Why People Trade True Love For Money In Relationships

How People Understand Love

The love of money can make true relationships fade away. Nowadays people care no more about true love in relationships they now trade and replace true love for money but does it really worth trading true love for money in relationships?

The reasons why relationships fail are based on so many factors with which we have once discussed some of them in one of our previous posts. When we talk about trading love for money, it could be a very genuine reason why true relationships fail or fade away.

But firstly we have to understand what money is and the power it can hold in a relationship. 

 What is Money?

Money is a global material substance which is valuable as a form of currency to purchase goods and services. A person who has money is categorized as a rich or a wealthy person, automatically the poor are the ones who do not have.

Also, here at CravingBiz, we have once discussed the three kinds of people in the world and their objectives in the race of life. Some people run the race to become rich and some for power while the others seem to be the spectators.

Money itself is power most especially when properly used by the application of wisdom. So, imagine a person who has money in a relationship, such a person has the right and will to control anything he wishes into his possession. He is always at the top of his game, he controls his own world.

However, it is natural that nobody wishes to remain poor as we all keep craving for success each and every day. Though, the irony is; everybody cannot be rich nor everyone will remain poor in life, as nature has its way of synchronizing things randomly to bless and do otherwise.

What is Love?

Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. – goodtherapy

As the definition of love states above, love is associated with affection, protectiveness and respect. The question now remains :.. is love truly associated with the aforementioned when there is no money involved?

For years money and love has long been causing a dramatic scenario between lovers and this has really been a wild challenging topic and issue that is yet to be resolved.

In a relationship money and love are important, although money and love are two different things but when combined together they form a bound that keeps a relationship going.

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 Can True Love Survive Without Money?

Many relationships have failed because of money or other material things, in fact most relationships lead to break up because both partners cannot cater for each other’s needs. 

Nevertheless, when true love stands, it is believed that nothing can come in between the bound that binds people together, but that is not the case in this generation.

Everybody wants to be comfortable in their home or relationship which is not absolutely possible because at some points in time challenges would surface this is natural though. Regardless, taking care of issues in a relationship involves people with matured and positive mindsets.

Howbeit, so many people have been misled in relationships due to being enticed by money although no one wants a relationship that cannot be enjoyed or that they cannot derive material satisfactions from.

The fact remains that money is important but it must not be the utmost priority of any relationship. We should learn not to build our relationships only on money or material things because this has cost so many people especially the male gender into desperation by involving themselves in actions that are unspeakable of.

 The Quest For Money

In their desperate quest for money, some people go as far as committing atrocious acts like robbing, scam, fraud and doing money ritual just to get money to impress others or their lovers.

The truth is that the money gotten from violent or ungodly acts will leave someday because we do not work for it. A partner that loves us due to selfish interest such as money and other material things will leave us as soon as everything is gone.

 Consequences For Both Lovers Who Trade Money For Love?

Lovers who involve themselves in a violent act just to impress their partners will face these consequences:

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For The Male: The money we violently work for to impress our lover will someday leave and when it does the so called partner will also leave because the only thing keeping the relationship together is the material benefits that have been gotten.

The last consequence is that when kamas law comes into play, you shall reap what you sow violently.

As For The Females: A lady who trades or values love for money might end up being used for violent acts such as money ritual and many more if care is not taken.

Ladies that values or trade love for money are material freaked and most times they sell their body sexually to get whatever they want. The bitter truth is that we should never forget that we cannot keep doing this forever; sooner or later our body fades away likewise into unrealistic love. We can as well be encouraged by reading on the “Slay queen who just repented”.

Perhaps this might help by encouraging us the more on why we abstain from trading love for money.

Lastly, we shall reap what we sow; somehow we get to pay for every debt we owe. So what debt do we owe and how ready are we to pay back the debt when nature asks?

 Words of Encouragement

We know it is not easy to be in a relationship without financial support but we have to learn how to be content with whatever we have and our lovers as well as the effort they put into making the relationship work out by showing us true love.

True lovers will never let their relationships collapse but they find all means to make it survive. It is good to find a means of letting a relationship survive.

However, it takes the help of both lovers to assist each other for the success of a relationship. We should also note that relationships can never be perfect just as we are not.
We encourage us all to focus on the growth of our relationship and never should we be pressured by the society and peer group we belong to.

Determination to make it work out is the key to success in any relationship, be determined and never think of trading money for love.

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  1. True lovers will never let their relationships collapse but they find all means to make it survive – Cravingbiz. We the youth of nowadays have a lot to learn from this especially the female folks.

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