How To Start Making Money From Blogging As A Beginner In The First 3 months

Benefit From Google By Becoming a Blogger

One of the major way to make money is by starting a blog and start making money in your first 3months as a beginner, this could be easy if you can keep improving your skills overtime. 

However, it is a statement that is easier said than done. We can as well benefit from or be a beneficiary of google if we can handle some of the tools, products and services google has provided to help us improve our skills and add more value to us. 

Blogging is time consuming especially for those who takes blogging as a full time job but still you can still make money blogging

We can make use of some of the products we discussed below:

Google is the most powerful search engine in the world when it comes to the internet. Google is the reigning king of spartan searching and it is the most-used search engine in the world.- According to lifewire.
“According to britannica “Google Inc., American search engine company, founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page that is a subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc.
Google began as an online search firm, but it now offers more than 50 Internet services and products. The key was to leverage Web users’ own ranking abilities by tracking each Web site’s “backing links”—that is, the number of other pages linked to them”. – Britannica
Google which has so many other products such as An Internet search engine – Web email – A news aggregator -Calendar software – A suite of productivity applications, including spreadsheet, word-processing, and photo-editing software – Cloud storage for consumers – Cloud storage for businesses – Cloud computing for businesses – A website for watching Internet videos – A web browser – A smartphone/tablet operating system – A thermostat – Unknown life-extending technologies and many more – According to businessinsider

Google Products You May Not Know
 Admob: A place where you can earn more with your apps, AdMob makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow your app business. Get started here
Ads Google: A place to grow your business with google ads, Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. – get started here
Google Play Store: Provides a simple way to get all mobile apps for android with a simple interface of both web and mobile friendly apps you can download it here
Google Drive: For a safe place to keep your files protected, google came up with the google drive where you can save every piece of information you wish to save as long as you want. To get yours visit –  Get started here.
Gmail: This is also one safe place to mail, by receiving and sending files all over the world in no time. Are you worried about canceling an information or file before it gets to the receiver? Do not worry,  Google’s got your back by introducing a way through which you can cancel a sent file within 30 seconds before it gets to the receiver, you may want to give it a try by signing up for a Gmail Account here
Google My BusinessAttract new customers with your free Business Profiles on Google. It means that your Business Profile appears right when people are searching for business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps. 

Makes it easy to create and update your Business Profiles, so you can stand out and bring customers in. Sign up here for google business here.

Gsuite or Google Suit: Is a place to get all your other google accounts into one suite. In accounts such as google calendar, Gmail, Google drive and many more, you can sign up here to get yours Gsuite, save all in the cloud, get started here
Hangout: Hangout by google is an app in which we can make calls, chat, do video calls or voice or group calls to friends – you can download here.

Android By Google: When we are looking or searching for a powerful high end device which can power on anything android, it is best to visit the google android online website to get the best we could ever imagine, visit Android here.
Benefit From Google As A Blogger
Listed above are some of the services google provides to enrich us with more comfortable, reliable and easy to access life. And believe me I am proud as a person to be among the google family because they care so much about us as their love remains endless as they advance every day to get us better and more advanced technology for easy use.
Nevertheless, this is not our top focus as this is just a tip of the iceberg from google, there are more benefits google provides and here we are going to look at one of the best of all which is Blogging. It has helped millions of people around the world to succeed in life in the aspect of passing and receiving information. It can then be seen as a means for better communication and information sourcing.
What Is Blogging?
 Blogging is an act in which a person takes an action to blog. “Blogger” is a word used in describing a person who blogs.

Furthermore, Blog is also referred to as BlogSpot – According to Quora it is a platform to publish a free blog under a sub domain “” If you are a newbie and just started your Blogging career, nothing is better than Blogspot by the Search Engine Giant Google. – Quora
A blog is a platform or an engine on the net which is used as a place for passing information and to communicate to people across the globe, it is also a place to start an online business where you create content and then publish it to the world to read.
Moreover, the best thing about blog or blogging is that google does not let our efforts waste instead they find a way to monetize our blog by advertising on them, so as to make some revenue or income at the end of each month. The amount made is determined by the traffic our sites can produce or how old our site is.
How To Start A Blog
Starting a blog with a blogger is free and it has nothing to be paid for. The good thing about BlogSpot by google is that it is absolutely free, the difference between Blogger and WordPress is that while Blogger is free from the start point to the end as blogger host all account on their website, it is not like WordPress that we have to pay for hosting and some other things before we could start a blog, thought, WordPress hosting has its own benefit. You can sign up for how to become a blogger here.
After signing up from the link given above, we can then login then choose to customize our blog by visiting the layout at the left corner of our blogger dashboard.
“’It is good to invest on a blog but one thing I will say is that instead of starting blogging by investing, it is better to start with nothing. I mean using a blog spot is absolutely free”.
There are also free themes we can download to customize our blogs but if we are not comfortable with the theme to set our blog, we can choose to purchase themes from other related sellers.
When we have signed in for a blog on BlogSpot, we start to create posts by content, maybe per day or twice a month or thrice, it all depends on how we can create good content. Good content and consistency gives better results.
How To Make Money From Blogging?
To make money on blog involves a good skill in blogging. When we sign up to create a blog as we have explained above on how to create or sign up for blogging, we must not let making money on the blog be our first or primary goal and objective, when making money becomes our objective then we may be bound to fail.

