skills

Writing And Reading Skills In Blogging is not a joke, if you think it a place to joke then I will advise you to change your mindset on blogging because it is not for lazy people as it requires your time, consistency and lots of hard work.

Don’t Waste Your Precious Time With Blogging

What does blogging entail? The simple answer is writing, reading, solving problems with information and passing the message to the world with just a push of a button “publish”.

Not just writing but writing blog post. Don’t write stuff because it seems meaningful to you alone. Write blog post that is meaningful to your audience or readers.

Don’t just write on topics that come from your mind, do good research and know what people need and what people want to hear, take your time to know your niche, if not, you will be the only one reading your post.

Note: Writing skills may involve other factors, nevertheless it is important to know how to express yourself even if you are not so good in English you can hire a good editor, depending on your field of study.

If you have a good writing skills, good reading skills, good communication or interactive experience could also help you achieve a greater height in becoming a successful blogger.

But having this without making use or taking great advantage of the internet as one of the basic skill, blogging may not be a thing of success.

Taking Advantage of the internet

Everything you wish to achieve as a great and successful blogger is right here on the internet, there you can be able to access almost every piece of information you need to keep going.


In Fact there will be a time when fatigue will hold you down strongly that you would feel like not moving on well thanks to the internet because it serves as a place you can get motivated.

Oh yes, motivated – There are hard times you might go through before you succeed in blogging.

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This period of time is normal for every blogger, especially when we are not getting positive feedback from our readers yet. It will look like we are practicing a sort of madness, like we are fooling around. This is normal in blogging.

But do you need to give up?

There was a time I wrote an article about Missy Elliot who was nominated for 12 Grammy Awards in one night but won none.

You know what it means to be nominated for just a Grammy Award?

Oh! You should know how hard and restless it would be, but she never gave up, instead she stepped up her game. Though, it wasn’t easy, it hurts to the bone but moving on is all that matters, not giving up.

In blogging the most important thing that motivates most bloggers is the monetary aspects of blogging, that time when your blog is being approved by AdSense to make money.

Making money in blogging sounds simple to say but it is actually hard to get; notwithstanding, if your assignment is done correctly then you can start making some money in your first 3 to 4 months of blogging.

Nevertheless, if you are not approved, keep working hard and be consistent, write good and unique content.

Remember; “No one will ever motivate you than yourself so keep the good work going. If people don’t appreciate your efforts, appreciate yourself”.

Know How To Attract Audience

The truth is that people will never buy what you sell or give what you do attention or audience in your first few months of blogging.

Don’t be surprised that even your family members may not support you. So you should know from here how hard it might be from the inception.

Attracting your audience and gaining their attention is one thing you should focus more on.

Perhaps, you may want to know how attraction works in relationship as this could be applied in blogging skills as to help have a clearer and better understanding on how attraction works

What is the essence of wasting your precious time in writing something lengthy as this and nobody comes to visit your site.

They Might Not Come Now But They Will Come

Though at first they will not come, actually I don’t know why it is programmed this way but one thing I have a clear knowledge of is that, before your site gains authority or gets recognized, it takes up to 6months of consistency, hard work, good contents and a lot of patience.

To know your audience is to know yourself; know what you want and your purpose of blogging”.

You need to keep working, not minding if people visit your site or not.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Take Only Your Effort It Requires Money.

Spend more to gain more. This is what marketing strategies entail in the blogging and other biz world.


Promote your site on social media platforms, spend the money when you have it”, there you start to build your audience and with time you will have followers and unique readers.

But what is the good in promoting a site when the headline or title of your post is crap?

Good headlines

Good headlines create attraction and make readers fall in love with your content even without reading.

Yes! Good headlines or post titles make a lot of people visit your site as they are eager to see what the post is all about.

Endeavor to make your post catchy and attractive to your audience; then you are good to go.

Understanding SEO

SEO means, search engine optimization, this is a skill you have to understand in blogging, if you are not good at it you need to learn as this is one basics in blogging, as it determines the success of a blog and a blogger.

Search engine optimization is not a thing you can just say you can know in weeks or months, as it is so complex to understand, some of the function of SEO is to understand what internal links backlinks, broken links, site speed test and optimization and many more.

These are some of the skills you should have, meanwhile developing yourself with this skill requires  some tools to get you started and keep you going in blogging.

To make blogging a success for you, these are few tools you need to have.

High End Smartphone

I once wrote a topic on how to take advantage of your smartphone; Blogger is so flexible that you can start blogging with just a smartphone.

It is so amazing to see people who have smartphones but do not know how important a smartphone is.

In Fact it is of no doubt that if we truly understand the power and capability and functions of smart phones it could make us a successful person if we know our way around it.

Steady Internet Connection

It is a way of connecting our mobile devices and other internet enabled gadgets to the net. Data is so important in blogging because it is that which brings all the works together and you must have lots of it to keep you going.

As you check through mails, blogs, your site domain and also make a lot of research, download video tutorials, pdf files and the likes of it you will use up a large amount of data each day.

So, data is life in blogging, you need it because it is very paramount to it.

Laptop Or Pc

Has someone ever told you that having a good enabled mobile phone is enough to start blogging? Oh yes! It is enough for a start.

But it is never enough when you mean business; blogging is not a joke so why depend on a mobile phone. Have you felt a serious frustration before?  That your smartphone may actually be the one to frustrate you.

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But you can keep up to the task, if you do not have a laptop or pc yet. Keep using your phone for a while until you get your system.

Blogging is something done on mobile phones too but get a system as soon as you can if you are actually serious with blogging.

 Meet Other Bloggers

Meeting other bloggers gives you the hope of succeeding in the blogging industry.

Do you notice that bloggers are scarce to find? Actually they are very rare to find because we are always busy, most of us do not even have time with our family rather we try everyday to solve other people’s problems.

Bloggers are always fixed up, so be patient if you haven’t found one in your niche, keep working on yourself and also try to improve your skills everyday, sooner or later you will get to them or they will get to you.

Blogging is fun only when you have the right tools and skill, only then; it would inspire you to do more.

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