Why It Is Best To Marry Your Best Friends To Avoid Mounted Pressure

The Right Choice To Marry

While craving for happiness, marriage is a biz (business) we should invest in. In the recent years, it is so painful to see so many failed marriages and relationships breaking away. People have fallen into a problem or the other in marriages that they never signed up for, and there are so many broken homes today because people get married to incompatible partners.


The decision of choosing a right partner has also lead people into the wrong homes and marriages, and this has also been a long time tricky decision in the heart of people who are into or outside a relationship. Here we will discuss why choosing our best friend serves as the best choice in marriage, to overcome mounted pressures.

Marriage As We Know It

The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman). – Google

Marriage stands as an engagement between two different person from different homes. They come together as one family not fully aware of each other’s flaws until the relationship progresses.

One thing we should also understand before we discuss on why best friend serves as the right choice to marry is that marriage is not for everyone, though it is mandatory to get married as religious beliefs and the society pressures   mount on us strongly.

Marriage is an everlasting engagement between two people and it is believed to be a lifetime commitment to our partners, as it is a sacrifice and a duty, thereby, getting into it comes with a price.

The truth remains that marriages are not what we think they are, because lots of people tend to make the wrong choices in choosing their partners. This could be as a result of social, family, or peer pressures. Many of us want to get married as soon as we can to avoid humiliationfrom the outer world.

Many people are already into horrible relationship soon before they realise that they had made the biggest mistakes of their lives. In this regard, they try to endure the pains they face in their marriages. 

In spite of that, we may ask ourselves this question;

Who is a marriage meant for?

As it is said that “the race is not for the swift but to those who apply wisdom in whatever they do”. Since we know that marriage is everlasting and couples have to stick together as one, then with this information, we must not rush into marriages even if people mount pressures on us to do so.

Bolt and nut are two different parts but yet fit into each other perfectly. Relationship can’t be perfect, one side could either be the bolt and the other the nut, with understanding, believe and trust you can fit in and fix your problems.

The Things We Must Know Before Getting Married

Marriage Is Not For BoysSome women seem to be overly excited when they are celebrating their wedding but they face an entirely different problem when they get married. Why so? Because they get to know they married a boy and not a man.

Who Is A Man?

A man is he who starts a thing and by all means and ways finishes what he has started. This means that a man is he who can always accept responsibilities and by all means find a solution to it. A man or husband who does not possess this attribute is definitely a boy.

Marriage Is About Maturity Not Age: Age and maturity are two different things. For better understanding read on Maturity In Marriage.

Marriages Can Never Be Perfect: It involves two imperfect people in a Union. We cannot get perfection from anything, since the world itself is not perfect, only God is. Relationships or marriages can never be perfect but they can be balanced, if managed well.  

The spouses are two opposite sex from different homes, so the tendency of them to understand each other to the fullest is slim because of individual preferences.

An intimate understanding and maturity is the key. This leads us to why getting married to our best friend serves as the right choice in a marriage.

Best Friends As The Right Choice

The intimacy and the connection between to lovers who are best of friends are so tight and deep that often times they seem inseparable because of the tight bond between them as friends.

Best Friends Tell Themselves Almost Everything: Best friends hardly hide things from themselves, they share almost the same goal and vision

They see   challenges’ coming before it gets to them. As. best of friends, it is easier to know the mind of our spouse or what they are capable of doing than one who is not.

Trust: A relationship where trust is not the bases is empty and powerless.
What then is trust? This is the hope to believe what it is or what is not, it is the map that guides every action or decision we take, it also serves as a watchdog in every relationship, and it is relationship in itself.
We should also understand that in a relationship we will always have individual differences. We should take note that these differences are what makes life and the subject of relationships fun and an interesting one. In relationships, iron sharpens iron and that is why marriage is not for kids but for people who understand what maturity is.

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