Rejection: What To Do When People Rejects Us


Have you ever felt rejected before and how does it feel to be rejected? On this page, we are going to talk about what to do when people rejects us, the effects of being rejected, the cause of rejection, who are the people who are meant to reject us, why do they reject us and what to do when we feel rejected by people.

 What Is rejection?

Rejection is a way of refusing or declining people or something. It is also associated with Ignoring or dismissing someone or something as an act of losing interest or to show our disapproval.
According to medium – it says “Rejection is indeed part of the human experience”
When people reject us what do you think you can do about it? Nothing! No! We won’t just have to watch and do nothing about it. We have one thing to do when life or people reject us and that one thing is to reject the people who reject us by moving on with life.
We do not have to beg people to love us or be with us, cry or get weakened by their actions. When people rejects us it simply means that they are not meant for us or to be part of our story.

 Why Do We Get Rejected?

We get rejected mostly because we have little or nothing to offer to those who reject us therefore, they look down on us like we cannot make a difference to succeed in life.
The shameful part about rejection is that it is those who we love most that in most cases let us down by rejecting us because we have nothing more to offer them.

Though at times, we get to be rejected by some people that we are not really acquainted to. Probably they reject us based on the fact that we are not of the same standard, class or taste with them.
Rejection can come from anywhere, angle or at any time of our lives and we could be rejected by our friends, best friends, family member, relative or even our spouses. Apparently enough, we should be less surprised when the people we seem to look up to as our loved ones get to reject us.
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 The Cause Of Rejection

As stated above, rejection can be caused by any reason, it might be because we are of a lower class in terms of wealth, money, power, or possession, it could also be on the basis of physical appearances or attraction such as beauty, smartness, intelligence, knowledge and many more.
Rejection has also come to be as a result of racism in terms of human differences. Rejection also comes as a result of social and peer group as in a case where some are fortunate to be more successful than the others, or based on achievement, age or standard of living.
Standard of living can be traced down to how rich or poor a home is. Rejection may come to us from any source therefore we have to be fully prepared at all times.

The Effect Of Being Rejected

Rejection has being in existence from the beginning of time, it is associated to hatred being the opposite of love. When one is rejected by a person, it means the love which has been between the two parties is diminished or even vanished and when these happen, it leads to hatred and envy.
Being rejected could lead to so many side effects such as mood swing, depression, humiliation and many more; it could also lead to death if proper care is not taken.
Rejection really hurts, but it can also inflict damage to our psychological well-being and that goes beyond emotional pain – psychologytoday

Most people, who are rejected especially in a relationship, end up losing their mind because they do not expect such thing from the people who rejects them.
The most painful and annoying part of it all is that people who rejects us most times have it in mind before it happens. Rejection at times comes in a gradual process. A negative act of hatred for a fellow human being grows gradually inside of people until it finally reaches its peak and that makes it evident.
Rejection Can Come In Different Form
It could be as way of intimidating people, mockery, and envy. People who rejects us shows the act of rejection in two different ways, it is either they show it in their attitude that they do not want to see us around them anymore or they tell it straight to our face to tell us not to be part of their life.
What Causes Rejection
Another reason why people gets rejected or why people reject us is what I tagged “see finish”. See finish is a slang that means a way in which some people have completely seen the inner and outer side of us. How so?
It means when a person knows our weaknesses and strengths, our capacities and capability, our wrongs and our rights then they decided to use them against us.

Most people take their time to know us and in the process of knowing us they most times respect us for who we are, why so? Because they have not gotten the right information they needed from us. More reason why we should stay away from fake friends.
They honour us and pretend that we are important to them so they can get what they want from us, but after all the information has been gotten they change their attitudes and character towards us, then they begin to treat us like we are nothing significant.
At this moment we as the victim will keep wondering when everything went wrong but most times we do not have a clue because at that point in time we are totally caught up with the shock of what has happened to us. This scenario mostly happens in a relationship.

Possible Places We Could Be Rejected:

 Rejection In Relationship Or Marriage

A relationship that is full of love and happiness could turn into a piece of rag in a matter of time when partners develops a form of hatred for their spouses.
The reason for this is that one of the lovers might not truly be in love with the other lover, all they want is to enjoy and play the other love, they focus mostly on the beauty, money and the sexual aspect of the lover, which is a material things, some just want to use the lover asserts, be it knowledge, exposure, experience, influence, power, wealth and many more to get what they want in life, after they have going all, BooM!

 Reject From Home

Rejection also stems from families where parents give one child a preferential treatment more than the other children; it could also be a scene where parents develop hatred for a particular child and not the other.
These are bad influences and teachings as parent act in this way consciously or subconsciously to show more love and care to a child than the other, this is a sign of lack of maturity in the family, relationship or marriages and it will eventually lead to an uncontrollable disaster afterwards if we do not take caution.

 Rejection From Friends

Rejection comes from any angle and this might also apply to friends. That is the more reason why we have to watch the kind of friends in our circle and also learn how to stay away from fake friends.

 What To Do When People Reject Us

What to do when people reject us or when we feel rejected? We have to let go of it as it has become the past, also we should always learn from being reject as not to make the mistakes we have make in the first instance of being rejected.
Inc – talks about: the five ways mentally strong people deals with rejection.
Also when we are rejected we should understand that rejection is not the end of life but a step to move forward and to see things clearer. Sometimes when people reject us we should not feel bad, it might feel hurt but we have to understand that rejection is part of what we have to face in life.
In this situation we might have a soft or weak heart to hold on to the pain we get from being rejected, notwithstanding, we should always try to stay around other people to free up our mind by having fun, those who reject us may be having the best time of their lives, so why should we feel sad when we can actually engage ourselves in interesting things too.
In fact, rejection should be an avenue for us to retrace our steps in pushing forward in pursuit of our career. Peradventure those who reject us are the ones holding us back to greatness in the first place.
At this point we have to get on our feet to move on, we may need to start all over again from the stretch but that should not be a problem for those who have a clear vision of the success they are pursuing.
As the saying goes, “no love lost, no love found” Every good in life happens for a reason and also every evil or bad thing that has befallen us in life also happens for a reason.
The reasons are unknown to us and that is why we have to be very positive and also have faith, as faith is define biblically as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
We have to summon the courage to carry on simply because life is for both the good and the bad. It is also for the weak minded likewise the strong hearted individuals and success is the strong, people who are courageous and determined never to give up on themselves.
Making a mountain out of a mole hill is indeed true, so why give up on yourself when you can actually make a handful of greatness out of being rejected.

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