Faker: They Who Call Themselves Friend

Stay Away From Fake Friends – They Are Fakers.

If you find yourself reading this article, we are happy for you because you are not far away from knowing the truth and right about now we are about to shed light on fakers; fake friends we should stay or walk far away from.

There are different kinds of people in the world and many of them are fake. This is the more reason why we should always find a way to stay far away from them. Fake people fake everything about themselves. If it is possible for them to fake life, they would; they are much of pretenders rather than companions. They always pretend they want the best for us but that is always a lie. know more about fake friends and how they mislead.

How Fakers Influence Others

Most times we make wrong associations by making wrong friends – even to the extent of making wrong love affair consciously or unconsciously. The worst of it all is that some people don’t even realize it at all. These set of people or persons are people who don’t really have a deep reflection of their lives; they don’t take their time to examine themselves. 

Some fakers will not hurt us but only want to use us; some friends are bad influence and these are the people we should flee from. Most of us know this people while some of us do not. Bad people are everywhere, good people are few.

Fakers in every way always play to their own advantage. Who cares if one light goes out in the sky when there are millions of stars. Fakers hide under the shadow of real people with good personality.

How To Identify Fakers

  1. They are pest that in every way tries to take chances or any opportunity they see in people.
  2. Fakers love making friends and always want to be known anywhere they are.
  3. They make noise and always want to be noticed; they are empty barrels filled with nothing but in every way they claim they are something.
  4. Fakers are hungry and lazy set of persons that in every way rely on people without the victim knowing what they are doing.
  5. They are cony and always want to have you as friend; they most times go for the weak hearted people who they can easily get into.
  6. They also take their time to figure out people’s problems and weaknesses so they can know their weak point.
  7. Fakers are time wasters – they take your time and waste the most out of it on your way to success. They are full of deceit and ego.
  8. They are dream killers and success delayers – they take their time to take your time. They seize and make use of any advantage they have.
  9. They can be any body; a friend, a brother, a sister, a relative, friends of friends, family members, extended family, teachers, spouses, masters, mentors, pastors, mothers, fathers, advisers and more.
  10. Fakers do not give for free – if they give you a thing they indirectly take three or more things back from you. They most times look like a helper or an assistance to success but check within them you will see they are nothing but pest.
  11. Fakers use us as stepping stones to their own success; they most times come as a support but they are not.

One thing fakers don’t know is that there are things we can always have but cannot keep. You cannot keep for long what is not yours and you cannot hide under the shadows of others forever; sooner or later they will be exposed and when they are, the whole truth they might have been hiding for years will be revealed.

Steps We Should Consider Taking

However, the bitter truth is that when the truth is finally revealed, everything they might have destroyed might not be able to be repaired or might be too late to find solutions to. So it is advisable to always take our time to scan what kind of circle we are in; the kind of people we keep and the friends we keep before it gets too late and when there would not be solutions to the problems.

We need to check deep into our lives and see who is who. Do a good research and get things right before it is too late. You may make your research and find nothing but I tell you – “just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it is not there”. These people are like chameleons – they change all the time. Get them, know them, fish them out because time may not be on our side before everything is taken away from us.

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