Why Most Relationships Ends Up In Break Ups


Relationships ends up in break up based on many reasons and factors which may defer from different individuals whether in dating or courtship. Everybody wants to fall or be in love with someone they truly love, a feeling that is beyond comparism. Love does not lie nor fade, it doesn’t discriminate, love  is meant to be sincere and also reliable. However, in this time and age, it is so painful and so alarming to see that relationships are been broken and  drastically falling apart to an excessive degree.

“When you find love, true love I mean,  you surely have found a good thing. It is a feeling so unique that you will always want to keep falling in love the more. – If love were an ocean I would rather fall into it, if it be a fire, I would  burn with it, if it were life I choose to live with it, and if it is death itself, I would rather die with it than live empty “– CravingBiz

CravingBiz Relationship Motivational Quote
Love is that which makes us have faith in what we see and it gives us hope that better days are  to come, even when it costs us dearly. –  Some people don’t mind though. – CravingBiz
In a nutshell love brings happiness to the soul and inexplicable comfort to the mind, it might worth risking everything for. When we are in love every other thing looks irrelevant to us, at such point we seem to  be blind folded by love, we are transformed from being that same person we once were.

In the time when we are totally blindfolded by love and when the aroma of love has completely altered our sense of smell we neither see nor sense out any danger before us, at this point, we tend to focus more on the needs than the necessity. We do what our partners tells us to do. Neglecting what we ought to do, when we ought to have done them  thereby failing to rise above the obstacles or challenges that lies  before us.

Why Do Most Relationships End in Break Ups

Choosing the Right Partner: It is easy to choose our type of partner but very difficult to choose the right ones for us. Choosing a partner could come easy for both men and women. Since we are in a modern age where science and technology has been the soul of communication and information, the world is a place where everything is easily connected together. When you know the power of your smart phone, you know the power which internet carries, you can sit down in you comfort zone even in your closet to meet hundreds or thousands of people in no time. So through that  it becomes easy for a large number of people to choose a partner. Choosing the right partner takes some measures such as: Time, Sacrifice, patience, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, then backing it up with prayers.

Know What You Want: The Majority of people go into a relationship they  really are clueless and have no idea or understanding of what they have fallen into, they just want to be in a relationship because they want to have one or because they want to fall in love. As the saying goes “As you fall in you fall out. In a relationship, there is no two way traffic, it is a one way, it is either you rush in and rush out or you take your time to know what you really want in a relationship before getting into one.
Follow Your Heart But Use Your Brain: It is good to follow ones heart, the heart in this manner could be compared to a counselor which directs us on what to do and tells us what to accept, it gives us confidence, hope of what is yet to come. However, this same heart has the disposition to accommodate supernatural and confusing spirits that brings different thoughts into our minds, the one of good and the other of evil – the good speaks of the truth and the  evil  confuses, it speaks  the false. 

It is easy to accept what is false than to accept what is the truth. As it is always said “The truth is bitter”. The truth is, we all know what is right and what we want in a relationship, we know when our heart is speaking the truth to us, but as humans our limitations and our imperfections makes us find it difficult to accept the truth, because. 1. Of the fear to lose the relationship or the one we love. 2. We are weak. 3. Because we accept what our mind tells us, which in the act we choose what seems good to hear than what is right without consulting our brain. The use of the brain, (we definitely need to change our world using the power of the brain) 

When we listen to our heart, it is very important to consult our brain to judge what is right and what is wrong. By doing this we have a higher tendency of getting things done right.

When in love we most times refuse, reject and neglect the truth  our minds speak to us:

Don’t Take Spirituality for Common Sense:  Sometimes it needs hard work and the application of common sense; sometimes it needs prayer. Don’t misunderstand the concept, there are things we need to pray for, however, there are things we need to work or apply common sense to as well. Don’t take spirituality for laziness. Common sense is the process at which an individual thinks to know what is right or wrong with his instincts without consulting a third party (other people or sourcing for knowledge). Even the bible states that my people perish because they lack knowledge.  If common sense was common, then most people would not make the kinds of decisions they make every day.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;     because you have rejected knowledge,     I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God,  I also will forget your children. – Hosea 4:6 (English Standard Version – ESV)
The lips of the righteous feed many,     but fools die for lack of sense – Proverbs 10:21 (English Standard Version – ESV

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