3 ways Negligence Could Ruin Your Relationship: A Tunnel To Total Destruction

Negligence In Relationship

Many relationships have failed due to negligence; although at times, it might not look like a big deal or something we think could hurt people or our spouses. Nonetheless, we should be careful of this because negligence is a tunnel to total destruction which could ruin a relationship or cost us even our own life.

Negligence involves harm caused by failing to act as a form of carelessness possibly with extenuating circumstance – Wikipedia 


What is Negligence?

Negligence is an act of caring less, not feeling remorse or concern about something that seems important or valuable to us or others.

Negligence is powerful enough to serve as a pest that deters us from having a successful life and it is also something that could ruin our relationships without us being conscious of what harm, trouble or disaster it may cost us or other people.


How Do We Know We Are Negligent?

Do you feel like trying to read this post but something keeps telling you to leave the page because it is worth nothing or because it is of no relevance or value to you? 

That thing that makes you feel or think this way is what is called negligence.
Negligence is like a parasite that feeds on our mind that makes us think that everything is not worth caring for.

Maybe today is the day to understand how negligence affects our lives and relationships negatively, as it stands as a tunnel to total destruction.
The choice is ours to stay or to leave. 

For instance, if we find the topic not important or boring, that might be a sign of negligence acting against our intentions.

Negligence makes a person to care less about everything and most importantly about oneself, especially when it comes to our relationship lives.
When we care less and not feel remorse or concern about ourselves or our relationships, don’t you think that is a tunnel to total destruction and disaster for us? 


The Habit

It starts with finding yourself in the habit of caring less about almost everything, having a nonchalant attitude, or ignoring most of the things people find valuable or important.

If you are in this shoe, then that seems that you are in a big trouble because this is as a result of being negligent.

The tunnel of total destruction is not far away from people who are negligent in nature.

You might be wondering if this is a bad way of life and if there could be ways to curb or prevent it.

Anyways if this is your thought then, you are in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps you might be thinking that it is too late to resolve or to prevent it (negligence).
The good news is that as soon as we realise our problems, it is not too late to make a change. Then again, the bad news is that, it is only when we continue to dwell on things we wish to prevent that there would be a big problem.

How Negligence Affect Relationships

Most beautiful and promising relationships has been ruined by the same people who initiated it.

At first we may not see it as a big deal because the love is fresh or probably we were blinded by love but then, as time goes on, it does not take a long time to start seeing each other’s flaws and mistakes in a relationship.

Negligence is so bad that it could affect us in every aspect of lives; it doesn’t take long to start manifesting its negative effects.

It could affect us in our places of work and it is also capable of making us to lose the vital things that we ought not to lose; Negligence could make us loose an opportunity such as a promotion from work.

When people see us as a person who do not bother about things or do not feel remorseful on serious or sensitive things, they tend to stay away from us because they know we are not in the right position or the right person to handle the situation.

 This also applies to when we are in a relationship.

The irony behind negligence is that we may not know that we are negligent. The most funny and strange thing about this is that, most people who are negligent will never accept that they are negligent in nature.

 The Simple Illustration

You know most people who snore will never accept the fact that they snore even if you tell them, no matter what you tell them to convince them that they do, they will never accept it.

There is one thing that will make them accept to prove them wrong, when they eventually end up being insulted or disgraced outside, then they start to believe and may later adjust after it must have caused them a public embarrassment.

Negligence is worse and it is until it costs us something that  we cannot  bear or handle that it would let us go.
Now let’s discuss the on:

3 Ways that Negligence Could Ruin A Relationship As It Serves As A Tunnel To Total Destruction

1. Distance In Communication: When our spouses see that nothing seems so important to us, or we feel no remorse to the things that matters (sign of negligence), then they prefer to rather not speak to us about it.

While doing these, this could reduce the strength in communication or may make our spouses share their thoughts with someone else.

At this point in time, the love reduces and the relationship could get broken and lead to total destruction.

2. Lack of Trust: When there is lack in communication due to our reactions and action of not feeling remorse to the things that matters as a result of negligence, there will be a sign of mistrust which could also be a vital sign to relationship breakups.

3. Faded Love: Love is easy to build but difficult to maintain. Negligence would cause love to fade. When there is distance in communication and lack of trust in a relationship, there is a high tendency that the relationship may end up in break up and the love would fade away as a result of negligence. 

We should understand as we have explained above that negligence is just like a pest which works against our mental state of mind and in most cases do not let us know that we might be hurting others.

It hurts people when we do not feel concerned or remorseful about their worries, thoughts and other things they wish to share or have shared with us.

We might want to know if there is a solution to this…

 The Solution To Negligence

Yes, there is always a solution to every problem, and this is one thing we actually need to curb because it may cause us so many damages either in our places of work or in our relationships.

Firstly, we have to identify that we are negligent if we often feel remorseful, unconcerned or ignorant of something which many people see as important.

“To know you have a problem is half way to solving it”

After we have identified this; we need to pay close attention to things around us and take them important.

Although, the only good thing about negligence is that, people who are negligent worry less because they see most challenges, problems or difficulties as something that is worth nothing, where as it could cost them more, if not careful it could cost them their  lives.

Take for instance
Imagine you thinking that pouring fuel into a working generator or working car is not harmful or nothing would happen if you pick a call right beside an uncovered fuel tank.

This is an act we should know to be harmful but because our brain is been manipulated by negative thought which tells us that it is not, then we get to act strange by doing what others are scared of.

Being always conscious of things around us is the best ways to fight against negligence.

To the same extent, we should always learn to listen to corrections in haste, which would help us a lot in life.

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