Satisfaction And Sacrifice: A Top Criteria For Happiness

Criteria For Happiness

The basic truth is that everybody wants to be happy or find happiness in life. It is of no doubt that happiness is free and can be built within oneself, it is also easy to get or acquired yet it can be compromised. 

We shall center our discussion on what happiness is and satisfaction and sacrifices as the top two criteria for it.

Happiness is an endless feeling of joy in every living creature on earth, but it all depends on our individual perception of what we think happiness is. Happiness is within us, yes! Within us. 

Because we are full of different opinions and we all have preferences, also our views on life matters are not the same. Therefore, it is most likely that our definition of happiness differs from one another.

As the saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison” so does it applies to happiness. What you view as happiness could be a total sadness to another, but generally happiness is a feeling borne out of excitement and joy or even the pleasure we derive from a thing. Happiness is a feeling that birth hope and possibilities.

Quote on Happiness

In the race of life, while our ultimate goal is the urge, desire or craves for success, the end result of it all is to derive happiness in whatever we do or aim to achieve.

Happiness goes a long way and it plays a major role in our lives as it is the only way and signifier that shows other people how fulfilled or how successful we have become and to what extent our achievement is.

Happiness is life; It is the only reason for human existence, for it is attached to every achievement of life. Happiness can also be related to success because it is only when we are successful that we can be happy. 

Consider a scenario where you get all you ever wanted at the beck of your call, at this point, I doubt if you will ever be sad in such a state. While on the other hand sadness seems to be the opposite of failure.

There is often a feeling of sadness that we have when we fail in doing things that we have always wanted to do.

Moreover, failure is not the end of a thing but the hope of a better tomorrow. So then, when we fail we need not to give up since the ultimate reason why we fail is to succeed and that is where the true happiness lies; In success.

All we have to do is to start all over again and never get tired of trying until we make things right.

How does satisfaction and sacrifice makes up the top criteria for happiness?

Sacrifice goes a long way in our lives, since everything in life is full of risk so as the world we live in. At times, It is worth sacrificing everything to get the best out of life. 

A box full of some certain amount of money can not contain anything else unless we exchange some to get more or give some out to get more space for other things to fit in the bag. This is how sacrifice is. 

It is only when you give you receive and only when you receive it is given back to you”.

Happiness is more or less of a way of adding more value to our lives. Happiness does not just come, it is a choice we create it. 

We do this by getting what we want or desire and we pursue it until it becomes ours. When we do this, we are taking a risk and that risk in turn is a sacrifice paid for whatever value we derive that in turn results to happiness.

How do satisfaction and satisfied make up the top criteria for happiness?

It is only when we are satisfied with whatever sacrifices we make in life that we derive happiness. Happiness is eternal, it goes beyond the physical – (metaphysical)

In its entirety, satisfaction gives us happiness. When we are not satisfied it means we are not fulfilled and when we are not fulfilled we definitely can not be happy. 

Life has an end, sooner or later we have to leave the world we find ourselves. From the very moment we were born into the world the desire to get the best out of life is what we all pictured and focus on with the right mindset and a clear purpose dream and vision to help accomplish our aim.

“Whenever I die, my heart should not lament rather my pumper should feel enchanted like a young kid getting allayed by every miniscule pleasure. That feel, that heaven of satisfaction that I would be experiencing on my death bed will be a great achievement for me.“ – Kanak Rathore – Quora 

In conclusion: At the end of every race of life and at the point of death the sacrifices we have made to make things or other people better and how satisfied we are to be fulfilled are the two major criteria for happiness. These are the thoughts which will always pop in through our mind if we have actually lived right or wrong.

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