6 Amazon Facts: The First beginning

Introduction To Amazon Facts

It is of no doubt that online e-economy business is one of the leading, most profitable and convenient business in the world especially in the 21st century. There are the likes of other top notch e-economy business such as Google, Apple Facebook, Amazon, eBay and many more as well.

1. How Did Amazon Started

When Amazon first launched in 1995 as a website that only sold books, founder Jeff Bezos had a vision for the company’s explosive growth and e-commerce domination. He knew from the very beginning that he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store.” – pulse
It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with GoogleApple, and Facebook. – Wikipedia


2. When did amazon first begin?

 Amazon first began on 5th July 1994, Bellevue, Washington in the United States.

 3. How Did Amazon Got His Name?

Bezos instead named the business after the river reportedly for two reasons. Firstly, to suggest scale (Amazon.com launched with the tagline “Earth’s biggest book store”) and secondly, back then website listings were often alphabetical.

4. The First Book Sale

“Amazon.com sold its first book from Jeff Bezos’ Seattle area garage in July of 1995. The book was Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought”.
During its first month in business, Amazon.com received orders from people in 50 U.S. states and 45 countries across the world.”


5. The Meaning Behind the Amazon.com Logo

Amazon logo free icon
Source – flaticon 
“As you can see in slide two, the Amazon.com logo began as an abstract river design. After a few design changes, in 2000 the logo was re-imagined as the Turner Duckworth design we see today.

In the words of the brand design agency, the smile and arrow says “we are happy to deliver anything, anywhere.”

In an Amazon.com press release from the time, the retailer stated “a smile now begins under the a and ends with a dimple under the z, emphasizing that Amazon offers anything, from A to Z, that customers may be looking to buy online.”

When introduced in the early ’00s, the logo was sometimes animated with the arrow moving under the letters, but it was nixed after some suggested the arrow looked a little, er, phallic”. – mashable.com

6. Jeff Bezos New Invention

It might sound like a mad scientist’s magnum opus, but Amazon.com boss Bezos is currently involved in a project to build a 10,000 YearClock..

The clock will tick once a year, the century hand will advance once every 100 years, and the cuckoo will make an appearance on the millennium.
In Bezos’ own words “It is a special clock designed to be a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking” described as being “of monumental scale” it is being built inside a mountain in West Texas.- mashable.com
The first beginning of everything in life while craving for success in the biz world may look rough and tough but having a positive mindset toward every dream, goal and a clear vision makes it easy to reaching our goal.

We most as well believe in ourselves so as to attain the greatest height in life. There is always a reward in every effort we put in everything we push to succeed, no matter how small we start, every efforts count.

We should also remember; nobody can motivate us more than ourselves, so let us stay motivated and always use this great people like Amazon, Apple and many others as a good example anything we almost fell like giving up on ourselves. Be Motivated

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