Conspiracy In Methodology: Religion Everywhere But No Change

Religion And It Methods 

They say change is constant; yes it is, but sometimes it needs to be forced before it happens among human, change do take a total different dimension before it occurs, as it is difficult to find change in religion, a place where change abstain from consistency.

Due to people’s selfish interests, everyone is now particular only about themselves, everyone fights to enrich their pockets, here the rich get richer while the poor gets poor get poorer.

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It normal thing to say, as the world evolves we human also evolve too, so we would not be left out of the race of life, but it is so painful that many people lacks the knowledge to know the truth about how things work in life.
Everything we do is based on method, methodology is what makes things organized in itself. Some people are privileged to see these coming long before us.

The Application 

This statement is often clichéd “use what you have to get what you want” – while some through promiscuousness get what they want, some others use material things like money and other valuable things to get what they want and some others also use the application of wisdom to acquire their resources.
The application of wisdom or common sense is what we are focusing on today, as it applies to religion. A conspiracy where there are so many religion everywhere, yet without change in human behaviour.

The people whom the change affects are the people who preach and teach the religion themselves as they get financially buoyant while others remain poor, yet these poor people are still the same people who finance the people who preach and teach religion.
But should this be the case? Why will a teacher teach a student without imparting knowledge in them? Why is there so much method in religion just to create change in the world as to build peace and harmony in the heart of men, yet the so called leaders in religion fail to get a positive result.

 The Methodology

However, we understand that human are the most difficult thing to control. But with all this method out there why has there been no significate change in the increase in convert.

Gone are the days when religion was few, believers were moderate and the rate of evil was not this alarming. Everything was moving according to time.
But now, it is the opposite, we now have different kinds of religion with different kinds of teachings and methodologies with believers holding strongly to the methodology than the purpose.

 What Is The Methodology And Purpose In Religion?

Religion is a belief thought system which is based on faith rather than reality to believe in a divine creature who is greater than every other creature which is God, every religionist have their way of serving the God they believed in by faith.

Religion is categorised into different thought believe systems, among others are Christianity, Islamic, Buddhism and many others, all to the purpose of serving just one creature which is God.
However, it remains a conspiracy why religion is everywhere but yet no significant change in people as hatred, war, envy, crime, and other evil act gets increasing massively every day without the hope of curbing it.

The Question

If you ask every religion pioneers and founders who is the God they are serving, we will see that the God we all clam we serve still falls back to the one true God.
So I ask myself why the so much methodology in religion? Why not serve God with a single method of worship rather than deviating into methods by causing diversion?

The method in religion has led to so much hatred, envy, discrimination and war outbreak for many decades between the same people who clam to serve the same God.
Instead of creating peace, unity and love, it keeps costing us our lives, sadness, pain, fear, grift, agony and many more.

We should ask ourselves, how long we need to continue to fight against ourselves by trying to protect what we have no clear knowledge about.

Each religion has its methodology while the methodology is divided into sub- methodology and the sub-methodology is also into other methods just to drive believers or followers into congregation.

Selfish Interest 

Leading to the race and raise in competition and causing hatred then at the end every religion forgets their main objectives to preach and teach the basic things but focus on their own personal interest by shifting the benefits to themselves in their quest to be famous, rich, powerful and worshiped.

Nowadays, the subject of religiosity is common everywhere, religious leaders leave large while the congregations suffer in poverty, as they use different methods and sub methods to get into us mentally through our subconscious mind to win our heart then we as well dance to their tune.

In the world of today, we have so many religion but there seems to be no significant change.
Please Note: This article is based on individual opinions; we aimed not to preach or teach about any form of religion but to rather conscientise and inform us on how the world get so worn out, and a way of making us conscious of what our society has turned into.

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