Children Investment: Parents Alternative To A Successful Life


Children are the inheritance of tomorrow as they watch every step we take and monitor our tracks. Investing in children is one of the great and most profitable things we can ever achieve in life as it serves as an alternative to being a successful parent.

What is investment?

According to investopedia – “An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation.”

Investment is an act or process in which we put in our effort into something to get value or profit in return.

The major objective why we invest in anything is to get value or profit in return.

 What is children investment?

Children investment is a process where parents sacrifice their valuables such as money, time, efforts and many more on their children to get value in return for their services as they come of age.
As the saying goes “spear the rod and spoil the child” 
Children who are not properly monitored by their parents most times gets corrupt and spoil as a result.

 Things We Should Know Before Giving Birth

As parents or single ladies and men who craves to have children as part of their life, It is one of the best thing they can invest in, if proper measures are taken. “Children are the leaders of tomorrow” this statement is not to be placed on doubt.

 What Parent Must Do Before Investing

We just do not give birth to a child because we want to see a child play around us or in the house and we should not plan of giving birth to children because of peer or societal pressures as well.
Neither should we give birth to our children because our parent pressurizes us to do so. A conscious preparation must firstly be made and we must have the assurance that we are really ready to have a child.
When we give birth to a child without a proper and good plan then we are bound to ruin the life of the child. An adult who is not morally up right, who do not listen or obey his or her parents should not think there is a shortcut in investing in children, because he who do not obey will not be obeyed.
Have you heard about children who murdered their parents for one reason or the other? Oh! We should have heard about many even children of some religious leaders are not excluded.
We should ask why the children did so.
Children act in this violent manner mostly because they lack some parental care and they tend to get frustrated by how their parents reacted to things when they are wrong.
Perhaps we might want to read on “why parent should listen to their children” as this is one way why children end up in violent acts. Investing in children involves so many things and here on this platform we shall discuss some of the most important ones.

 Investing In Children Takes The Following Things:

1. Patience: A strong factor which we have to consider is patience, because patience goes a long way in children investment. Parents who are not patient enough loses all they work and labour for because patience plays a major role in every family, marriage and majorly in children investment. 
2. Sacrifice: For relationships, marriages or child investment to work, there must be a form of sacrifice. Sacrifices in time, money and so on are crucial for any relationship to survive.
3. Understanding: Families without basic understanding can never control the home. When both partners in a relationship or marriage are not capable of controlling their homes, then investing in a child becomes a serious problem.
4. Maturity: Experience and exposure are the basis of Maturity as the criteria for maturity is not by age alone but how well we understand life and how we can handle situations and take responsibilities. These are what makes a relationship or marriage stand its ground. Only matured minded people are capable of handling the home.
5. Commitment: When the parents are committed to what they what to achieve, only then a strong relationship can be built. Without commitment to duty, there is no hope of survival, especially when investing in children.
6. Positivity: Being positive at every situation and times no matter the difficulty or challenges we face is the best option. We have to always remain positive to get a better result; a negative mindset ends up losing at the end.
7. Endurance: There is no reason to invest in children if we cannot endure. Endurance plays a long role in the parent – children relationship. It is a form of commitment.
8. Capital: Though money or capital is essential but it should not be the reason for a family’s relationship success or failure. However, money is important to build a family but love and happiness supersedes all.

 What We Need To Understand Before Investing

Please Note: we have to understand that, it is not everyone that can invest in children, and also it is not everyone who invests in children that eventually gets a good reward, value or profit in return.
We cannot just wake up one day and think we can invest in a child when we do not have the resources to do so.
Investing in children is not just for anybody, children investment is for matured minds that has gained enough experience and exposure to things in life.
If you are still getting fed by your parents then you are not yet qualified to invest in children.
Though the world is a place where people are free to do whatever they want especially getting pregnant. It is so embarrassing today, that children which are meant to be nursed by their parents are the ones nursing their own children.

Automatically, these kinds of parent are not themselves qualified to be an investor in children because as a child they themselves have faulty upbringings from their parents before having kids.

 When should we invest in Children?

As each day passes by and as we grow and our age increases there is no doubt that we get closer to our graves. Notwithstanding, before we age there is a time when we sow as youths and adults, a time when we are still very agile and full of energy. This very period is a time to invest.

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