Motherly Love: The Love Beyond Compare

Beautiful Bound

Love is a beautiful thing as it is the rope that bounds people together. When we talk about true love, a motherly love is one beyond compare; none can match it.

So many homes fail because they do not understand what true love is all about. Although, human beings are bound to make errors but the love between parent and child is incomparable, it stands as a symbol of hope, trust and a way to forgive and overlook each other errors without picking up faults.
Since children are young and inexperienced, they rely on their parents for comfort and guidance as they lead their lives; it is of no doubt that parents serve as guidance to their children to lead them on the road and path to follow.

Children are easily influenced by the society surrounding them and that is why most parents tirelessly put in their efforts to ensure that their children become successful by making them proud.

Regardless, without teaching the children the right ways and the paths to follow in life, they might eventually be misled by the society, religion and their peer groups.

Parents Role

It is the right and responsibility of both the father and mother to guide their children because the end result would also be happiness for them. A well trained child that practices what he has learnt from his parent makes the parents proud, likewise a disobedient child who was trained but refuses to accept the teachings of his parents becomes a disgrace to his parents.

However, most times it is the mother that is saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the children because the society pictures the mother as a counselor or shepherd who monitors the home.

In parental care, the role of the mother seems to be already specified. She plays the biggest role in child parenting, takes her time to cater for the affairs of the home and to understand the challenges the children face time to time as they grow.
Mothers get involve in almost everything the child does with this the child gets more attached to the mother; though the fathers also play a major role and cares for the family.
Even at their most inconvenient time, they put in their best to make the home healthy by finding a means of comfort, protection and security to get the necessary things needed for the home.
As they go out on a daily basis to find a means of survival, the fathers most times has limited time with their family. This is so painful that the little time they have for the children most times are not enough to make their children feel the love they have for them.

Children Choice

The rate at which the children chooses their mothers over their fathers as a result of picking who they love the most or who cares for them more is so alarming. While the mothers spend most time with their kids, fathers in most cases do not.
But it is nobody’s fault.

Children Memories Built

Children are built and programed on memories. They gather what they see and how they often notice a thing stands as what they believe in.
Children strongly hold on to memories because these are the things they build on as they grow. Memories prove the existence and recount the experiences of kids.
Memory they keep plays a great role in their lives as they grow day by day, they reflect on every little scene and most times puts them into practice. It is of no doubt that children have a strong and lasting memory record.
So let imagine a father who do not have enough time to spend with his family because he wants to meet up with the needs of the home,  he goes out of the house at an early hour and comes back late at night.
We might want to ask; does it mean he does not have any free time to spend with his family? What about on weekends?
Well this also depends on the nature of the father’s work or how responsible he is. So, in this case when the father is not available, the children shift their attention to the mother.

Where Do Motherly Love Come From?

We should also note that, there is a natural bond between a mother and a child; this bound could be call divine because it comes out of nowhere; it is a love beyond compare, we cannot in any way compare this feelings.
Probably these questions should keep us wondering with curiosity why children have this natural love for their mothers, the amazing thing is that even most male children love their mothers way more than their fathers.
We decided to take up the research to determine the percentage at which children naturally fall in endless love with their mothers despite the endless effort of responsible father.
From findings, we get to realize that even at a tender age down to adulthood, male children love their mothers. This is called motherly love and this is a love beyond compare or human understanding.

Striking the Offensive

Another aspect is when parents strike an offense. Striking the offensive is a situation at which parents offends the child. This is a form of misunderstanding between the parents and children.
Though in this scenario, most parents do not always admit their fault or accept that they are wrong when issues come up between them and the children.
As parents we need to endeavor, accommodate or give the children the right to speak; although children may not have much to offer when It comes to family talk or issues sometimes,
However, maturity is not only about age or how old we are but about how experienced and exposed we are. When issues are not properly addressed or taken care of, it most times leads to a broken home most especially when the issues are severe or out of control. This might be a result of improper understanding on how we ought to invest in children as an alternative to a successful life.

Motherly and Fatherly Attention

This may be a good and genuine reason why motherly love seems so incomparable. It is of no doubt that when it comes to attention the mother plays a major role in the home. In fact almost 90 percent of the attentions needed in a home come from the mothers.
That is why it is always said a good home is always determined by the mother. When a mother does her assignment right in the care of the home, she gets almost all the praises but when otherwise she gets the blame.
Though the father pays attention to things but perhaps should we say fathers attentions are based on theoretical action rather than practical actions.
While the fathers do the needful to provide for the home generally, sorting out the monetary aspect, the mothers contribute immensely on the basic needs of the home in particular.

A responsible father is always a busy man looking out for means to stand his ground as the head of the family by securing and proving for the family.
The father most times does not have the time to sit the kids down to know their strength and weaknesses, worries and challenges from the in-depth of their heart but the mother does.
Nevertheless when both parent do their assignment right by joining hands together with love, great understand, backed up with matured mindset, there is no reason why a child will choose one against.

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