Maturity: Number One Factor To Age Barrier In Any Relationship

Dating Someone Older

Dating someone who is older than us is not a problem we should put our mind on but still it stands as a factor and a barrier in any relationship, everything in life (mostly in relationship, dating or marriage) has their own pros and cons and why they lead to break up.

It has been a long and widely argued subject. If it is advisable to go into relationship, dating or even going as far as getting married to someone older than us as been a long and widely argued subject over the years. When we say ‘one older than us’, it could mean a person older or younger than one we want to go into relationship to. It could fall in any of this direction.

We all know age factor is a major factor which affects relationship in this sphere. However, another factor we shall discuss about is maturity and how it affects both partners.

Will Age Affect Relationships

It is widely and commonly said or believed that age is a barrier in any relationship; most people see age difference as a deficiency in a relationship. However, some do not see it this way; some are of the view that age is not a barrier and it does not determine the success or the downfall of any relationship, rather, it could be a source of inspiration and motivation to others who desire to have or finding it difficult to maintain theirs.

Why Do People Get Scared Of Falling Into This Kind Of Relationships
Here we will discuss on the reasons why people get scared of such relationship: Frankly speaking, most people will not want to date someone older than them, this range are between 1 to 3 years. Older relationships range between these years and above. By norms it is believed and not advisable to date or marry someone who is older than us. Because of the barriers in the long run.


To Keep Our Relationship Alive Is All By Maturity

Lack Of Maturity: Maturity is a huge factor that could lead to fear and getting a relationship broken in no time. Maturity is the ability to foresee, know and understand what it is and how things should be done properly and correctly without the help or involvement of a third party. Maturity could also be said as the application of common sense. It involves matured minds and age is not the overall qualification for maturity.

Maturity is The quality or state of being maturemerriam

Then what is maturity if not age?

To be matured comprises of two basic things which are; exposure and experience. A matured person also may not in every way practically experience everything in life but very exposed to those things.

What is exposure in maturity?

Exposure: is an act or ways by which one has gone wide in experiencing something. As we have stated above, exposure is not something we do practically in all cases but something we have learn from experience.

What is Experience?

Experience: as they say “is the best teacher” in life. If we as humans haven’t in one way or the other gained or gathered some experience, it means such a person is going nowhere near success. Experience comes with failure, a lot and lot of challenges; it needs sacrifice and perseverance to learn from experience which makes us responsible.
What is Responsibility?  

Maturity is the ability to take responsibilities: To know something or to fall into good or bad situations and yet take the responsibilities upon ourselves even when we know we are not at fault but our partner is, a form of sacrificial act.

What is Sacrifice?

Maturity As Sacrifice: Most people who are into relationship do not know the power maturity holds. If as a young man dating a lady older than us and vice versa, we have to be matured enough to understand what our spouse needs and how to make sacrifices by letting things go without it getting out of hands or uncontrollable.

How Do We Let Things Go?
Let Things Go: Learn how to let things go by forgiving your spouse if you truly love him or her. Everyone or anybody cannot be perfect or full of perfection, only God is perfect, so why not let issues go and enjoy your relationship. Ladies love and respect man who let things go easily, this is a secret we need to keep in mind with a right or positive attitude towards it.

What is Right Attitude Towards Respect?

Respect: goes a long way as age is not a standard criterion for maturity. If we are in every way older than our spouse, it does not connote that our spouse will respect us. The attitude we possess determines the level of our maturity and how long the relationship would last.

In Conclusion: To keep a relationship is not all about how old we are; it is all about how matured we are. Maturity is not about how old or intelligent a person is or could be but how exposed and experienced a person is to handle such relationship.  Age is not a barrier but it matters sometimes and it is not the criteria for a standard way of handling a relationship.
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