Why Parents Need To Give Their Children A Chance To Speak And Why We Need To Listen

The Reality

It is true that children must listen to their parents, obey them so they can live long to enjoy the fruitfulness of life. This statement is also believed by Christians which they hold strongly to. But does it mean that the parents shouldn’t listen to their children for corrections or suggestions? Is it that the children do not have the right to speak and be listened to? Why is it that some parents believe children’s words are not meaningful to them? And why don’t parents take their children’s words seriously?

This issue has been a waving controversy between parents and their children for decades, which has led to many broken homes, an act where parent disown their children. And here we are to enlighten us on one of the reasons why parents need to give their children a chance to speak and why they need to listen.

Maturity Helps

Although it is normal and right as children to ‘always’ listen to our parents because they know more than we do; they have been in existence before us and we have to accept and acknowledge the fact that they are way exposed and experienced than we are, though not in all cases, because exposure and experience are the basic criteria for maturity and to be matured by age showed how exposed and experienced we are to handling situations and solving them.

Achance to speak motivational quote

So if maturity is not based on age but exposure and experienced then anybody can possess or act maturely. To understand what it means to be matured, we might need to take our time to read on maturity

We are in a world where everything changes and it is by nature we have to adapt to it; because if we do not we may lag behind; by living in our old world, a world where knowledge is outdated and where new ones evolve. So when the world moves we need to move with it.

Presently we are in the 21st century of the cycle of life. We have left the several centuries – the old school days. What we know or do now is totally different from what they did then. It is not advisable to implement a setting of past centuries tactics into the modern world. If we do, we may really have ourselves to blame for our actions. So we need to upgrade by learning from the new world.

Facts Parent And Children Need To Understand

This is one fact parent and children need to understand – It is absolutely right and just for us children to listen to our parents because someday we as children will become parents. This has once applied to our parents, because there was once a time our parents were kids. 

So it’s well and good to listen to our parents so that our own children will listen to us – this is nemesis and karma law of nature: what we have done to others will be done to us. It is hard and slim to escape this especially when dealing with our parents.  What we do to our parents will be done to us.

How true is this? Can this statement be falsified?
YES. It is absolutely true but could also be falsified if and only if we do or choose the right path; this may let us not to listen to them (our parents).
Why should we not listen to our parents?

As it is said, they are smaller gods – “the gods next to God”. Are we not altering the command of God and nature? “No”
We may not alter if we know by intuition with the application of experiences, exposure and common sense. Above, we have made mention of the word maturity, how it is based on experience and exposure. We can still go back to read for more clarification and understanding here

The Lineage Is Traceable

By nature every man is free to decide what and how he wants to live. But since we are under the influence of the guidance of parents, we are sublime to adhere, to listen and learn to do what they say or do – as they serve as our earthly protectors and supervisors. As the proverb goes “Children who do well will be traced from the home they come from and they who do evil will also be traced from the home they come from.

Reason Why Parent Will Never Agree

Number one reason why parent will always teach us everything even when we seem to be right or we can do it on our own is because they don’t want their image to be tarnished and their name to be of evil.

Another reason is parents believe “once a child, always a child”. Our parents have this perception of seeing us as kids even when we might have grown in size and knowledge or even married. Yet, to them, we are still those same kids. Oh! We don’t understand this part, right? We do not need to worry, we will get there sooner or later when we have our own family and kids, then we will understand better.

But Still Do We Really Have To Always Listen To Our Parents?

But still do we have to listen to our parent or believe they are correct at all times? We should always note that we cannot be always right. Nothing and also no one is above knowledge or no one is an island of knowledge.  In this sense we can admit that we or our parents may know better but may not know all. Children may not have the full idea of a thing but at least they know little of a thing. That’s what they know. 

Children’s knowledge should not be neglected and ignored if we truly understand that maturity or knowledge is not by age. Some parents have failed in life because they never listen to their children; likewise some children have also failed because they never listen to their parents. Biblically, it is stated that both parent and children should listen to each other. Colossians 3:20-21 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so they won’t become discouraged. – Biblereason

Though the parent’s verse in the bible may sound superior but that does not say we should not give the kids some chance to exhibit the knowledge they possess by telling us their mind.

However, for both parent and children who want the best in life, we must clearly and carefully understand ourselves, have a peaceful life, family and home.
We must learn to understand our individual self and not let emotions and social influence or our culture, tradition or belief system to affect our reasoning. Perhaps, we may like to read on how our brain could help achieve optimum knowledge.

In conclusion, we children should always listen to our parents because they are our small gods; they came to the world before us and they choose to bring us into the world. They see brighter and clearer than we do and their understanding and experience are wider than ours.

Nevertheless we parent should always try to listen to our children. Though they may be young and may not be experienced than we are, yet we should always remember our children came to this world as our helpers and the help could be in so many ways. It could be intellectually: children of this century are naturally intelligent, so we should have a better way of handling them. 

We should not forget – No one is above learning and we can learn from anyone. Even fools sometimes speak sense. So why ignore our children’s words for a fool. Together both can make life better.

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