Why Fear Leads To Emotional Distress And Disorderliness Against A Successful Life: Monday Motivational Guide

Fear: Monday Motivational

Hello fear, before you sit down in my heart I have something to explain. I have decide not be a slave to you anymore. Sounds courageous right? Only if we can take a bold step.

Being afraid and having the anticipation and expectation of not losing something is also one of the attributes of fear. While we start the first day of the week, Monday, we must try our possible best to eliminate every fear from our mind.


Although as the rate of poverty and unemployment rises we fear not to lose so many things, be it our job, business, investestment and many more of things associated with our personal possessions. We need not to be afraid because fear would never solve a thing, but rather add to our problems. 

Fear motivational Quote

“Life is all about taking risk, if we win, we gain; if we lose we have nothing to lose, because we might lose if we do not take the risk in the first place”. – CravingBiz

Keep Trying And Never Give Up

All we need to do is to take a bold step towards our problem by challenging our challenges and keep trying to make things better. We have a great result and achieve more when we do not give up. If we give up we will get no result but stay stagnant howbeit, no one wishes to remain stagnant. Do not give up but keep trying until something positive happens.

How Fear Leads To Emotional Distress And Disorderliness

Fear is metaphysical; it gives unnecessary tension and torments us mentally and emotionally, leading to emotional distress and disorderliness. Fear toys with us mentally and that is why most people do not have a way of getting over it. Fear sits right there in our heads telling us the opposite of every good thing.

Fear is a feeling connected and embodied with anticipation and expectation of what it is or what is to come upon us.

Fear is the opposite of courage and it is characterized with the act of not getting things done as it should be because of our lack of courage. Fear could be pictured to be a natural disaster on man, it mostly affect those who strongly crave to be successful because it makes them get scared of the most important things.

Fear is that which could in every way leads to emotional distress and disorderliness in people who crave for success. So many people have failed in life because they fear to lose. Yet the question remains this, if we do not take a step towards failure how then can we succeed while craving for success?

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The Connection Between Failure And Success

Failure and success are two opposite things, but yet connected. Those who desire to be successful must have the instinct that they might fail or succeed before they give it a try. Trying in itself holds the power to how successful we could become. 

The moment we take a courageous step is when fear comes into play. When we are afraid of something we forget how successful we might become, at that point we do not fear about the success rate but we rather fear about how disastrous we might lose.

Man only likes to count his troubles; he does not calculate his happiness.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The above statement is true because as a result of fear, when we face challenges we tend to forget the good things life has given to us but we focus more on the problems ahead of us and how to solve them.

This stands disturbing while it in turn affects us mentally and it leads to emotional distress and disorderliness. In taking a bold step we might not want to lose everything we have worked so hard for but at the same time we will also not move forward if we do not take a courageous step forward.

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