Patience Makes Good Times Come Around Again

Life is in process

Some people see the world as a corny place, while some others call it a “mad world” where we move in circles without realizing.
Life is in process, and all things happen subsequently. Each time we move around the circles of life, we may not realize what circle it is and how life works, but when we look deeply, while craving to know more, with much research and discoveries, with the help of philosophy, we will see that life is just a repeated process, “what goes around comes back around ” Events and happenings will no longer seem new, if we have the knowledge about how things work in life. 

CravingBiz Motivational Quote
It takes time to make time. – CravingBiz

In this regard, reading on the three kinds of people in the worldopenly and clearly states the kind of person we are and the category or class of people we belong to. Basically, some are in haste to acquire wealth and they spend most of their times working so hard to become successful people. They never give up in the good and bad times just to make a difference in life; they spend their entire lives trying to make a living for their family and to continually make ends meet. Yet, the result life gives them for their efforts may not look encouraging. It is very painful and sad to know how people lose their lives because of power and wealth. However, it is well acknowledged by people when these things are acquired. Yet, it is okay to note that above all, Patience makes good times come around again. 

Patience Makes Good Times Come Around Again

Patience is one good thing every man should possess. Patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

CravingBiz Motivational Quote
 patience makes good times come around again. – CravingBiz

Though, nobody wants to stay poor, and that is the more reason why we work to make a living and to live a better life by acquiring more out of life. Nevertheless, we may keep trying but we can’t know more than our creator. We don’t know how everything works. This is what makes us (human) an imperfect, weak and limited to knowledge. We are only trying.

Don’t Get Tired Of Trying

We can only try and keep trying not to get tired of trying again and again. Because life is a two sided coin; “the head and tail” meaning life has its good side and bad side, sometimes it may look good and the next turns out horrible.
Life has ways it takes turns, as it has the power over every man and everything around him, it synchronizes, by deciding on whom to bless or curse. However, it is not every bad or evil people life turns the tail. As they say “When the wicked suffers the righteous ones will take part in it. 
Yes it is true, when the wicked suffers, the good ones take a share.  When this happens, it is a challenging period of time when we may lose everything we have worked, laboured and toiled for. At that point in time, it may look like the world is about falling on us; it may look like the heavens might have rejected us.
At this point, people will say we are nothing close to perfection, if we eat they will say we eat too much, if we sleep they will say we sleep too much, they will mock us, humiliate us, discriminates us. All these are normal. Why? As I earlier stated, life synchronizes, it chooses anyone at random of whom it bless or curse, not for our good or evil deeds but only to maintain balance for peace and harmony. I will love us to have this in mind – Patience makes good times come around again.

An illustration On How Life Synchronizes

A wall clock for instance; let’s say you have an important meeting with the president of your country tomorrow by this time tomorrow, let’s assume the time is 1:00pm and tomorrow’s meeting is also 1:00pm. Here it is impossible to fasten the time for the event to occur immediately; you have to wait because everything takes time and synchronizes before the meeting could hold the next day. So, “it takes time to make time”. Counting how may seconds it will take to make a minute and minutes to hours and hours to days, everything takes time to process, so as life and the world in general. 

Don’t Underestimate The World

Life is funny at times. It may be your time to shine today, while it is another person’s turn to shine tomorrow, – This should give us a reason to do good by helping others, reaching out to people below us, raising other people up, making life easy for others, and also not to look down on people, according to the saying” no one knows tomorrow” we must also understand that everything we may or have worked and labor so hard for are not really ours, or should I say does not belong to us. As they say ” we met everything in this world and in this same world we leave everything” so it is so clear that everything here on earth are control and own by he who is greater than us.
So why keep everything in your possession when at the end you own nothing. Why work so hard for something you have no power or control over. Even our lives aren’t ours, we don’t have a single idea of how we came into being, the life in us and who will take it or what time it would be taken.

As the earth is said to be a market place where everyone buys and sells. So as heaven is the home where we will all finally go when the time is due. 

Money is a visitor, it has a time limit, and someday somehow it may leave. When it leaves, what will you be left with?

Once again, for those who think they have lost it all, don’t give up, patience makes good times come around again. 

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