Mad World: A Place Where We Run In Circles

Run In Circles

The universe is a completely complex and so complicated world which people don’t understand – On one hand, It turns out good to some, yet on the other hand it is accompanied with  challenges with disaster to others. A world of two sided coin, entailing  both the head and the tail.

A world full of pros and cons. Every day is associated with the evil and good, light and darkness, day and night and so on. In actual fact, the world is so complicated that no man has a better understanding of how it entirely works. It turns out good for you today? If so, congratulations then! A conscious preparation  is better made today to avert a worse consequence for the future.

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With this act and process the world evolves, it is not static for this reason most people are forced to call it a mad world. A world full of good and evil respectively. While at times, it depicts goodness and portrays  evil in separate ways. A life with infinite joy, peace and love with paradoxical mixtures of happiness and sadness, good and evil, light and darkness, suffering and enjoyment and many more.

Our Corny Complex and Complicated World

The world we live in is a complex, complicated and most corny thing in the human existence. I must confess, if you will concur with me, that the world is a place where good people are charged  for offences they are innocent of, and the  bad ones (people) are lucky enough to scape through the punishments they duly deserved. We dwell in a world, so full of opposites.  Where power, class and  race has dominated and taken over the freewill and freedom of every man. A world where it is so hard for a person’s good works to be acknowledged rather the bad and evil ones takes the credit  yet few or no measures are taken to control and condemn this act of injustices to curb the excesses.
The world in a way seems to toy with the human emotions, mind, body and soul. While some are happy, some others are sad; while some are rich, some are poor; while some are healthy, some are sick; while some  dies, some are born. And sometimes too the reverse is the case. We can not say for certain the next step life is about to take on us.
Due to human limitations, imperfections and lack of total freewill; we seem to be bounded by the chains of life. This  causes a delution of grandeur causing us to see reality from appearance. As humans, we only know what is within our means and not beyond.

The Infinite Circle Of Life

Each action and activity of every human is directly proportional to the circle we belong to and found ourselves in. It is so amazing that most of us as humans do not know that each one of us belong to a circle and from this circle comes another circle birthing another circle and the circle continues. This circle is called the infinite circle of life.

The Purpose Of The Circle

Whether you like it or not, believe it or not everything (experiences)  happens and repeats itself all over and over again. Although slight changes are bound to happen. The world is infinitely endless. This is what makes the world and makes us who we are.  Our limitations to knowledge made us not to see beyond what we can perceive. Take a look at the difference between the people in the physical world and the people in the spiritual realm. We are not to be told about what power they hold and how they see far much more than we do in the physical realm. They see both of the physical and the spiritual, but that does not connote that they know it all, because there is still one who knows more than we do. He is called the unmoved mover by Saint Augustine.

Now you can see how complicated this world is;

  • A world where one man’s food is another man’s poison
  • A world where you dare not compare a child or ones destiny to another.
  • A world where what people pray and die to have is what others neglect or reject.
  • A world that plays fair to some yet cost others their life.
  • A world where at the end, the knowledge which we have acquired our whole life  will all be left to fate to decide for us.
  • A world where almost everything we do is based  on trial and error.
  • A world where everything is based on grace and luck.
  • A world where everything is all about risk.
  • A world where we know where its existence came from.
  • A world that gives life  yet takes it as it pleases. Don’t you think that  it is indeed a mad world? The conclusion of it all is left  to your decision.

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