How A Loser Can Win: Once A Loser Not Always A Loser

A loser can win only when he chooses not to quit or give up; once a loser is not always a loser. Do you remember the saying “he who loses today lives to fight another day”. A man who gives in to failure and fear would definitely fail to try another day. It is a bit tolerable when people call us a loser because being called a loser is not the case but accepting to be one is.

Having lost at some point in time does not necessarily make us a loser since there is a chance to fight another day but when we lose and do not have plans to fight another day then that simply means that we have given up on ourselves; giving up automatically makes us a loser.
When you have made your plans for a war, whenever it is necessary always have an alternative plan which is retreating – the plan to fight on another day.
Sometimes the battles we think we can win might take a U-turn on us; we should never communize the battle before us. So at times the battle for the weak is meant for the strong and the battle for the strong might be for the weak. Therefore, whichever way the battle goes we need to be prepared for the worse, so in order for that, we have to be very much prepared.

 A Loser Can Win If He Has A Second Chance

Second change is scarce and rear, a therefore, those who have the opportunity for a second chance in life should be indeed grateful. Having a second chance sometimes is not about how smart, intelligent or hardworking we are, it might just be by grace.

Grace is not for everyone, because what seems easy to a person might be tough and rough for the other person.

 Why Losers Do Not Win

Losers do not win mainly because they accommodate fear, they failed to be courageous. Fear is built in the mind of the weak minded; the weak minded people choose to give up easily because fear often toys with their emotions.
Our past may be part of the reasons why we fail but that does not mean that our past really determines our success in life. Our past is just to serve as a lesson to what is to come in our present and the future afterwards.
It might be that our past was so tough and rough, we may have even done some unspeakable and ungodly things in the past but the trust remains that the past is meant to teach us how well we should be prepared for the times to come.

Since life portrays the nature of a teacher and we keep learning every day, as we are imperfect beings and because of our limitations, we should learn from the teachings of life but not to be enslaved by what has happened to us in the past.
In the reality of life, it is better to leave the past to the past and let the past take care of itself while we set our minds straight in the future before us.

 Once A Loser

Once a loser is not always a loser and is if we are determined to make a difference when we lose. Every human is bound to make mistakes and mistakes are meant for those who crave for success.

However, we should also understand that when we fail we should always have the mindset that we failed not to fail but we failed to succeed. The moment our minds are fixed on this we automatically have an edge over failure.
Another thing we should consider knowing is that when we fail and we accept to be a failure then we remain a failure for the rest of our lives.

 Do you know what success and failure is?

“I bet we do not know; success means to fail not to fail again while failure means failing without remorse to try again”.
Anytime we fail we should always know that we failed for a specific reason, in addition to that we should know that when we fail we are one step closer to success if we do not yield to failure.
If we want to succeed we need to keep repeating what we failed and in the process of doing this we should keep learning from our mistakes so as to avoid repetition in failure.
It is good to lose but it is worse to lose what we have once lost. So, how a loser can win is to avoid making the same mistakes over again. We can then acknowledge the saying “once a loser; not always a loser”.

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