Why Gambling Might Not Worth The Risk: A Lead To Addiction

The Risky Implications

Betting can change your life and in a way it can make or mar you. It might eventually worth the risk trying; nevertheless, it comes with its own implications. As we all know everything has its own good and bad sides so as betting or gambling. 

Please Note: Before reading deep into this article, we have to clear some facts here because we are not in any way promoting gambling or betting neither on this platform nor in any way encouraging gambling or betting to anyone. We are only here to enlighten our readers on how betting might eventually change a life for the worse or better, and to create awareness on the advantages and disadvantages of betting. It is all left to the readers to choose for themselves what they want and how they want it. 

What is Betting and Gambling?

First thing we should always have in mind is that gambling or betting is a game mostly between two parties – the gambler and the owner of the company.
Betting is an action of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event. – Google

the habit of risking money on horse races, sports events, etc.: – Dictionary Cambridge 
Betting and gambling is quite different but synonymous if we are to be realistic.
As betting is a process in which an individual place something valuable to get something more valuable by gambling.

On the other hand gambling is an act by which one uses intellectual, psychological and mathematical ideas to foresee and hope something to happen by chance yet  leaving everything to faith.
The process of exchanging something valuable to get more value is called betting.

Is betting worth it?

For decades the debate of gambling has been waving over the air, if gambling is really good or not. Or, is it just a mere scam to get value from people who gamble?
Mostly in the African countries gambling has taken a long stretch and ranking over the years, while some take it as a life time job, some even go further to making it an office work where they make their daily or monthly earnings.

Gambling motivation
When gambling, always remember there is one behind the wheel. – CravingBiz

We may not really blame some people for their actions, since most of the Africa countries specifically Nigeria is not ready to listen to the clamour for change and cries of the masses, basically the young folks, a Nation where people struggle to make a living, a country where poverty has taking away the joy and happiness of many people, people find every means to survive while craving for success, people stay jobless based on unemployment, so therefore, the people, youths and adults take it upon themselves to find a means of survival by involving themselves in gambling.

Is betting an effort of hard work or luck?

Because most African countries are religious countries, it is believed that betting is morally wrong and it is ungodly to those who get involved in it.

As the policy placed on betting in Africa and some other continents brings to stand that betting or gambling is only suitable for people above 18 years of age.

Gambling is a win or lose game with which everyone is familiar with, it is either you win or lose so no long talk about that. But does it mean we put no effort in it?

Gambling is a mental and psychological game that involves the activity of the Brain when we try to predict what is going or about to happen.

It involves straining of the brain to systematically predict with mathematical and logical application of inductive and deductive reasoning to arrive at an indefinite conclusion which is based on assumption. Leaving everything to faith which is by chance or by luck

It takes a cause to happen before an effect takes place, if gamblers don’t predict they might never get results. The result will always be either positive or negative and it is always on probabilities. 

So you might agree with me that it comprises of both hard work and luck at the same time. Since everything in life has its pros and cons that also applies to betting or gambling.


Advantages of Gambling

The only good thing about betting or gambling is winning and you can win big and change your life and story for good, in contrast to this, it can also destroy that same life forever. You may ask how?

Disadvantages of Gambling

Addiction! Addiction!! Addiction!!!
The only time we can enjoy gambling is when we win, apart from that nothing else. The negative side of gambling weighs more. It leads to addiction, confusion, aggressiveness, mood swings, depression and the tension it brings  can eventually cost us our lives if we are not careful enough (death).

Addiction is a powerful syndrome that could be incurable when fully into one’s life. When we are determined and wish to get something in return for the values we offer but could not get it, yet we kept on trying again and again with the little resources or reserve we have, yet gets nothing back in return it results to frustration.

Addiction in gambling has directly and indirectly bettered, destroyed and damage people’s lives by making the rich become poor and the poor become rich. Thereby, the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer.

We have heard about the stories of people who had spent their boss’s money on gambling. Some people bet their house rents even some others use up their school fees, business capital and many more on gambling and at the end they lose it all, taking them back to square one.


The One Behind The Wheel

One thing we should take note of is that as humans every man’s urge for success is high, nobody wants to fail or become a loser, this desire and thoughts also applies to the owner of the gambling station where we go to place our bets. 

Though, gambling is based on luck but they who owns the company will never want to lose so they have their own tricks as well and they try their possible best to manipulate things by turning things around when someone is about to win. 

They sometimes cajole us with some wins but at the long run place the game to the company’s favour. Most times we think we play games but we never knew that it is the other way round.
In conclusion, gambling is what it is, a game of luck, physical work or activity or whatever definition you give it. Since life is full of risk, most people believe the same also applies to gambling. So we need to be wise and make the right decisions for ourselves if we truly want to succeed in life. We should also never forget that – There is always someone behind the wheel who plays us. 

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