How You Can Become A Better Person Despite Being Jobless

Bringing Out The Best In Yourself

It is naturally a bad thing to be jobless because not engaging in any occupation leads to different negative acts such as depression, mood swing, frustration, humiliation, aggression, inferiority complex and many more. The question now remains; Does joblessness equates to laziness? And how can it make us a better person?

We are aware of the conditions of so many countries across the globe, most especially the African countries.  Nigeria being no exception as unemployment has always been the case study for centuries of years.

Youths are forced to go to colleges and universities as social pressure mount on them to further more on their education, to study a particular course, thereby paying huge sum of money to graduate. Some strive so hard to graduate, yet end up dropping out of the university based on lack of financial support, peer pressure, school pressure and many other factors.

At this point, they have nothing significant to show for it. The number of works and companies available is nothing reasonable to speak of, still thousands of schools produce more graduates every year with nothing to back them up.

We should not tag or address anyone who currently does not have a job as being jobless although sometimes, it could be irritating and frustrating to keep harboring people in our homes became of them being jobless. The reason for this could be as a result of so many things, as some people are willing to work but they could not find a good job whose income could cater for themselves or their family.

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However, some others do not mind getting any job yet, they could not get one. Whereas, some have their jobs but were sacked in the process, while there are some people who are just naturally lazy and they are not willing to work at all. They choose to stay at home or with friends, in the process they constitute nuisance to those who are busy working.

The Result Of Being Jobless

Joblessness could result to mockery and insult. People will always look down on us, tell us horrible things that we do not bargain for, but we have no choice than to hear those insulting words isn’t it?
The question remains constant. How long do we want to remain jobless? Does joblessness means laziness? And how can it make us a better person?

As it is commonly said “An idle hand is the devils workshop” This alone is capable of ruining one’s life if we do not take a deep reflection into our lives.
But how then is it possible for us to get something good from being jobless?  Not currently having a job does not mean that we cannot live a fulfilled life.

Life Takes Turns

“Joblessness does not equate to laziness in all sphere”. Life takes turns, it takes different ways in blessing us and it picks at random whom It blesses, so we been at a particular position does not matter; rather, we should always remember that “If we are so smart why are we not so rich? It turns out to be luck
Nonetheless, if we are of a high social class, we should learn not to look down on anyone and do well to always remember the statement “we rise by lifting others”.
However, this is not where we are heading to. As a proverb says, “the hen that stays alive keeps eats the corn”, this means there is more to life if we do not give up on ourselves.

How do we make things right?

Even when we stay jobless we can still make things right and stand out among our friends and colleagues. You may ask how so?
In school, the things they teach us are written practicals and theories from books, we were never taught how to make money or how to be successful in life. Though, this is nobody’s fault as the system being laid down does not give rooms for such.

However, there is a simple trick that the school system has taught us so far. Some students are conscious of this while some people are oblivious of it. The thought is likely to swing through our mind.

How is the trick used?

The school makes us to understand that value is everything and not necessary the grade that we graduated with. No it is not, but rather the values we were able to gather during the period of years that we have been in school.

What Is The Value?

The value is what we call experience and exposure. How does experience and exposure affects or creates value in us? 

“Values are standards or ideals with which we evaluate actions, people, things, or situations. Beauty, honesty, justice, peace, generosity are all examples of values that many people endorse”.- philosophy

They add values to us consciously or subconsciously, directly or indirectly. It takes the proper use of the brain to figure this out. To learn more about the use of the brain read here
Experience and exposure as it is, is the bases of maturity in anything we do. 

Maturityis not by age; rather, it is by the proper use of the intellectual application to understand and to gather experiences and exposure. So, What Values Have We Created For Ourselves?
A company in this generation will not ask us, what our qualifications can do to help the company? No, they will not, in most cases they would ask us what we can as an individual offer to the company. 

That is it, they do not need our first class grade. All they require from us is the values we can add to the growth and development of the organization, if we are eventually considered. Now we can see how the basis of everything is centered on value as what you can offer.

Valueis so much powerful that it does not need to speak for itself, people will see it in us, and they who value us will never leave us, they will stick to us to the end. The proficiency of our spoken English and how well we write may not stand as the top criteria on how successfulwe could become in life. But the value we gather by experience and exposure are what makes us stand out.
How Do We Get Value For Ourselves?

Self-Discovery And Examination

We need to take our time to reflect on ourselves because an unexamined life is not worth living. We must make it a constant routine to make proper examination of our lives. It is also essential that we must have a purpose, dream and visionin life. We should know what we are good at and what gives us joy and fulfillment

We should  know by now what interests us the most, what we find happiness in as we crave for a successful life, what circle we are in, The kind of people we walk with, how we are influenced with the things around us, and most importantly the kind of friends we keep.

All these are what make us understand the value we have or could create for ourselves. When value is created, it would be more easy and clear to us to know what we are really made of and what we are capable of doing.

At the point, we will not focus on just getting a job but establishing ourselves to what suits us. We should always keep ourselves busy with something that will always bring us income and happiness at the same time, be it a business or by acquiring entrepreneurship skills or anything related.
We should learn to never give up on ourselves because there is more to life than we can ever imagine.

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    I appreciate you sharing this insightful and relatable article. There is a lot of pressure, anxiety, and responsibility associated with losing one’s job. However, I do believe that everything happens for a purpose and that there is always another opportunity accessible. I’m incredibly motivated and inspired to keep going.

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