Why Google Search Engine Remains More Reliable Than Textbooks Or Handouts

While naming the best search engines in the world, Google still remains the very best. It gives access to every single piece of information you could ever think of.
Did you know google was not the initial name before it was changed?
Here is a fact I bet you may not know about Google
“Google which was formally called Backrub” Is a search engine that provides help while sourcing for information. – According to Businessinsider

 How Far Information Has Come

There was once upon a time when information was like gold, it was very hard to find and only few people could have their hands on the little pieces of it.
During those periods everyone keeps their vital information to themselves because it was worth more than life itself.
Many continents, countries and nations were not civilized then because the information they needed could not reach them, so therefore they remained primitive.
When we do not source for information, we remain caged in our own knowledge. Our thinking faculty remains the same while we remain in the shadow of others.
When it comes to seeking for information, People who lag behind never grow intellectually, they may grow physically but that is all.
Growth is a process of developing oneself, and the only way to grow intellectually is by seeking and sourcing for information.
Another fact I will like to share with you
“Internet came to public according to nextweb – on the 6th August, 1991”

 People’s Ignorance

Ignorance; the lack of knowledge or information, is also a reason why people do not value the power of information, they chose to believe in their own self and instead of updating and upgrading, themselves, they rather remained stagnant and caged in their own thoughts.

This also increases the rate of poverty level. Rather than sourcing for information, some people stayed away from the information that could help them while craving for success, they chose to rather keep to themselves, they also believed so much in themselves and what they know.

However, we do not say it is bad to believe in oneself or stick to our knowledge but it is better to know more by exploring the world of information.

This way, we would see and realize that what we knew is not worth just settling for as new things, ideas and information keep evolving every day.

The mindset of sticking to what we know only, in turn increases the rate of poverty and this is what is called poverty mentality.

Poverty mentality is just like a virus which sticks into our head that hinders us from learning from the things around us, rather we hold on to our knowledge.

The Internet World

All thanks to the internet, science and technology. We should also appreciate people who invented all these things that made it easier for us to access through– Philosophers; they are the great thinkers.

Since the Internet became part of the world’s property, it has been the most powerful tool to control the world through information.

Google realised that information is vital to humanity; therefore, they made it easier for people to get to it, since it was quite difficult for it to get to us (human).

After google came up with its strategy, it has since then been a stone throw to reach any piece of information, while people can easily source Information from it with the use of their smart phones and other gadgets.

There has been just a little gap between information and humans, all it takes is to connect to the Internet with ease with the help of data
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Why Google Search Engine Remains Most Reliable Than Textbooks Or Handouts

Since google at the moment remains the best search engine in the world, they thought of providing other services that most people could benefit from, most especially to get more access to information as closer as possible.
This is where websites and Blogs came in to play their own part.

Here is another fact
 “In 1992, there are just 10 websites on the net- Techjury

Everybody wants to get access to information as quickly as possible, instead of typing what they want on the net, they prefer to read all they need in just one platform.

This platform provides the information people need according to individual wants; this is what is called a niche. A website or blog is best to provide such information.

There are different types of niche on the net as a website or blog. This includes Technology, History, Movies, Movies, New, Food, pets, Parenting, Education, motivation and so on.

An example is also CravingBiz It is a motivational blog that provides daily motivational Articles and Write ups to motivate and inspire people who go through challenges.

Several categories and topics you might crave for; such as relationships and marriage, ways to success, parental guide, Risk taking, Quotes and the likes of it are always discussed on a daily basis.

All you need is just to type CravingBiz on google or visit CravingBiz. com directly from your URL Browser on any device.
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Surprisingly, the number of blogs and websites in the world of information is so high that anyone can choose to source what they crave for from any of the millions of site on the net.

Another fact you might need to know
“In 2019 we have over 1.6billion website”

Though, school is another place where information can be passed across to people but it is not reliable and as efficient as surviving the net.

Schools will ask us to pay for handouts and textbooks. We then stress ourselves to pay a huge sum of money for these things, forgetting that it is much easier to source for all this very information on the net. All we need is just to connect to the net.

Sometimes the information we need may not even be in the textbooks or handouts the school management sold to us, we still in a way or the other need to visit the internet to source for them, as google, Bing and other search engines also provide us with the information we need.
Though, Textbooks and Handouts can provide us with the information we need, Google search engine remains more reliable as it serves better than textbooks or handouts.

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