Value: A Powerful Tool To Outshine Failure

Values Over Failure

In the world today, many people want and wish to be successful. They become more stirred up to this wish when looking up to some of the great people who inspire them. Everybody wants to be great and seriously have the desire to meet up to life expectations. People with such expectations must understand that value is one of the most powerful tools to outshine failure.

While some people dream of becoming a business man, while others  entrepreneurs and so on, Some others are more of thinkers, aspiring to be like any of the great inventors in the world such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and many more of their contemporaries.

However, it is inherent that every man is filled with a desire, a dream of becoming something special that they think they could become. From our childhood we in a way or the other had a dream of becoming a successful person, be it a Banker, Lawyer, Doctor, business man, an entrepreneur, and so on.

Our mindset is to work hard, go to school, and study hard to become what we have always wished to be. To some it works well as planned, while to others, it doesn’t really go as smooth as they think. For what reason? Because life is full of ups and downs, what is easy for a person might be difficult for another?

The bitter truth is that everybody can’t be a success or get whatever they want at the beck of their call. But you can as well be fulfilled, only if you understand the power of value; A powerful tool to outshine failure.

Value is a powerful tool that most great people admire above other things. In consideration of a gathering where knowledge is prominent


What exactly is Value?

It is an importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Value determines and evaluates, it also estimate, appraise or gives merit to something. Let us note that value at all times appreciates.

When something is of value, it means it is of use, worth and important. It simply means sensible or sensibility, adored, cherished, significant, respected, applaud, commendable, appreciated, accredited, honored, appraised and also highly rated by someone or people.

Value is a powerful tool that most great people admire above other things. In consideration of a gathering where knowledge is prominent for example, it is noticeable that they don’t just talk but discuss about the importance of a thing and how it can help to add values to whatever they do so it would appear more relevant.

When you give a foolish man a stone, he throws it away; but when you give a wise man a stone, he doesn’t throw it away, he will not rest, until he knows the worth or value of the stone. – So does value. When people see the values we possess and know our worth, they keep us and will never let us go, they will appreciate our works and respect us for who we are.

How Do We Acquire Values

Value is a powerful tool which triumphs over failure. Value is not about money or material things – it is about the wisdom we possess and the application of knowledge we employ to understand it. It is sometimes called the application of (common sense) to things.

As some people would say “common sense is not common”. However, most people often think that the word common sense is something simple like the phrase itself, but it is not. Concisely stating, common sense is a way deeper beyond people’s knowledge, it can’t be actualize by knowledge alone. It is subjected to wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Imagine a building under construction, the value of the building is determined by the stage at which the building is, if the building is on foundation level the value would be different from that of a building which is half way completed. In this manner, a completed building would also be worth more than the aforementioned. This is how value works.
The more we keep adding values to ourselves the more accredited or respected we would become.

How Do We Add Values To Ourselves?

The first way to add value to oneself is through;
  1. Self-discovery: One of the greatest philosophers once said “An unexamined Life is not worth living. This means, a life which is not well discovered isn’t worth a life. Every man should have what he lives for. It has to have a life with purpose, dream, mission and vision accompanied with plans and strategies to achieving a goal. Any man who does not have these things truly does not worth existing. Nevertheless, some people are not able to possess these qualities but still live; yes they will but they are chained to an unfulfilled life. “I wonder how a car without the tyres would move” so firstly, self-discovery is really Paramount.
  2. Work on Yourself: Work on yourself by doing things that interests you, do things that gives you utmost joy and happiness. We all know “good things do not come easy”, but what matters most is when we do things that we know we are really good at, not something that is forced on rather something that comes right from our heart. And when we are doing those things, we should always remember that “something worth doing is worth doing well” take your time and do it well.
  3. Fail to Fall but Fall to Fail: I call this (FTF), things may never come easy, especially at the starting point. People might mock us, embarrass us, insult us, and even our families and loved ones may leave and ignore us, but what we should always remember is that “great people once started small”  The inception of our lives might never be rosy, it would take time but at the end, it will surely end in success. We can fail to fall but never fall to fail.
  4. Never Give Up: Giving up is not a solution to a problem but a problem in itself. It makes us feel relaxed while the worse awaits us. So giving up is not an option to succeed in life, we need to keep trying until we make positive impacts.

On the closing part, Value is an everlasting possession and it is one thing we humans cannot afford not to have, because it is worth more than silver, gold or any material things of the world. When you have it, then it is yours but when you do not, you envy those who have it. So why not take your time at this time you read this article to have a positive review of the meaning value will add to your life, instead of you being a slave in disguise to others who have them. It is not too late to make things right, age does not deprive you from creating value to oneself but it is better to create it as early as possible and the beauty of value is in its being   infinite. As long as we live, we can always acquire more of it.

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