Positivity in Your Thoughts: Monday Motivational

Monday Positivity

Positivity has to do with focus, when we are focused we will always stay positive. Believe me this is the best way to quick start a brand new week. Particularly Monday being the first day of the week.

while craving for success, as any other day comes with challenges, Monday seems not to be exempted, in fact Monday being the first day of every week makes it more challenging than any other days.

However, we have to stay positive and pragmatic by bringing out the best in us and having the right attitude towards every challenges that might come our way. Though it is normal that challenges will come but with time, things will change for the better. Often times it is very difficult to have a plan and execute them, most especially the big ones.
We should always take it upon ourselves to elevate our spiritsby staying positive. We should also make a conscious preparation to face any challenges that comes our way, since life is full of the good and evil which are contradictory.
Nonetheless, when we stay positive and focused all will seem easy. We should learn not to look at our mistakes, nor let the mistakes we have made in the past affect how we live presently, no matter how rough it seems, we must always think positively at every stage of our lives.
Being positive brings confidence, perseverance, consistency, results and many more. 

Stay positive and flee from fake friends who do not add value to your life, friends who are not optimistic in their thoughts.
The experience we had yesterday is not likely to determine today’s experience, neither does our background predicts our future. Be positive in thinking and in the actions you take.
Enjoy what you do and never feel inferior. Most people give up on themselves because of inferiority complex.
They felt that they can’t meet up to other people’s standard. They become excessively isolated in their own thoughts and differentiate themselves from others by saying “I can’t meet up, I can’t get there, I am not of their standard’.
Effects of Negative Thinking
When we feel that we cannot do something, such feeling automatically makes us not able to do it; It thereby decreases our confidence in ourselves. A feeling of inferiority complex makes us give up; it enslaves us and sometimes makes us a coward.
Inferiority complex coupled with laziness makes a man impotent of the potentials he carries and that makes him a total failure.
No matter the differences in size, weight, height, level, physique, age, gender, wealth or achievement of any person we come across we must never feel inferior because it makes us weak and hinders us from what we ought to be.
It is natural for Monday being the first day of the week to appear challenging and stressful but putting in the right attitude with a face full of smile, possibilities and positivity could make us achieve more with lesser or no stress at all.
 Always think positively….

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