8 Successful Ways To Attract Your Man And Gain His Attention

Gain  Attention And Attraction

So many of us have the notion that no matter how we show our spouses, most especially the men love and care, that does not stop them from having an affair outside of marriage. Notwithstanding, this is actually wrong. Now we will discuss on the 8 successful ways to attract your man and gain his attention.

Showing love and care to a man in a relationship does not mean that he will not misbehave or have an external affair in the marriage or relationship.

Why is this so? 

Because most of us do not take our time to understand what relationship is based on.
In a relationship, attraction and attention are one of the very important criteria particularly in marriages.

When we make mention of attraction and attention you may say you know what it means to attract a man and  get his man attention but the question remains, has it worked for you? And did he never change after all you did in your attempt to capture his heart?

This is what most ladies or women do not understand in relationships or marriages. Craving for a man’s attention goes a long way beyond feelings but rather commitment.

It involves good planning, strategies and focus.

Many relationships out there are struggling to get back to their feet and many peoples marriage are broken as a result of loss of attraction and attention from their lovers.

In most relationship or marriages it is the men who easily and suddenly lose interest the most and this is due the loss of attraction and attention for their partners.

Loss of attention and attraction may come in two ways, it is either the man gets tired of the relationship or he is seeing someone else who is giving him the things you as a lady lacks or subconsciously failed to give.

1. Firstly; let us talk about when a man gets tired of a relationship without the mindset of having an external affair outside of the relationship.

A man can easily get bored of a relationship due to physical or mental reasons, most especially in marriages. Since marriage vow claims for better and for worse, to endure the good and the bad challenges, he the husband has no choice as a loyal man than to stay in the marriage.

We should also not forget that boredomness in a marriage or relationship could affect both the man and the woman respectively although men seem to be the most bored.

As he gets tired of the relationship he tries to endure but soon enough his endurance strength is tested then during this period, the man starts to react negatively to things in the home despite the woman thinking that she is doing the right thing.

Most men will not tell you ‘the woman’ that they are losing interest in the relationship, but with time, their strange attitudes will reveal their hidden motives that they are no more attracted to you or you do not seem attractive to them any longer.

Secondly; because they are seeing someone else out there: When a woman falls short of attention and attraction from her partner, it could mean that the man is seeing someone else who gives him what he want and  he in return derives pleasures and happiness from it.

Every woman wants a happy home but when there is loss of attention and attraction then the home gets broken. When this happens you do not need to worry or panic.

Here, we shall give you the successful tricks and ways to attract your man – husband and gain his attention again.

2. Updating And Upgrading: The mistake many people make and the reasons to why so many marriages fail is due to lack of updating and upgrading oneself.
This in most times happened as a result of ignorance in both men and women in relationships or marriages.

To update ourselves is to discover new trending and recent things going on outside the home; while upgrading is an act of practicing what we have learnt from the outside and introducing it in the home or to our spouse.

3. Learn New Things: Learning new things everyday about our relationship is a powerful tool and ways to reduce or eliminate the rate of irritation or lack of attraction and attention in the home. This is also a way of updating and upgrading oneself.

What are the things we should do to update and upgrade ourselves to attract our husband and again get his attention?

4. Mode Of Dressing: Most ladies and married women lose guard of themselves when they are married compared to how they were in courtship.

Some women now dress old, shabbily and look haggard instead of them to feel free to wear whatever looks nice and fitted on them as they do during courtship with their partners. Some ladies are not conscious of this act while some are.
The bottom line is, looking unkempt leads to irritation to the man because dressing beautifies and makes a woman more charming to her man. Most ladies who do this do not look attractive to their man, neither to themselves.

It is best to learn from what is trending and applying them positively in the home, as this would resolve the lack of attraction and attention.

5. Mode of Communication: Is our mode of communication interesting? This is a question we should ask ourselves, a woman who lacks a good communication skill in a relationship might end up ruining her home herself.

When the topics being discussed at home is usually being repetitive then the whole spark in the relationship leaves and the discussion gets boring.

When I mean repetitive it means; repeating same old story, topic or gist all over again
Most couples like to talk about themselves, their problems, challenges, happiness and sadness rather than giving a listening ear to their partners.

Proper communication makes each partner know from his own end the challenges they face and how they would help or work together to overcome them.

Most men by nature do not like gossip gist even when they claim to be listening, they end up cutting short the conversation as soon as it get too lengthy or boring. However, this does not suggest that men do not listen to gist at all.

6. Observe The Mood: Observing our spouse is one of the best ways to keep a consistent attraction and attention in a relationship. In a relationship, we should always take our time to know what interest our partners or spouses by observation them.

Though, being observant is not an easy task to do but, it is a decision and action worth taking because it helps to make a relationship interesting, fun and meaningful.

Observation on the other hand means taking our time to discover new things about our spouses, to know what they love and what interest them to love it, which makes them get attracted to us in the first place.

For instance, the word we say, when to say them and observing the time that is best to talk or to play with them.

Do they pick up offense easily when we do some certain things? To keep the relationship sparkling, all these are what we ought to observe carefully.

7. Surprises: Always have a way of surprising your spouses with the things that matters or that we might have learnt or discovered. Make an attempt to prepare his favorite food, buy him new stuffs most especially the things that he needs.

8. Attitude: Attitude is one way to determine the length or how far a relationship can go.  Knowing when your spouse is in a good or bad mood is a trick to protect our relationship from falling apart. Study your spouse carefully, know when he his happy or sad, know his favorite mood too when you know this things, it gives you an upper edge in your relationship or marriage.

To make a good home, we need to understand that attraction and attention is the key, evolving and growing with the outside world might be all we need to make a good home.

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