The 30 Seconds Man

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When we say a 30 seconds man, our minds may have been thinking otherwise. The 30 seconds man cannot do anything without procrastinating. Note: When we refer to man it could be any gender.

He beats around the bush without any specific direction. What is meant by this statement is a man who has the ability to do something but does not have the capability of getting it done.
A man who wish to be a particular person or achieve a particular goal but inactive to get it done. He who has the strength or ability to do something but does not have or understands the bases of such thing which makes him to keep failing. Are you that person?
Why Are Some People Like This?

You may want to know why some people are like this.

It is not most people’s fault to be like this or to find themselves in this kind of situation; most times some persons are not able to achieve more from life. Since we are humans, we are filled with individual differences and these differences signify our weaknesses and strengths. One person may be good at something while the other may not have any idea or understanding about such thing. While some people are divinely gifted or talented, some are not. While some people get their job or assignments done in a twinkle of an eye, some people could take forever to finish or get it done.

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Most times, these are not individual’s fault but a natural curse upon humanity. Since nature chooses at random who to bless or curse, the blessing could fall on anyone; while it falls in abundance to one person, another may have a little share of the same blessing while some are unlucky to not get any.

Nevertheless, this is not what we are driving at. Our focus is why a man can’t do nothing but fail. Success is every man’s desire and it is a race every man run in life for him to be fulfilled. However, while craving for success most people lose sight of their dream because they most times become overwhelmed by the challenges before them.

In the process, some give up on themselves while some focus on irrelevant things. They get carried away by distraction of life forgetting their purpose and dream. While some other people try but keep failing due to the obstacles they face and could not overcome. Are you one of these categories of people?
If YES, congratulations. Why being congratulated? Because by believing, we can still make a difference.
One thing we should note about a 30 seconds man is that most of them don’t have a purpose, plan, dream or vision. They just beat around the bush heading to no direction.

A life without purpose is useless and meaningless. When there is no purpose then one cannot have a clear vision, dream or plan for himself. As Socrates, one of the greatest philosopher of all-time once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”, which means that a life without no purpose, plan, vision or dream is not worth living or in short is dead.
However, there are some people who are full of purpose, dreams, vision and more but still end up getting nothing out of life. Some who have these things may not put an effort in trying to make a difference or give their life a better meaning. They just live life as it comes.
For those who have the opportunity to have a vision, their plans are distorted by some of the following weaknesses:
  1. Procrastination
  2. Stay away from fake friends
  3. Humiliation
  4. Inferiority complex
  5. Lack of contentment
  6. Discrimination
  7. Inability to try again
  8. They lack the criteria for success
  9. They couldn’t take risk

These are some of the weaknesses of people who are called the 30 seconds men. We believe this is a problem we may not be able to share with anyone but ourselves.

As a saying goes “the moment you realise you have a problem, and you could identify what is the cause of the problem, then there is a high tendency of getting a solution to it.  But a problem which is hidden will stay hidden. So let’s put it upon ourselves to check above to see if we can find one or two of our weaknesses. Perhaps when we read and meditate on them we might find a suitable solution to our problems or challenges.

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