Why Businesses Fail: Start A Business That Goes In Line With Your Career

Why Businesses Fail

Why we fail in business or why businesses fail is because we start a business we do not understand. Starting a business that would have or result to a happy ending depends on how committed and connected we are towards the business, and the business towards us as a career.

Business involves planning, strategies but most importantly, it involves how connected we are with the business; our mindset places a big role before anything else.

When it comes to business, making money is a thing we all crave for and presently we have over millions of businesses in the world as we speak.
Therefore the world has 190 million Companies. Millions of companies and entrepreneurs are registered daily all over the world. Only China daily counts about 11-13 thousands of new businesses and total number of the registered companies in this country exceeds 77 millions.” – Quora

But when starting a business, have we ever thought of starting a business that goes in line or match up with our personal career, dreams or goals in life?

This is a question only few people can answer because many people are into businesses that do not go along with their ability or experiences, and this majorly has led to the crash of so many businesses which might cost some fortune.

 Starting A Business We Do Not Understand

Starting a business we do not understand always end up in frustration, depression and disaster because we do not have knowledge of what we are into, notwithstanding, starting a business should not be placed on hope as a foundation but rather on certainty.

Though sometimes it is not the hardwork, strategy or plans we put into place that really makes a business successful, but sometimes it just a matter of luck and grace. But that does not mean that the foundation of a business should be built on luck.

The foundation and structure of any business automatically determines the success of the business. In the outside world, great people who have succeeded in what they do in the business world did not just wake up one morning to start up a business, that is absolutely impossible, neither did they start up a business because of social or peer pressure nor do they copy friends because they want to be as successful as they are.

Only few peoples businesses can survive the test of time when challenges surface. Nevertheless, it takes hard work and consistency with grace to make businesses survive for a decade. Here, we shall discuss on how to start a business that goes in line with our career as it is the best way to get the best out of ourselves and also sustaining the business and making profit.

 Some Few Things That Kills Business Growths

Few but important among other things are: Impatience, laziness, poor planning and strategy, Inconsistent mission and vision.

The things people have in mind about business is quite different from how business works, especially the strongly established businesses. How to start up a business and start making profit is what most people think about, whereas there is more to business than that. 

Let the truth be told, making profit should be the least thing that should come to a good business man’s mind. 

A business person who has a goal, vision and mission would rather think of how he can influence the world with what he has got than how to make profit.

As Steve Jobs once said” I rather make a dollar a month than see the company collapse in my own very eyes” This is what I call determination with a clear vision and a great mission towards business.

However, most people’s mentality about business is to instantly make profit.

Instant profit does not just come simple as it seems, rather it takes a lot of patience, consistency and sacrifice to make things work, it’s a gradual process, you could start by making a penny, while gradually  the business grow until it hits the peak.

But this is not the case with so many people as they are impatient to monitor how their businesses gradually grow.

“There is no magic for a baby to work immediately as soon as they are born; so is making profit in businesses”.
Everything has procedures, processes, and strategies as the world seems to synchronize in making everything work together.

 The Way Out Of Poverty Mentality and Mindset

With the situation of things in so many countries, In African countries particularly, people are starving based on poverty as a result of unemployment. Many people are brainwashed already and this results to dark mindset and poverty mentality
Some people cannot afford a one square meal per day while others who manage to eat twice do not eat a balanced diet.
Unemployment has always being the motto of each year while the rise in poverty level also seems alarming. As everyone strive to make a living. 

People’s mindset has been converted from making a future to making a living; they just keep finding a way to survive for the day, no plans for tomorrow not to mention the future or to pursue a career – Dead dreams
In fact most people have given up on themselves, admitted that poverty is the norms in their generation, and through their ignorance this poverty mentality is being passed from one generation to the next.

These people do not think about their futures anymore, their visionsand purpose are dead and buried because they have accepted their faith to remain poor, they tend to have no alternative. But we should never ignore the saying “when there is life there is hope” there is always hope when there is life.

Here, on this page we have once discussed on how to start a business even when we do not have any capital to start one; read on “How to start a business with little or no capital”.

 Finding a Way Out: The Solution

Nevertheless, there is always a solution to every problem if we reason deep. Every year, we see businesses collapsing but yet the good news is that it gives room to other businesses. If we choose to discover what we are capable of, to pursue our career will be our main objective.

 White Collar Jobs Versus Self Discovery


While so many people could not afford schooling as they remain stranded or stagnate in life, others could afford going to school to learn a discipline or the other. 

Many people do not know that schools do not teach us how to make money rather we do so by the application of what we know through our exposure and the experiences we have gathered from world.

Schools will never teach us the practical aspect of life to succeed in the business world, rather they only teach us the theoretical accept of it.
At the end, they program us to focus on a white collar job we might never see, making us forget that what will make us successful is right within us to discover.


What is White Collar Job?

White-collar workers are suit-and-tie workers who work at a desk and stereotypically eschew physical labour. They tend to make more money than blue-collar workers. – investopedia

It is either we are employed or we are self-employed. Being employed involves a person to work under another person or to serve in an organization, fame or company. 

It is only when we discover who we are that we can enjoy a white collar job”.

However, white collar jobs or office jobs might not give us a career if we are not careful. If proper care is not taken, a white collar job is capable of killing our dreams or career because most office work does not give us the room and time to discover ourselves.

Although we might be fortunate to get a high paying job but somehow in return they take away our time and that can rob us of our joy and happiness.

Another factor is that most white collar jobs can hinder us from forging ahead as they find all means to let us focus on their own businesses rather than we developing ourselves by discovering the best in us.
The best way to make a career is to be self-employed”.


What is being self-employed?

Being self-employed means to work under your own authority and time. To be self-employed means being an entrepreneur or to be the sole proprietor of our own businesses. 

However, we might need to get a white collar job at first in order to have some capital to start up what we really have in mind as a career!

But as we try to get a white collar job to start our own career, we should not be carried away by the job we find ourselves doing, an office work by which we work for other people are most times enticing especially when they see we are useful and hardworking.

They try all means to take our times away by making us forget about our own career or dreams in life, we start thing about making money for a living rather than making a career. 

When we successful achieve a career at the end it result in happiness and in turn comes as fulfilment; however, every man’s dream is to be attain fulfilment at the end.

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