Why Being Dependent Will Never Make You Succeed

Being Dependent

Have you been in a situation where you want to do something but you feel you cannot do it on your own without seeking the help of others? This is an act of being dependent. Here in this post we shall discuss on why being dependent will never make you succeed while we should also learn to stay away from fake friend as they could affect our success rate.

What does Dependent Means?

It means determined or conditioned by another – merriam

Dependency is an act by which a person lacks courage to do things on his own. Too much of dependency can deter us from success. Many people have failed based on the fact that they cannot do without somebody else.

They always find a shoulder to lie on before they can get things done, although in some situations it is not bad but we must not always be a liability to others.
Sometimes, if we really want to succeed or grow in life we have to take it upon ourselves to move on without the help of no one until it is obvious that people see we need help. At this point, when we have done our work to a creditable point, we will not have to call on people to help us before they volunteer themselves to be of help.
Life is all about survival of the fittest, if you are not fit you cannot survive in the race to succeed. We have to be strong minded because flexibility in mind leads to emotional disorder and when the mind is flexible different thoughts get through our mind to not getting things done.

A weak mind gives room for procrastination. Procrastination is an act of thinking about something without action, it can be said as a job done in the mind but not in reality, procrastination works with illusion and it causes us to lag behind.
Procrastination mostly work with weak minded people; When the mind is weak the body gets tired and as an implication to that you get nothing done than to depend on others. In many cases those who we depend on most times never get to give us the expected result or perhaps eventually fail us at the end.
Since everyone in the world craves to be successful, then success comes as a big challenge to those who craves for it. Success is not something we wake up to, rather it is a planned work right from time and as we grow we grow with the mentality of becoming successful in life.
However, when we crave for success we must know that others also wished to be successful, so we have to make up our mind to do what we have to do to make things work. When we depend on people and we get disappointed at the end, we keep the blames on them.
Sometimes we blame people for our failure, but as Socrates said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. When we see people who help us in sorting out our own problems, we should know they left theirs to help us with ours.

 How Being Dependent Affect Lives

Life is not easy, only the people who got successful by luck, chance or by grace may say life is easy, but to be sincere it is not but we can make it easy when we understand the criteria for success.
The unnecessary dependent on people leads to failure, though at times things cannot be done alone but we have to take it upon ourselves to do it at first, then when we fail, we can start all over again by learning from our previous mistakes.
Being often dependent will never make us learn to improve our skills, we may say it is not our field of study, but we have to know that no one is above knowledge and knowledge is above no one. So, keep learning, keep striving, keep failing; keep trying until you make a difference in life.

 Effect Of Being Dependent

One bad thing about dependency is that it makes we think we cannot go beyond our knowledge, it keeps us in cage of doubt, it prevents us from adding values to ourselves. It makes us to belittle ourselves. It hates challenges thus; it is an act of laziness which would eventually lead to procrastination.
As they say “Too much of everything is not good” being independent and dependent have their unique way of making thing work. However, Independency is good when we are capable of trying out things successfully on our own but too much of dependency on other people is not good, because as humans we need to update and upgrade our learning skills to create more value for ourselves.

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