One Rule To Win Every Argument

 Never Argue With An Idiot

Argument is a way by which words are exchanged from one person to another in order to get to a final or definite conclusion. Since argument is a way of defense, explanation, or assertion, in a way or the other we have all being in a position of argument with regard to the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves. 

Often times, we fall into arguments when we are not well prepared for it. In this vein, it is natural that we humans love to win in everything we do, regardless of what it is or the situation we are in, even when we are less prepared.

However, it is good and normal to argue as humans but it is bad when we argue blindly or out of context or point.Since we do not think the same way, that shows that we are different and our sense of reasoning are not logically the same. There is a need for us to understand that we can’t know all about things. Therefore, we are limited to knowledge, so when it comes to arguments, correct philosophical method must be applied to arrive at a sound and valid conclusion.

It is true that we cannot be right in all ways and we should also understand that no man is an island of knowledge, in one way or the other each and every one of us are limited to knowledge, there is no one who has an infinite knowledge except our creator, who is all knowing.

As a saying goes thus “where ones knowledge ends is where another person’s knowledge begins” so when arguing we have to understand or take note of these facts because we cannot be right at all  times, everything we do cannot be true without a false truth in it.

One Rule To Win Every Argument – Never Argue With An Idiot

Who is an idiot? An idiot is a stupid person also called a fool.
A silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgement or sense – Dictionary
A person who lacks sense or judgement – British dictionary

Biblical Fact About A Fool

The word fool appears forty times in the ESV version of Proverbs. The ways of the fool are often contrasted with the ways of the wise. In modern usage a “fool” can be a “dupe,” an “ignoramus,” or just a “ridiculous person,” but how is a “fool” defined in Proverbs?  – Gotquestions
Though, it is said that sometimes we should not totally ignore the words of a fool perhaps we might gain a little sense from there. But that does not mean that we should argue with a fool or an idiot.

Walk Away From Unproductive Arguments

Since an idiot lacks common sense, we should first observe such a person. Idiotic people attitudes and characters speaks a lot about them, so it is best to avoid them at the first glance before your conversations result to an argument. Sometimes the appearance and look may not quickly define who an idiot is, we could only realise when we enter into a form of argument with them, when such thing happens, don’t freak out or get scared, at this point, all you need to do is to walk away from any form of argument you find yourself in.

Note that your opponent whom argues with you may not let you leave and could in the process mock or say words that are unpleasant to you; yet, you do not have to freak out, keep and maintain your silence all through the time of argument, then walk away. Walk away from an unproductive argument, it ruins the mind – CravingBiz

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