How To Overcome Poverty Mentality While Craving For Success


We may wonder at times why some people are poor. Why the rate of poverty is on a high rate despite the efforts that people put in to get themselves out of the shackles of poverty and still ends up failing to do so. Yet they are still poor, despite the hard work they put in to get things done.

To be hardworking is good but does it determine the level of our succes? This brings us to understand the concept If We Are So Smart Why Then Are We Not So Rich? 
Sometimes our effort pays as a result of our hardwork but it is so heart breaking that this is not always the case.


What Is Poverty Mentality?

Poverty mentality causes setbacks. It is a lowlife mindset which some people have consciously or unconsciously to believe in things they have no in-depth knowledge about.

This kind of mentality is a physiological way of accepting the negative opinions of people about us. It seemingly implies our acceptance to remain stagnant, and the belief to follow primitive mindsets.

This kind of mindset sticks to those people who hold on to the belief because they most times think that it is the right part.

Poverty mentality is attributed to those who do not have a vision, plan and purpose.

How Can Mindset Overcome Poverty

Not having a healthy mindset often results to poverty mentality and this is one of the reasons why people remain poor. Here, we shall discuss how to overcome poverty mindset.
Mindset is one powerful tool that determines a person’s rate of success or failure. Everything a man do is all programmed in the mind, be it our actions, events, the movies we watch, the society we find ourselves. 
The people we walk with or who influences us such as peer groups and friends, the family we came from and how well we are exposed to new things are some of the powerful tools that could determine our success or failure
When our mindset which is the foundation is built on a wrong orientation and belief it leads to an unfruitful ending.
The Primitive and Civilized Society Influencer
For instance, a person born in a civilized society and someone born into a primitive society mostly think differently; their sense of reasoning quite differs. When the latter thinks about making a living, the former thinks about making a future.

Mentality of making a living and a future are two different things but they are likely to be a single pursuit all to the expense of survival. However one is greater than the other.

A man who strives for a living without planning for his future is a man without purpose, vision, and mission. Nonetheless, this is a consequence of poverty mentality.

Making a living alone does not guarantee that one would not succeed, since life sometimes is a thing of luck, sometimes our efforts does not really count, but there is a unique way in which the world synchronizes to play in people’s favor at random.

For a man to be successful, he must set aside what he thinks he knows by encouraging and accommodating new ideas, not just to accommodate them alone but to put those ideas and thought into practice.

A positive mindset and a proper use of the brain are required by anyone to stay out of poverty.
The brain is a functioning organ in the body which processes and stores information whether the good or bad one.

“It is what you wish to know you seek for, but when you seek for what you do not have to know, then you find fault, likewise gaining more knowledge about things we already know is an added advantage.

When we think low we get low results but when we think big we are most likely to get the required results. There is no shortcut to success or being successful. It is the mindset and how we plan for our future that determines the rate at which we succeed.

 However, it is not easy to set our minds out to think beyond what we know, but when we conscious and mindful of the kind of friend we keep, this could give us an upper edge to become success.


What is scarcity mindset?

Scarcity mindset as it implies is a rare mindset that is not common to find it is a mindset for geniuses who have clear visions, dreams and a purpose in life.

Since “an unexamined life is not worth living as Socrates said” These set of people with rare or scares mindset figure out their purpose in life and the essence of their existence.

They do not let the society they live in or the friends they keep influence or tamper with their dreams; they are much focused people which some of them end up becoming great influential persons to the world.

They do not listen to the voice of the crowd; they listen to their mind and use their initiative to carry things out.
One thing they will never do is to give up on themselves or dreams, they are special people and that is why they are rare with a scarcity mindset.

How Do You Get Abundance?

To get abundance of everything is to get plentiful or enough of what we want. However, getting abundance is not an easy task but we must understand that life is all about taking riskwhile craving to be successful and when taking risk we most note that it comes with sacrifices and a lot of patience.
Apart from that, to have in abundance we have to firstly be contendedwith what we have and how we can manage those little things we have. Contentment goes a long way in eradicating poverty.

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