Peer Groups: Reason Why Many Youths Regret Their Teenage Years

Peer Groups: And Teenager’s Regrets

The time as a teenager is one of the most fascinating and enchanting time for all humans. A time when everything looks as we might have planned; a period where everything looks good; and it is also a crucial time where our instincts may lead us to total destruction. This is why we need to enlighten ourselves on peer groups and why teenagers regret their youthful years.

A Time When We Get Distracted By Things

Those things may look enchanting but these are roads to failure. A time which we always have that zeal and the believe that what we do is right; a time where we try to keep secret away from our parents; a time where we think we can carry our own burdens by ourselves; a time when we might think we are enjoying the moment but destroying our future.

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If we are not careful enough peer groups or the friends we keep might lead us to some serious and regrettable acts such as stealing, sexual abuse, violence and many more. We may think we are doing the right thing but at the end we will realise we have taken our own hands to destroy our own future by hurting others.

One way or the other everyone of us have passed through this moment, which we might regret at some point in our lives while some might wish the moment should come again.
A teenage stage is a tender, sensitive period of our lives, where our vision and purpose may be scattered or gathered; it’s a raw period of our lives where the decision we take may affect our future positively or otherwise.
Peer Groups

A peer group is a social group consisting of people who are equal in such respects as age, education or social class. These people usually share a common interest and background. They can also be very diverse, with people from different social and economic backgrounds, race, culture, etc – iitr

Peer Group On Social Life

One of the things that determine how productive or successful or disastrous our teenage life might affect our future are the peer groups we keep.
Since the highest percent of what we do in life is strongly associated with the society we belong, peer group is inevitable for individual lives, this however depends on the environment we find ourselves.

The Bond

Peer groups are related to brotherhood: A state where a bond is formed between one or two persons. Though brotherhood may not in every way share common interest between people, but are bound by love to guide, support and protect each other.

Peer groups are groups of people who share the same interest and are equal in terms of age, class, race etc. Their optimum goal and objective is to achieve a certain height in life. However, peer groups can be formed at early stage of life, and most times gets stronger and deep while in our teenage years.

Enjoy The Moment

This time as a teenager, we enjoy the moment of life as it comes; we make friends and meet new sets of people; we are always eager to know everything; always eager to learn or discover new things. It makes us sensitive, we always want to be free from our parents or guardians. It is of no doubt that teenage experience is a moment we don’t want to leave and a time we never want to let go.

Nevertheless, we need to understand that this time; we need to know what kind of friends to keep and why it is very important to listen to our parent. The moment might feel good and the experience might be overwhelming but it can also be disastrous and full of regrets when we get to a certain point in life.

Life is full of stages while the experience we gather today might be different from that of tomorrow.  We might be thinking we are doing the right thing at the moment but sooner or later we would realize that we are lost and misled by the people we walk with – peer group.

In conclusion, Peer groups can make us better people and can make us to regret everything we have done, achieve or acquired in life by influencing us to things that are unspeakable or acts that are wrong as a result of peer pressure. This is the more reason why we need to listen to our parent or guardian because they have been there before we were born and they have a better knowledge of how life works.

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