Blogging is time consuming especially for those who take blogging as a full time job but still you can still make money blogging. Blogging without motivation and no means of generating income could make bloggers burn out and give up easily.

Bloggers should always try to have a side hustle, or online means of making money for their upkeep such as freelancing, as to help cater for their needs. Here is an ultimate guide to become a freelancer  –  websiteplanet
So many people have failed in blogging because their main objective is to make money. Truthfully, making money online may be quite easy on other platforms, but it is not that easy with google on blogger, because google takes their time to scrutinize each and every blog to see how far they can go and how clear bloggers vision are when managing their blogs. The good thing about monetizing your blog from google is, google cares a lot about our vision and purpose.
To make money on google involves google placing ads on our site as a form of advertisement to sell products to people through our website or blog.
Google focuses more on traffic, how efficiently we post, how well we engage ourselves to our blog, good contents and how old our blog is.
To make money or monetize your blog you need to apply for the AdSense.

AdSense is an earning page on the blogger dashboard where you can apply for your blog to be monetized, but it is not that simple or easy, you have to know these few things. If you know you haven’t done so much on you blog, please do not bother to apply.
“AdSense approval is one reason why people give up on blogging within the first few months. Most people give up within the first 6 months”.
What Is AdSense?
AdSense is an organization owned by google and this is a place where you have the chance to turn your passion into making money, but it does not just come that easy. According to AdSense the minimum time to apply for AdSense takes at least 6month with good and unique contents, hard work and a great sacrifice of effort and consistency. For more clarification and support, you can read here.
Consistency is the key in blogging, you cannot just write 10 posts and think google would accept your AdSense application, NO! Or your blog is just a week or a month old and you think google would approve your AdSense application, still a NO! It does not work that way.
“To make your site better for AdSense approval for your site to be monetized, you have to understand how SEO works”
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This engine is so powerful that it understands almost everything your site is all about, it monitors how crawlers and web spiders visit your website, it also gives you the access to submit your sitemap and get your site indexed. To know more about sitemap and indexing kindly visit google support for help here.
Related to Search Engine Optimization is Google Analytics

 My Time And Experience As A Blogger

When I started blogging some years back, I failed to accomplish my purpose, but I never gave up
“Giving up is all about programming the mind against failure, On this blog I have once written about Miss Eliot who was nominated for 12 awards in one night but neither did she receive or won any; I bet you will not want to see her reactions that night, but the amazing thing was that she never gave up, until she was fulfilled. You can read her full gist here.
Though, I had  visions and a purpose back then but those visions were not very clear to me since I saw no one to put me through on how to go about it.
Also, back then, my objectives are to start making money on my blog because most blogs I visited were monetized, for this reason, I worked hard but I noticed my effort was not enough, because I was not seeing the required results, no traffic to my blog not to mention about my site being monetized by google AdSense.
When I did that for some time I had to quit. But when quitting it does not mean that we are giving up, quitting should be an avenue for opportunity, to re-strategize by learning from our mistakes and starting either from where we stopped or starting all over again.
“It does not matter if we fail a thousand times; the most important thing is to win a single time”.
“Ones you win, failure becomes past memories and will be forgotten for good, this is how success works”.
“Success does not mean “win to win” it means “fail to win”. That is, you must fail because you want to win. There you would have learned some things which will guide you through the journey”.
As I once said “when you fall you don’t crumble, it is only when you crumble you fall”
I was so much curious about what made me fail while some other people’s blog was a success. Then I was like “if they can do it then I can do it better” so I gave myself a little break although my heart was still burning concerning why I failed and how I could succeed.
After sometime, I started all over again, this time, monetizing my blog because a secondary objective while influencing the people around me and the world in general stood as my main and primary objective. Soon enough I then created CravingBiz, a Daily Motivational Blog while I worked tirelessly with the help of my co-worker.
One thing I want us to understand is that blogging can be done alone by oneself but it is very important to have people who will assist you in getting things done. Below, we shall talk on what makes passionate bloggers give up before reaching a period of 6 months.
I took blogging as a full time job, I posted almost every day, sometimes, on Monday – Sundays consistently for up to 6months writing on success related articles, Monday motivational, relationship and marriage articles and words of encouragement to motivate people through my blog around the world. Though, I had my challenges during this time but I never gave up.
“Lack of motivation makes most bloggers give up after putting a lot of time and effort to get the work done. I stumbled on a comment on a post about why bloggers give up easily. “He said it is better to make proper findings before starting a blog, so as not to waste your time and effort at the end”.
The fact remains that the effort, hard work, vision and how passionate we are determines how google accredits a blog for AdSense. By citing my personal experience as a case study, after working tirelessly for the first 3months I got tired, I had to look for some time that would keep motivating me.

