Why Do People Keep Hating Us For Our Achievements

Peoples action And The value We create

At times, it is actually natural for people to hate us for no reason. After all, what is the purpose of having or achieving everything without impacting a life positively? That impartation is what is referred to as value.

 At a certain point in time people will surely hate us for no reason at all, perhaps for the success we have achieved and this type of attitude is one that is deeply rooted in jealously and a deep seated animosity. These things are normal happenings, but the question is how many people love us for what we are, what we do and for what we have become?

However, this is for those who envy people whose status is above theirs and those who mock or reject people below their standard “Be careful and watchful, for the God who created the poor is the same that created the rich”. If you are currently in a high position do not misuse it nor take advantage of the less privileged. Time and chance happens to us all, but somehow someday the table may turn.

Achievement Quote
It is good when we make significant achievements in life, likewise when we are successful at what we do, for that, many people will respect us for who we are, we will as well have authority over almost everything that we aim for. 

At this stage fame is just a step away from us. These are good signs and achievements which in turn gives us fulfilment and happiness.But the question remains, why and how do people keep hating us for all of our achievements?

Is It That They Are Jealous Of Our Success Or Achievements Or What?

Firstly, we should know that everybody cannot be happy with us even if we have a hundred percent all loving and positive attitudes. 

Yet, we should also understand that most people who hate us must definitely have a reason for doing so – if not all of them few would surely do. Then again, it sounds problematic if they all don’t have a reason for hating on us.

Achievements Without A Positive Impact On People Is Hell

This is the biggest and greatest test of all. Naturally, every man is egoistic in nature; we keep craving for more and never seem to get satisfied. But what is the benefit of having all without having any? This statement might sound confusing but let us break it down: we know within ourselves that every material things of this world are useless at a certain point, and there will surely be a day when it would all be taken away from us (The personality of Death). 

So, what is it that we are working for or keeping, when at the end we are not taking its possession forever. Everything is just about human vanities. We seem to be chasing after shadows and yet, at the aftermath of it all still we have nothing to show forth.  It would also be painful to know that everything we have ever toiled and worked for are meant for someone else (inherited). 

Those who may not even know how hard we have suffered to get and achieve those things. Bitterly speaking, it is so sad that this our very body, which we take good care of, wear expensive perfumes and clothes on, and eat good foods to maintain will wear out and decay someday when it is finally committed to the ground. In this regard, why not invest and make positive impacts in peoples life while you are yet alive. Moreover, this world is not our home we are just passing through, so why not let us make impact in peoples life.

Now that God has blessed us and we are blessed and successful at what we do, the question we should ask ourselves is, with the success that we have achieved, what are the positive impacts we have made in people whose status are below us?
As we speak, millions of people are hungry and homeless around the world and it is of no doubt that hundreds of thousands of people around us are hungry and homeless as well. So should that in a way make them happy with us? 

However it is best advised that we should not do things that is beyond our capability. This is the logic, help people who we can and help them in the proper way, It is not possible to help all people but it is important to help at least a few according to our capacity.

Money Or Value: A Reason Why People Will Keep Loving Or Hate You

One of the basic reasons why people will keep hating us for our success and achievements is because of the values we create in ourselves by helping others. Most people do not know that the more we add values or impact peoples life the more we add values to ourselves too. Everything is not about money, our worth or net worth, or the properties we have acquired but it is about the values we have created in people and the happiness that we derive from helping others who are in need.

In conclusion, Happiness is related to fulfilment and only when we are happy we can be fulfilled. The greatest fulfilment in life is when we reach out to help others. Everybody can not be the same or have the same attitude but it is most important that we do the right thing at the right time. It is sad that even when we do the right thing not everyone would still love us but when the ratio of people who loves us is relatively beyond those who do not, then at that very point we can be bold to say we are fulfilled.

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