How Risk Takers Succeed In Their Crave For Success

Since life itself is full of risks then taking risk is worth it after all. Most of the prominent people we often come across today took the risk to become famous. Here, we shall discuss how risk takers succeed while craving for success.  

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Although, while craving for success, it is not advisable to take the risk we know we might eventually regret at the end, because it may affect our future such that we may not have an alternative to get out of the danger we have gotten ourselves into. So, taking risks without caution is a setback to failure.
That can cause us to regret bitterly at the end and we might end up asking ourselves why we took the risk in the first place.
Almost everything in life is associated with taking risk and it is either we take the risk to success or failure. In whichever way the case may be, it is mandatory for us to take risks.
Those who take risks are called risk takers because it takes courage to take risk.
We Will Have To Classify Risk Taking Into Two-Ways
  1. The Simple Risk and
  2. Complex Risk

Simple Risk: These are risks we take on daily bases and oftentimes we are unconscious of such risk. Sleeping, waking up, eating, and drinking, walking, dancing, playing, talking and the likes of it all involves taking risks.
Why so? Because so many people we know and people we do not know have in a way or the other taken the same risk we took but end up losing, because it cost them their lives or other valuable resources they have acquired.
There are some things that we do but we do not count as something risky, we may try them and escape though while some others may try, but become a scapegoat by losing their life or some vital things in their lives. This is how mysterious life is and this is how it works.
In this vein, we can clearly understand what risk is all about and how grace stood for us as we journey through life on our day to day activities, while we stand a chance of grace others do not.
To get a clear knowledge of this, there are three common places we should try considering visiting to get a better understanding of how risky life is and how grace stood for us, which is why we should have more reasons to be grateful in life.
These places are the;
  • Hospitals
  • Prison and mortuaries.

When we take a visit to places like this, we would know how lucky and grateful we are to be alive and be appreciative to God who kept us up till this very moment.
Most times we do think we are smart enough as we escape through escape death but we tend to forget that God’s grace kept us.
We should always be aware that it is not about how smart we are when taking risks, for there are some who are smarter than we are but ended up failing. The irony is that if we eventually succeed, it means it is not yet our time to fail because life has a spectacular way it synchronizes as it blesses some people at some point to succeed while it allows some others to fail.
Take note: It does not mean that those who failed offended God but grace and luck stood against them; however, we should be mindful of how we treat others when life blesses us because it may be their turn tomorrow to be blessed later on as life continually takes turn.
“Therefore it is not about how smart we are but it is all about grace that kept us going”.
The Complex Risk – These are risks taken most times when we are conscious of what we do or about doing. Anybody can take risk, most especially this type of risk. This type of risk taking is so risky because most times we are aware of our next steps.
“Would I rather not fight a war I do not know, but take the risk in fighting a war I know within me that I may not win?” 
“There is always a little ambition in every child which pushes them to take the risk upon themselves to walk, even though they might fall and get hurt, yet they never mind failing a thousand time. What more of us, grown men and women who can do much better.”
This is called a complex risk taking, as it is visible to the eyes and clear to the mind.

Weighing The Risk

There are risks we have to weigh before taking, if it is worth taking or not in order to determine the end product.
Foolish people do not think before they act, wise people do. Why most people fail is because they do not think before they act, thinking involves the proper use of the brain. Whereas some people just act by following their hearts or mind.
Risk taking isn’t about jumping on every opportunity; it’s about taking the right ones. Fully explore all your options before settling on any decision. – entreprenur 
Actually, it is good to follow one’s heart or mind when making decisions, but it is better not to neglect the power of the brain.
It is advisable to rather make use of both than use one.

Nevertheless, using both does not in all ways guarantee success because life has its ways in which it blesses and curses. However, to be on a safer side it is wise to listen to our mind and still make use of our brain in decision making.

Making A Name

Every great person took it upon themselves by taking risks to make a name for themselves by inventing new things. Somebody like Thomas Edison might have been electrocuted when he was about inventing the bulb.
In his fight for freedom, someone like Nelson Mandela might not have  freed the South Africans and make a name for himself and generation to come if he was afraid of taking the risk to free his fellow citizens from slavery. He was imprisoned; lost almost everything he had worked for yet stood on his feet to fight to the end. Now millions of people are benefiting from his good deeds.
Another great man is Socrates who drank amlog poison and died, only to stand by the truth, till the end. His moral teaching continues till this day.
“The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways— I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows.” – Socrates
“Taking risk is a challenge and a battle we ought to fight before the actual risk. Risk taking is more or less risky in itself.”
“We first fight the battles of the mind in making a choice between what is right or wrong before fighting the physical battle.” While we battle with the mind we should keep these two rules in mind

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