Meet the Slay Queen Who just repented: A Sunday Motivational

I keep wondering why slaying trends so much that even kids wish to slay if they have the chance to. It is unfortunate that the world has shifted to the extent that everything we see as privacy or pride seems worthless or more or less of no value to people who owns it. Everything has changed and that is why we took it upon our self to write on the the topic: Meet the slay queen who just repented; as this may stands as a Sunday motivational guide.

The ultimate desire of every man in life is to be happy and fulfilled but the road to happiness and fulfilment is so tough and rough; since the world is a complicated world which is full of opposites. Everybody wants to get things done easily with every means they have, which most times result in some sort of violent act.

Have we ever thought this, as a slay queen or as a slay mama, what is the end product of our actions as to derive happiness, success or fulfillment?
As a slay queen, we stick to new and trending things on the net with the suppport of social media platform. We want to feel among; we want to belong to the top class of people who people love to meet just for show off and selling of our bodies and privacy to the internet. 

What have you gained so far?

Well, most people who are into the slaying biz for a very long time could say they have gained one or two things. However, the bitter truth is that slaying mostly involves sexual affair and exposure of sexual and sensitive parts of the body. This happens between two people, in return the slayer gets paid for the services rendered. we might wish to ask ourselves this question.

For many years we have been into this biz, have we thought about it? 

What profit have we really gained from this?

We took the lovely looking hair which God gave us, dyed them into various colors we want. we post half nude pictures of ourselves on social media just to get people’s attention. We create scenes that are unspeakable of, so that they may love and admire us for what we do, not for who we are. What is our gain? We can say we are rich and famous, but still we need to ask ourselves, 

how rich and famous have we become?

Some get daily feeding, some buy expensive cloths, while some cannot even afford to make a standard living from what they do. We may change our wardrobes as many times as we wish, buy expensive things and cars, but have we ask ourselves. How long do or will this last?

How long do or will this last?

Yes, we need to ask ourselves, how long will it last? since nothing last forever; same as you and I, the things we have, the things we keep and what is trending will leave someday while something new will be in vogue as time passes.

Same as our body; our body is just like a burning candle. Someday it will melt and fade away. How we keep our body and to what standard we value it are what makes the difference. When the body we sell to the public via the internet on social media platforms where people give you likes and comments and you get famous fades away. what will be left of us?

Will the people keep remembering us or give us credits for how good we were?

No! Absolutely not! They will surely shift their attention to somebody or something else, then we will realise our time is past and we have wasted the resources we have because we do not understand what it is to be contented with what life gives us

We may say, ‘well, until then, I will still have fun and enjoy my life before all these happens’. Yes, we can. But remember, “we will never understand a problem until the problem gets into us”. What we do now may not matter or count but soon nature and life counts them and our days are always numbered according to what we have done. 

How is this?

This brings us to the very topic of our discussion: The Slay Queen Who just repented.

It is never too late to amend our ways or listen to corrections. However, we should also not forget that every man most reap what he had sowed. Since our actions and deeds counts, we cannot eat our cake and still have it, NO! When we do something good or bad, there is always a reward for it.

The decision to repent is a matter of choice. Repentance is acceptable at any point in time of our lives, but at what point do we choose or wish to repent? Is it when everything is totally destroyed or 

when it is still at a point of repair?

Let check into your lives today, if we are one of the slayers. Has slaying given us the ultimate joy and happiness we desire since when we have been into the biz (business)? We know within ourselves that it cannot. If it hasn’t, then why not switch and find a better thing to do before nemesis catches up with us?

Most of us are influenced by the society we belong and most especially friends, whom we never knew, as most of them are fake friends, which we ought to stay away from.

Sooner or later, we will be of age and be prepared to get married to someone we love. At this point in time, our actions start counting and then the fruit of our labor will be reaped then we may have nowhere to go than to face the consequences.

We should not be surprise that the people who appreciated us for our nakedness and weird life will also be the ones to mock us to our face when the time is due.

We should also never forget that there are some set of people who are looking up to us and want to be like us someday. 

Is this the legacy we want to pass to our next generations and children?

In this very act of slaying, many people who have great potential of becoming successful in life, and who might even change the world for better are dead in the process.

It is not over until it is over; we can still make a turn by changing our stories. We have more purpose in life if we take our time to discover who we are and what we really want in life.

Though everybody cannot be successful in life but since life synchronizes, there is always a bigger chance that we can be successful if we take the right step.

We can always make a difference – Every move counts.

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