Spirit Elevation: A Monday Motivational Guide

Appreciate Life

The only way our days can become productive is when we free our minds and welcome any thing that comes our way with a high spirit. At times, It is better we knew what we know will hurt us than to know not because it is an avenue to prepare for the future experiences that is to come. Therefore, we should appreciate life when the challenges we seem to face now appears visible to us, than a problem we are unaware of its source.

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However, for those who passes through one challenge or the other, I urge you to stay strong with hope and faith of better days ahead, your best is yet to come.

Our weekends might not come good as we envisaged, we may not even get a sound sleep throughout. For a long time we might have even had many hurdles and face some hindrance while trying to solve or resolve other persistent problems during the weekend. But let’s be rest and assured that it is not over until it is over, we can still make a difference.

Above all, the ultimate step to take is  to thank our creator (God) for what He has done for us, what He is doing and what He is still going to do. If you think waking up to see a new day does not worth thanking God for or worth your spirit to be elevated then you are so wrong. Take your time to ask and seek people who have once lose their job or check out for those who slept yesterday but couldn’t see the bright sunny morning of the new day (Monday).

With the aforementioned, can you then be grateful and elevate your spirit?

 Comparing Our Past with the Future:

Think about it; does your past life worth living in your present moment? Have you really achieved more from your past than your present? Does your past achievements worth the life you currently live? Perhaps, everything is by chance, grace, luck and privilege. Have you done so much or something very significant to pay God the price for keeping you alive till this moment? If most of your answers are no, then don’t you think  it is worth ignoring the problem of your past and focusing  more on the present with an elevated spirit.

Hope For A Better Tomorrow By Elevating Others:

Having been opportuned to wake up to see the bright light today is a sign that there will be a better tomorrow. Don’t feel down or let people around you feel down or depress, you need to elevate yourself and the people around you. Give them hope for a better tomorrow, by encouraging them, welcome others with their problems, care more about the people surrounding you and in the process of that you also get a boost.

In Conclusion, be positive in your thinking and mental orientation, your ways and in every challenges you face. Pray to the God you serve. Focus on what will make other people happy; focus more on what will give other people joy, be it in your home or place of work. The attitudes you show up matters a lot when you are trying to overcome challenges, when you are sad and when you despair towards a problem or challenges. Instead of that, why not bargain with life by doing things resolutely with clear determination with an elevated spirit.

As we start and prepare for a new week, we sort for your opinion in the comment section box.

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  1. I so much love this quote. For those who passes through one challenge or the other, I urge you to stay strong with hope and faith of better days ahead, your best is yet to come…. AMIN and thank you

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