Reason Why Relationship Fails

Relationships in most times fails on the basis of anxiety. As we crave to get the end result of things, how anxious we are at some point in time might determine the rate at which a relationship succeeds or fail.

Why most relationships fail is determined by so many factors including anxiety. People who are into relationships fail to understand that the determinants of any relationship success or failure is based on so many factors in which anxiety seems to be one of the prominent keys.

What Is Anxiety?

Have you ever had a feeling that keeps your pressure high? Makes you feel fearful likewise nervous that you suddenly wished that everything should be done or completed instantly? This on the other hand might lead to emotional or anxiety disorder as a result of anxiety.
A form of discomfort and unsettled mind which most times attribute itself to the fear of not losing something or wanting to get things done quickly works with relationships too and it might determine the success rate of any relationship.
Anxiety in most times lead to failure when we focus our energies on our setbacks only. It is normal to feel anxious about some things but when it takes too much of our attention then it most times lead to emotional disorder which in turn results in failure.
At this point we tend to fail at what we are anxious about because we are too hasty to get those things that we crave for.

In a nutshell, anxiety is an act or way at which we put more attention and pressure into things.

So many relationships fail as a result of anxiety; the expectance of things without meeting up to the expectations. Anxiety works with the mind most especially the weak minds and that is why our minds must work with our brain before we make any decision.


Effect of Anxiety In singles Relationship

For the people who failed to have a relationship or those w ho do not have a fruitful relationship, it could be due to some factors and anxiety is one of the major one.
When we expect too much or too little from a thing especially from a relationship, it fails
For instance, a man who wants to ask a lady out does not in most cases know anything about the lady, which includes the lady’s attitude, character and tolerance.

A man who is anxious will never mind what or how a lady feels at that point, even if the lady has her personal struggles she is going through at the time and trying to sort it out while also giving the man attention. 

At that point in time, all that matters to the guy is for the lady to accept his proposal and fails to consider her feelings which includes her likes and dislikes, by this act. 

“The guy in question has shot himself in the leg”. With this kind of approach he has failed because he has forgotten that there is a thing called individual differences. Individual differences is what sets us apart from other people and it is also what makes us unique from one another.


Disadvantages of Anxiety in Singles Relationships

The above illustration is for men who are about asking a lady out. Asking someone out for a date should be a psychological thing, the brain must be in alignment with the mind.

  • We must understand the other person’s weakness and strength before making an attempt to reach out.
  • We must not let our expectations to alone overshadow our feelings.
  • We must not let anxiety take over our emotions because if it does, we might lose what we are so anxious to get and that in turn leads to disappointment.


Effect of Anxiety on Married Couples and Relationships

One of the criteria that determines the success of marriages and relationships is maturity.
However, dating someone that we can share our problems, challenges, experience, success and failure with is one of the most fruitful and productive relationship we can ever get and that is when we marry our best friend.

These are some of the reasons why relationships and marriages fail because we do not take our time to know the important of these things.
We should know this before getting married that “Marriage is for men, not for boys” 
when we are fully aware of this we will be able to figure out where most of the difficulties and challenges we face in marriages are coming from and how to overcomethem.
In marriages, anxiety plays a long role that we might not figure out because we ignore it and never know how dangerous it is. It is capable of determining the success and failures of relationships.

Many marriages and homes are broken based on too much expectation. When we keep expecting too much while ignoring the other person’s capability then the end products leads to failure.

We cannot give birth to a child today and expect the child to walk the same day

Everybody has their own weakness and then again our expectations from our spouse should be based on probability and not on personal and conclusive assumptions, only if we want a broken home.


Disadvantages of Anxiety for Couples in Marriages or Relationships

Men or women that expects too much from their spouse end up misplacing their priorities.
  • Value and Respect: They lose their values and respects at home.
  • Destruction: They destroy their homes and relationships on their own accord.
  • Insecurity: They create a loophole and leave spaces for outsiders and nosy parkers to get into the affairs of their relationship as a result of their misunderstandings and arguments.
  • Lack of contentment: anyone who belongs to this category will never be contented with whatever their spouses do or say.
  • Immaturity: maturity is based on experiences and exposures in life and not by age. Therefore, the moment we lose the basis of a relationship, it in turns means we might loses it all.

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