On the account that blogging is so funny that you might think that you have written a good content that would look so catchy and would engage or attract a good number of readers to your blog, but you ended up seeing just 6-12 people reading your post while you were expected to see beyond that.
The thing is you will or may not see anybody reading your post or visiting your blog for the first 3 to 6months of blogging, this alone is frustrating in one part and it discourages us from giving up after putting so much effort into getting the job done.
But I tell you today, you don’t have to be discouraged as better days await ahead of us as blogging is all about patience and perseverance and such is to success.
To help traffic into our site we need to promote our site through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium Pinterest, twitter and the likes of them. However, we may not need to pay for ads promotion before we get our traffic or people to visit our sites.

When it comes to blogging, at my own end, I managed to generate up to 8 thousand readers in my first 3month of blogging, with this I thought to myself I should apply for AdSense, which I knew within myself that AdSense may not give me an approval because the minimum time for a blog or site to be approved by AdSense is when the blog is 6 months old.
So instead of applying for AdSense, I firstly made an online research to see another advertising organization who competes with google AdSense then I found to be an alternative option to google, according to quora.
So I applied and I was approved after 3 to 4 days in the first 3month of my blogging journey. After a week I sum-up courage to apply for Google AdSense, and BooM! I was approved.
How did I get approved by AdSense?
Since AdSense works with google I think they could read and monitor my site, while they force on how efficient, consistent, traffic inflow and how good the content of my blog at CravingBiz was, another factor which I think they looked into was when last did I customize my layout or website template.
Please Note: when applying for AdSense, I think google dislike ii when blog is not well arranged, or when we keep re-arranging our themes and customizing our layout after applying for AdSense, google will believe you are not ready or fully prepared yet.

The best thing is to get everything done and set in a month or two before applying for AdSense. Having a unique and customized domain name (instead of by a domain name like this might get us a better chance of getting AdSense approval.
Nevertheless, we must understand that blogging are for those who are passionate about what they are doing, it is not for lazy people, when we want to make money from blogging by applying for AdSense, we need to understand that before your blog can be approved by AdSense you need to know that google AdSense works with the inflow of traffic that comes into your site or blog, the unique content you publish and how consistent you are.

 Frequent Question and Answers

What are the benefits of blogging?
To discover oneself ability and capability in content writing, to help solve fundamental problems, a means of communication and interaction and information sourcing, how to relate well with people, and to make money.
Do bloggers get paid?
Yes they do, throw google AdSense and other means of advertisement on their site or blog.

Does Google get paid from blogs?
 Yes google get paid, from AdSense; AdSense publishers receive 68% of the click cost and Google 32% – reliablesoft
Who are the highest paid or to income earning blog?

According to Forbes 
  1. Huffington Post: $14,000,000 per month
  2. Engadget: $5,500,000 per month
  3. Moz: $4,250,000 per month
  4. Mashable: $2,000,000 per month
  5.  TechCrunch: $2,500,000 per month
  6. CopyBlogger: $1,000,000 per month
  7. Perez Hilton: $575,000 per month
  8. Gizmodo: $325,000 per month
  9.  SmashingMagazine: $215,000 per month
  10. Tuts+: $175,000 per month

How do I get my blog noticed?
 Keep Writing unique content and by promotion
Why is my blog not on google?
 Because it is probably not up to 4days- 1 months old
How long does it take for my blog to get recognized on google?
 4days to 1month
Should I give up?
 NO! That should be the least you should do and you might reject.

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