8 Ways To Keep Long Distance Relationship From Breakup

Love is fun and beautiful but it could at times be frustrating when there is a long distance in the relationship right? To many people, the answer to this question is YES; because within some period of time everything which once seems beautiful starts fading away if proper care is not taken, in no time the relationship gets complicated then broken at the end. On this page, we shall discuss on how to overcome challenges in a distance relationship.

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Distance is equivalent to time, it means the time spent on a thing, time spent on things is also equivalent to consistency and how committed we are to something; this determines how fruitful the thing would.

To answer whether if distance in a relationship could lead to frustration or any kind of bad feelings or mistrust then we need to under how maturity plays a big role in a relationship and how it could secure the dark side by protecting a relationship from break up.
Sometimes nature twists our plan. In the turn of events, some plans we have concerning ourselves could end up entirely on a different note in the chapter of our lives.
We all yearn for a perfect relationship where we want things to work as planned out or as we have pictured, but there and then it is so painful that there is nothing called perfection in a relationship. A relationship is meant to be balanced but not to be perfect.

Distance relationships could be frustrating at times if the partners involved do not make a conscious effort to understand themselves which this in most cases lead to break up if the relationship lack the following things:

 8 Ways To Keep Long Distance Relationship From Breakup

1. Vision: A relationship without a visionis a dead one already which this is why both partners involved must be fully aware of where they are heading to. When a relationship does not have a vision then we might need to forget about a successful future or ending.
2. Purpose: Have we ever asked ourselves, what the purpose of our relationship is? Vision and purpose are quite synonymous because both are aimed at achieving something special. Therefore, to start a relationship, there has to be a purpose for everything.
There must be a reason and a purpose why we go into any relationship; if we cannot find any then it means that the relationship may lead nowhere. When we are into close or distant relationships, we must understand that relationship without a purpose easily ends in break up.

3. Specific Goal: What are we aiming at in our relationship? Many people are into relationships just because of the fun of it. While they enjoy the moment as just a game, one of the duo sees it as true love, while the other partner knows the love in the relationship is not real.

At the end one person enjoys the moment while the other suffers the pain. So, it is best for both lovers to understand specifically the goal they pursue. Most fake lovers only pursue material things and intimacy just to satisfy their sexual urge.
4. Patience: has to do with endurance, the act of holding on to something without reacting negatively. It is not an easy task to make a close relationship work out successfully not to talk of a distance relationship.

Nevertheless, being patience could make a distance relationship fruitful as it stands as one of the ways to overcome challenges in both close and distant relationships.
5. Friends: Our circle of friends are Influencers to us and that in one way or the other might determine how a relationship will last, succeed or not. At times, allowing the advise from friends to sail the boat of our relationships is a dangerous thing that could distort, damage and sink the relationship, most especially a distant relationship.

Many a people that seem to be our friends are not genuine, we should learn to avoid or stay away from fake friends. Therefore we need to have a discretion and proper discernment about the friends we keep.
6. Trust: Trust is the foundation of any relationship; it determines the success and failure of a relationship. A relationship which ends up in success or failure is always narrowed down to the foundation of the relationship which is ‘trust’. If we want to know how quick a relationship will succeed or fail, check the level or rate at which partners trust each other.
7. Self-Interest: self-interest is related to ego and selfishness; Self-interest is another factor that determines how a relationship would last or how successful a relationship would be.

When a person in a relationship cares only about themselves while caring less about the interest of their partners, the relationship automatically ends up in disaster and as a result might end up in a breakup.
8. Contentment: When we are in a relationship we must try to be contented with our partners. Their flaws should not be occasionally used against them. We should also note that no one is perfect, perfection is only from God. A person who wants perfection in a relationship loses everything because relationships cannot be perfect but rather balanced.

We can say a relationship built on vision, purpose, specific goal, patient, trust, self-interest and contentment are some of the ways to keep long distance relationship from breakup, likewise in close relationships.

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