What Does Craving Biz Means

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CravingBiz – The word Craving means a powerful desire or wants for something or something done while Biz stands for entertainment or something entertaining and it could also mean doing something that interests us. To sum it up:

What is CravingBiz?

CravingBiz is a powerful drive, desire, yearning or want for something entertaining. CravingBiz gives you the reason to request for more. Similarly it also means longing, hungering, thirst, want, wish, urge, need, or addictiveness for something entertaining.

Reason Why We Crave

The reason why we crave is because every human has a kind of innate hunger, thirst or a strong desire to get something. What people crave for may be different from other people at different times or place. On this note, we must realise that people all have diverging opinions on things.

How Craving Affects Us

Craving may affect us in two forms – in a good way or otherwise. While some people crave to do good some are of the opposite opinion by gaining pleasure in doing evil. Regardless, all are forms of Biz. (Entertainment). Nevertheless, it all depends on our mindset and the attitude we put towards our decisions. In a way, this inborn desires most times come naturally to man; it is a subconscious action.

What Do We Crave For?

To go straight to the point, humans, without exception, crave for the good and bad such as:
All kinds of food – drinks – wealth – power – motivation – inspiration – success – relationship – happiness, joy – sex – friendship – leadership and more.

 All whom are linked to or correlate in one way or the other with regard to the subject “Biz” (entertainment) which gives us a powerful desire to request or want for more.

Craving works together with the body and the mind. It is so much of a feeling that tells you what the body and soul yearns for and it is also desire that connects with the brain and mind.

Just As We Can’t Cheat Nature, So does Craving Too

Let us take for example; when the body necessitates sleep but we intend not to sleep, probably because we had something important we were doing at that moment. Then, the body might respond to what we requested for but it won’t take a long period of time before we start to realize our body and mind are not in accord anymore.

That is a malfunction in the body system and I believe in one way or the other we have once or many times experience this. This is exactly how craving for something works. A good thing about craving is that, it is a natural force that compels us to fulfillment.

However, it all depends on what we crave for but most times it comes in a form of Biz. That is, Entertainment. It will always drive us to get things done, especially that thing we desire to do. 

Consecutively crave will make us request for more of something if it was well done. The basic thing is for us to understand ourselves and be prepared to accommodate our urge for things in a positive manner. It is also important for us to know our essence of existence, purpose, and our dreams.

When all these are well understood by you, when the desire for something hits you, at that moment you will know what, where and how to go about it.

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