Why Shyness Is A Major Set Back That Hinder Progress in Life

Why Being Shy Is A Major Setback

As it is generally known that the opposite of shyness is boldness, while boldness shows an act of being courageous to face almost everything that comes our way, shyness is the opposite of. being shy could at times be an act of fear leading to a major setback that hinder progress in fulfilled life

“Shyness remains a silent killer to every man who wants  to progress in life”

To live a successful life is to be fulfilled. When we are shy of something we often get nervous and if proper care is not taken we may end up losing focus of our pursuit. Shyness is a weakness that could detain a person’s progress while craving for success.

However, success in life does not in anyways permit shyness or fear, because people who are successful in life do away with being shy but they rather face everything they have to do with boldness.

Although it is normal to be shy at times, especially for people who are introverted in nature but then, shyness creates a set back to us in different ways. We will discuss that in this article.

Shyness may set us back in different ways among other ways are in:

  • Business
  • Education and
  • Personal Set Back

Business Set Back – Being shy is associated with fear and fear is capable of hindering our success and progress in life. There is no way we can forge ahead in life if we let shyness set in into our businesses or occupations. 

Let’s imagine a situation when we have to meet with some board of directors while we have to present a speech to get a contract.
If we are the shy type and at that time allows the shyness to take over us, then fear automatically sets in. 

When we fear there is a high tendency that we may end up losing the contract or job we pursue.

So in any case, it is wise to eliminate any sort of fear when making decisions in our businesses. Great people do not allow fear to get into them even when shyness seem to set in.

A person like Steve Jobs never allowed shyness to influence him when he was selling his ideas to people, he was not shy to face the crowd or people who are more influential than he is, instead he took the courage to do the needful and he did not shy away from responsivities to get the job done.
We have to make a choice to succeed in life and also stop shying away from doing things.

Educational Set Back – Many students lack the academic knowledge mainly because they are shy to ask their fellow students or lecturers on how things are done.

Shyness in this situation stands as a silly act because it makes us childlike and it also restrains us from doing what we ought to do thereby, setting us back from reaching our potentials.

Shyness sets a student apart from other students; Such a student might be brilliant but lack crucial and vital information, based on the fact that he is shy.
Personal And Relationship Set Back: This could also be in so many ways; it may be in our relationship status or career pursuits. 
To reach a certain height in life we need to set aside fear and learn to be courageous in everything we do. 

The fact remains that most people especially the ladies or women do not like it when someone shys away from doing things.

They most times come to the conclusion that men are not capable of handling or protecting them and often times some of them reject shy men who propose to them for a relationship.

How to Overcome Shyness

We should always understand that being shy is never a solution. The way to overcome shyness is when we keep up the act of courage and how do we come about this?

By believing in ourselves:

We must set our minds straight and focus on what we really want. When we believe that what we are pursuing is more important than the obstacles we are about to face, it in turns gives us an upper edge against anything.

We must always believe that the people we come across are just humans like we are and they are not in any way different from us. Though sometimes heights, sizes colours, races or class status might set us apart from others but this is not enough reason to define who we are or what we are capable of doing.

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