Information Sourcing: A Shift From Physical Battle To Intellectual War

Enslaved in Disguise

Since information is more valuable to the world, the battle and contest for power and supremacy is shifted from physical battle to intellectual war. How so? The upper class knows every man is tied to information for survival, so they made an instrument which is more powerful than money and gold, food and shelter. One major example is the internet.

Information Motivation

Here, we pictured information to be like an endless race that humans cannot get to the finish line simply because it moves faster than our knowledge and ideas and its source is endless, then again the desire to get more has been the thirst for all mankind.

Information: A Ritual Which Reprograms Our Mind

Information is subjected to belief, a ritual which reprograms our mind and brain to submit to what is intended for it to believe. At this point, any information sent out  are well crafted and designed that it most times suit most of us and we tend to accept it because; 1. The sources are from people we look up to. These people who pass or craft the information are more powerful than we are. 2. We believe they know better than we do. 3. We are confused beings and lastly. 4. Because we have limited choices so we are left with no option than to accept.
The rich use this as a weapon for power through all means especially the social media as a platform to source for information. They knew most people in the middle class and everybody in the lower class fragment had no choice but to get information therefore in this information age at every second and every minute, information’s are passed across the globe as a platform for the people to reach them.

The Formulation Retain Possession

They formulate stories to their personal interest when most of them are fake and not genuine, just to gain more popularity and these results in diversity, intimidation, humiliation and confusion among the people. These things are what they use in retaining their positions and possessions. These are the information and mindset people have all around while many  argue on happenings and events, rumors and all sorts of information of whom most are cooked up and sometimes  sugar quoted.


There is more to what I call slavery in disguise, how it affects religion and how religion affects us in return. How it affects education and its effect to science and the world.
Nevertheless, we as humans, especially people of the middle and the lower class fragments have to readjust if we really want to get to the top class because if we continue to live our lives like this then we will always be and find ourselves in this circle of life till eternity. 
Remember the saying –The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” this statement will continue to remain yet  relevant to us if we do not restrict ourselves from some certain information, to whom the majority of them are not real. They only derail us from our initial knowledge and of becoming what we ought to be.

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