How The Path We Choose Determine The Quality Of Our Success

Path To Success

So many have failed; powerful people have fallen. While upcoming people who ought to be at the top have deviated from the path of success by the path they chose, consciously or unconsciouslyMany people have failed because they were led or chose by themselves the path they follow. Here we will look into how the path we choose determines the quality of our success.

Path We Choose Motivation Quote

Everybody is destined to be great no matter the place we come from, our background, race or the society we belong to.

It is by default that everyone of us have a purpose in life and most times the purpose are good. Having a purpose by examining oneself alone cannot guarantee the level or quality of our success. Having a clear vision and dream is one thing while a mission to getting the vision and dreams come into reality is another thing to consider.

Check everywhere around us; it will not take long before you see shattered dreams all around. People are getting frustrated bylife; leading some to suicide, fraud, stealing, crime, and other unspeakable acts. While others pretend everything isfine, they go far to the extent of smiling and making other people happy while inside of them is agony and sorrow. This very set of people are fakers, they pretend andact like everything is fine, they live in two different faces of life.

Factors Which Determines The Path We Choose

The quality of success we acquire is determined by what path we follow in life which is determined by some physical factors such as: the society we belong to, the friends we keep (by staying away from fake friends), home background, peer groups, and what we decide by our own self to become.

We shall discuss on the un-highlighted factors while we can click on the highlighted factors to read on how they could determine the quality of our success in life

Another thing we should always consider or note is this – Nobody can motivate us than ourselves. So how we end up living our lives and the outcome we get and the path we follow greatly determines the quality of our success in life.

How DoesOur Society determine the quality of our success

The society we belong strongly determines the quality of our success based on the path we choose. The world is a world of opposite which make everything complicated and corny; some call it a mad world because of its complexity. However, the society we belong can influence us either positively or negatively. In most cases we always have a limited choice when deciding the path to follow when the society takes its course. The society is a group of people living together to achieve different goals.

The difference in goal is what makes the difference and distinguishes us. The people who made up the society are of different purpose and dreams. There we find the good influencers and the bad ones, but as we have said earlier, “only you can motivate yourself”. At this point in time it is upon us to choose which path we wish to follow. Nevertheless, we should not be mistaken by the people or friends we fall, mingle or relate with as most of us do. They are fakers, they pretend to be what they are not just to influence us to their own interest by diverting our attention away from our plans, dreams and purpose in life.

Home background

Our background or the home we come from also greatly  influences the path we choose in life as it also determines the quality of how successful we can be while craving for success. Who makes the home? It is of no doubt that it is the people who live in the home that makes it up; these people consist of the father, mother and the children.

As they say “charity begins at home”, the home serves as the main channel linking the beginning to the end of every man’s success or achievement. A true leader and a bad leader, or successful and unsuccessful people are traced back to the home they came from. So everything we do in life is always traced back to the home we came from.

However this depends on two major things:
  1. The way we are trained
  2. The way we train ourselves

The Way We Are Trained: It is the duty of our parents or guardians to train their children well in the way that suit them and ways it can add positive impact or influence to the society. Parents or guardians who could not train their children well have in one way or the other failed humanity and the world. The children we brought into the world might be by mistake or not.
The most important thing is that we have brought them to the world so it is our duty to train them right. It is normal for parents and children to have misunderstanding; however, it is proper for both to listen to eachother and to take to corrections. Read more on why parents need to listen to their children.

The Way We Train Ourselves:It is one thing to be trained by our parents or guardians; it is another thing to receive the training; and it is also another thing for us to train ourselves in the positive way of life. Little what parents can do as they come of age and get outdated to the things around them.

We are the ones who go out and see more. So it is our own choice as we have the free will to choose and to decide for ourselves which path we want to follow in life; this choice determines if we are to regret or appreciate life at the end.

Nevertheless, to anyone who has consciously or unconsciously chosen a path that isn’t suitable of adding any value to the world or humanity, it is not too late to turn back and retrace our steps for a better result. We don’t have to give up on ourselves at all. It is never too late until we are late (death). We can always make things right by trying again and not getting tired of trying again.

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