Why Scared To Live A Life We Desire

Living A Life We Desire

I keep wondering if there is really a reason for human existence. Why do we exist? If truly life is worth living. At least life should be fair and not to cause us unbearable pain and tears. Even if everyone has a purpose to fulfil in life, it should just come easy rather than having to face many challenges. Life should make us see the reality instead of faking us with illusions.
CravingBiz Motivational Quote: A life we desire
“What love is when life in itself isn’t loving”. – CravingBiz
At some points in time not everyone can say life is fair. Sometimes all life does is to play us like games and perpetually, it does plays to its advantage. Perhaps because we are weak or because we are limited to knowledge.
On the contrary, is it our fault that we are sometimes weak or too blind to see the reality? Or maybe life has programed us in accord to our limitations; we have less or no control over so many things not even ourselves and most especially the personality of death; the worse enemy to mankind, causing a war which every man has been battling to overcome for ages.
Death cuts short man’s destiny. I keep wondering if man for one day can make a decision by himself and be fulfilled without any intervention from external factors.  Can we just make our own plans and fulfil them without having any issue with the fear of death cutting us short? What is the purpose of existence when we are scared to live the life we desire?
Can’t we just have peace for a moment? Can we make our own plans without interference? I have always says this and I will say it again “Our lives are just like leaves which is blown by the wind to any direction, to any direction the wind wishes it blows us, we don’t by any means have a total freewill, almost everything is limited”.

What Baffles Me The Most

What baffles me the most is how life chooses to play us, like a game of chess. Life pushes everything he gave to us, our knowledge and free-wills just become figure heads and camouflage. Deceit is the overall subject to all, no wonder some people call the world a “mad world”.
I wonder what love is when life in itself isn’t loving. Today we smile, tomorrow we cry. Today we see our loved ones, the next minute, they are gone. Today, we prosper the next day we perish. One minute seems peaceful and the other is anguish and war.

Lives under Probability

Could there be an essence of life when there is no hope for tomorrow? This rhetoric question I keep asking myself. Why are we living our lives under probability.  A life where everything is by chance, luck by rate and by ratio, by favorites. The probability to succeed in life is too low to work on, no wonder it is less surprising when people give up on themselves so easily.
It is not that they didn’t give it a try but when we try severally and get no result, we get tired of trying. There is no gainsaying in saying that life is so frustrating at times. Nevertheless, we come into this world be it by chance or whatever it may be, we should learn how to live and flow with the moments.  We should learn to accept what it is and reject what it is not.

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