Social Media Attack: 6 Techniques To Follow To Avoid Your Account Being Hacked

Social Media Attack

Social media has always been a platform for communication and where information are sourced through the internet with the use of our smart phones and other internet enable gadgets. The problem of peoples social media account being hacked has become a waving challenge for years now and that brings us to the techniques or ways to avoid been hacked by hackers.

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Ever been hacked on the social media before? Here we shall discuss on how to prevent being hacked from our smart phones and computers and the steps to avoid by saving ourselves from getting hacked.

Since humans have basically shifted their attention from sourcing and passing information whether through the physical or oral means, the social media has since then being the number one platform where information and communication are sourced, since it is faster and easier to get from there.

What is social media?

Social media as it name implies, is a web application where we interact and communicate to get information through post, comments and sharing. It is an advanced way of being social through Facebook, twitter, snapchat, WhatsApp and many other platforms as such.

 Our privacy

Social media nowadays is now likely to be a home where a lot of people trust to be their comfort zone where they can keep their personal and private information including; date of birth, state of origin,  gender, home addresses, mobile numbers, schools attended, place of work and many more.

All these vital information are always asked by most social media while we are signing up for an account or after signing in.

“On the 5th of September 2019 it was confirmed “Unsecured Facebook Databases Leak Data Of 419 Million Users” – according to Forbes
The rate at which our information and privacy is leaked out has become very alarming and this needs a wakeup call to be addressed. At a time we have our accounts secured, the next minute we see that the same account has being hacked and leaked out to the public.

 Cloned Account

What is a cloned account? A cloned account is an account that has been duplicated from the original source to which it was genetically identical. In a nutshell, a clone is a generic product or a product produced and copied from the original.

HOAX: If you get this message on Facebook, do not forward. This message is a hoax that is being spread around. You did not send anyone a friend request. It is not a real message.

— Leah Shields (@LeahShieldsWPSD) October 7, 2018

There are many products online that are generic in nature which can be referred to as a cloned product, most of these products are always cheap and affordable but they are not of the same quality with the original product.

 And Why Is Our Account Cloned?

Before we go into details on reasons why our account are being hacked and the techniques or ways to avoid been hacked by hackers, we shall discuss on what account cloning is.

Cloning of account involves a special techniques and skills from an expert who target his prey or victim’s account by tapping and duplicating every piece of information in the victim’s account.
If you noticed that  you received a friend request from someone who you have once accepted a request from, there is a high probablity that your friends account has been cloned and if your friend also finds out that you send them a new friend requests without you sending any, then your account has been cloned as well.

 Why is your account cloned?

Since we are dealing with information here, and we all know that information is vital; hackers take this information and used them to their own advantage by cloning as many accounts as possible.

It is not surprising that almost everybody has seen a sign of an account being cloned as stated above. Often times most of us have accepted hackers friend request unknowingly without understanding the implications attached to it.
But do not worry; we will explain the implications of accepting a friend request from a cloned account.


The first thing we should know is that cloned accounts are directly from hackers who get information to get more information and most times converting such information into money for their own interest.

But does the cloned account which we have accepted affect us who accepted the request?

And if our accounts are cloned does that mean we cannot use the account again and what effect will it have upon us?


The One Who Accepted A Request Friend A Cloned Account:

The good news is that when you accept such a request from such an account, it does not mean that your account is or would be hacked.

We should note that scammers are everywhere hence; we have to be very careful and vigilant of what we do and how we use the social media as a tool of communicating and sourcing for information.
When an account is cloned,  be it a Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, telegram, twitter or any other account, the hacker who cloned the account sends you a request so as to communicate to your account as your friends account who was cloned.

Consequently, after you have accepted the request the hacker who cloned the account tend to forward a message to your account who has accepted the request, these messages may be in any form.

Most times the hacker requests for assistance to get more information from us, it may be any form of assistant though; they could send us a message convincing us to forward it to our other friends and relatives. In most times these messages comes in form of links to eventually hack other people’s account.

 The One whose account was cloned:

The bad effect of this is that, since the hackers aim is to get information from the account which was cloned then if our account is cloned our information such as privacy are not safe but that doesn’t mean we cannot have access to the account.


Measures To Take

The best thing is to report the account to the service providers in the settings of each social media account that we may have notice someone has cloned.

Let us now discuss on how to prevent being hacked from our smart phones and computers and the steps to avoid by saving ourselves from getting hacked.

Hundreds and thousands of social media accounts are being hacked each day; this is social media attack.

The Six Techniques To Avoid By Saving Your Accounts From Being Hacked.


The first reason why social media’s accounts are been hacked is because we wanted it to be hacked: actually no one wants their accounts to be hacked by hackers, but the fact remains that we are ignorant of protecting our accounts from being hacked.

Ignorance is the first weakness hacker’s use in getting into us; most people are careless when it comes to their privacy and information they store online. When we are ignorant of what we should do and why we should do them we give predators a higher chance of getting into our privacy.


Techniques To Use To Save Your Account From Being Hacked

  1. Never Login through Peoples Device: Never try to login into any of your social media accounts through other people’s smart phones and computers without login out, because this gives other people access to your account indirectly, as you are vulnerable to attack.
  2. Avoid Saving Password On Chrome And Any Other Browser: Saving your password on your device is good and also risky at the same time. If you are the type who gives your phone out to people to use as good Samaritan then avoid it, because most people out there are predators looking for preys to feed on.They call themselves friends but they are nothing but fake friends. So avoid giving your devices out because passwords are easy to access through most browsers.
  3. Use Case Sensitive Password: people choose to ignore this most times when opening a new account or while resetting their account passwords even when the service providers prompt them to do so.Case sensitive passwords are very important in keeping your accounts save. How does case sensitive password look like? CraViNgBiZ04. This is an example of a case sensitive password.
  4. Constantly Change Your Password: Most people do not change their password at all, it is best to keep changing your password at all times at least every 3-6 months. By doing this, the probability of your account being hack is almost zero.
  5. Trust No One: Most people trust people they ought to have fled away from, this people are fakers who pretend to be real.They come into our lives to get information we possess, access them and then use them to their own advantage. It could be anyone though, even your loved ones. 

So be careful who you give your personal information to, to avoid your account being hacked by becoming a victim to hackers.
In one way or the other we have covered the techniques to avoid your social media account from being hacked. We encourage us to follow these techniques strictly so as not to not fall victim.

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